Tuesday, January 4, 2011

jake and andrew visit

After Christmas, my bros, Andrew and Jake came up to stay


pelicans at mudjumba
Saw some pelicans
jake and foam
The beach was not really beach weather but jake loved it and soo much foam too!

jake and foam 2

jake and foam 6
closest we get too snow I guess :P

jake and foam 5
while people were avoiding the foam, jake was going in head first :P

jake and foam 3
jake and foam 4

mapleton forest
and had some woodland aventures

red mushroom
and I think this mushroom, spotted by Andrew  had to be the coolest find of the day!


  1. hahaha that foam is insane!!
    jake is the best at posing for photos hehe so awesome :)
    and the mushroom shot is cool too :)

  2. such a poser!!
    the foam was quite disgusting really, lots of brown mixed into the once fluffy pretty whiteness!
    I wanted to steal the mushroom, but my nature conscious told me not too :)

    Hope you had a fun day!


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