Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make me deliriously happy. When I was youngerr I use to own two guinea pigs myself, Pixie and Cupcake, actually my only ever pets! Jake recently got two of his own, Vanilla and Skittles, who remind me a lot of my little guys

skittles and vanilla
Vanilla on the left and skittles on the right!
Such the sweetest pair, they particulary like to nestle into each other!

ben holding vanilla
the cuteness kills me


vanilla and skittles
I made sure to get a good cuddle of both!

ben and vanilla

jake brushing skittles

ben patting vanilla

jake holding vanilla

ben and vanilla

Guinea pigs aside I had a really nice time visitng my family, asbence definitely makes the missing stronger!


  1. awww vanilla and skittles! very cute names, very cute guinea pigs and very cute pics of Jake :)
    awwwww :)
    pets are the best :)

    love ya x

  2. makes me want a pet so bad!!
    I definitely wanted to steal one of those cuties!!


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