Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Presents

What a stash this year, had a really lovely weekend at Heather's and Dan's and with my family, awww!
Without further ado, here are my presents...

scarfs and brooches
Scarfs from Mum and cute brooches and earrings and a bracelet from Grandma!

card from Grandma
And how cute is Grandma's card, she always decorated them with loads of stickers

gnome key and sock monkey earrings
Gnome key covers from Jake! and cute gnome and sock monkeys earrings from Mum

bunny shirt and piggy ornament
Cute bunny shirt and piggy ornament from Mum!

david the gnome music box
and not to have favourites, but! How amazing is this David the Gnome figurinine, plus it's a musical box!! Arghh *dies*

Pink and yummy smelling candle lamp from Matty and Emily!!

kimmi doll
Cute keyring and kimono girl cup from Will! Have already used the cup and I swear my tea tasted better for it!

african violet
Flowers from Dad, now lets hope I don't kill it, eek!

african violet

presents from heather
My stash from Heather and Dan! I'll have to take a picture of myself in that jumper, it's amazing! reindeer print!! woooo, love!

kid robot figurines
amazing figurines from Andrew!

cat knick knack
and a present from Ben's Mum, Chesire Cat! Going to pop my earrings in him :)

General consensus...too much cuteness!!
So spoilt :)
Thanks everyone


  1. that is a GREAL HAUL! i don't think you ever get crappy presents! i guess it just goes to show - that your friends and family know you too well.

    happy birthday feeeee x

  2. yay happy happy birthday Fee!!!! :)
    love you!

  3. thanks heather and thanks for having me too!!
    was a fun night :)

  4. anytime my lovely, you're always welcome! xo


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