Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Light Disco

So on Friday night, Ben and I headed down to Brisbane for Jake's disco, strangely enough it wasn't Halloween themed but hippie themed.  It was nice to be able to dress up, since I totally let Halloween slip pass me this year, the crime! Anyway when I say dress up, everything was pulled straight from my closest and I wore the 'costume' the next day too just as my regular day clothes :P   You guys might remember the previous year's disco....

Where I discovered just how awesome a primary school dance could be :P

This year's was no exception!

This year's DJ was Dj Dangerfield or as Ben nicely put it "stranger dangerfield".  Gosh he was creepy!

He came out wearing short shorts, pulled up socks and a beer gut and kept saying "ohhh yeah" in an incredibly sleazely voice.  He also had some costume changes a cowboy hat for a steps song, an indian headpiece for YMCA and blue plaits of "oh mickey"

I don't think this does the creepyness justice, but just take my word!

Ben also found a facebook ground....


A lovely picture of fee and jake to end on, really I was much happier than this :P Shaking my booty to all those appropriate primary school songs we've grown to love, aka 99% keisha!

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