Friday, May 27, 2011

Guinea Pigs

So the last update on Jake's guinea pig was on the 23rd of April, when Mum rang to tell me skittles had two babies and unfortunately one didn't make it. Well there was more bad news to come, the other little baby ended up dying and in a really sad situation, skittles passed away too. Obviously she was too young to have babies! Mega sadness, in happier news, they ended up buying two new guinea pigs so Vanilla the original guinea pig wouldn't be lonely.

I went down on Thursday and got to play with the two new ones!

snuggles and fudgee and ben
The grey and white one is snuggles, and is really adorable, she's actually really huge, though my pictures don't really show that, she is also really placid and reminds everyone of a bunny, she is so fat and awesome to snuggle!

snuggles, fudgey and vanilla and ben
all three together!

snuggles, fudgey and vanilla
Snuggles and vanilla and wedged in the middle is little fudgee, the smallest of the three!

snuggles, fudgey and vanilla

fudgee and vanilla
That's fudgee on the left, who reminds everyone of a hamster and vanilla on the right! Vanilla is the most peaceful of the three and likes to borrow under fat snuggles!

snuggles the guinea pig

fee and snuggles
guinea pigs make me deliriously happy!

ben and the guinea pigs
who doesn't love patting a pig!

grandma and the guinea pigs
We took them over to Grandmas and here you can see Vanilla hiding underneath snuggles! Unfortunately one of them peed on Grandma, but it was a quick change of pants and all was right in the World again :)

grandma with the guinea pigs

On a side note whilst Ben was away, I kept a dream Journal, I pulled it out the other night and Ben and i had a google giggle at all my silly dreams, but then we stopped on one particular dreamed that creeped me right out.....stay tuned!


  1. Awww - sorry to hear about the little ones that passed away :( (give Jake a big cuddle for me when you see him next)
    But lovely new guys too! I LOVE that first photo of the 3 of them together, such an awesome looking photo!
    Also - how adorable is Grandma/Nanna :) Man I haven't been to see her in ages, *feeling the guilt* better get myself over there soon. Are the towel-in-the-lap shots pre or post guinea pig wee? :) hehehe she's so gorgeous

    Ooh a dream to-be-continued story!! I'm intrigued!

    Ok this is probably mega long waffly comment - sorry! have a great weekend honey xo

  2. I will give Jake a cuddle :) I think Jake handled the deaths pretty well, but I think now it's the norm for him that guinea pigs have babies and die :( sad!

    The three guinea pigs are a really cute combo! Its really fun having three, more interactions, as Mum pointed out :) Grandma/Nanna is totally adorable, these pictures were pre-wee, he he! She handled it very well, of course she loved them! Ahhh love Grandma so much :)

    I'll have to write up my dream! It spooked me out anyay :)

    love love love!

  3. Sorry to hear about Skittles and her babies. Snuggles, Fudgee and Vanilla are all really cute! I hope grandma was a good sport about being peed on. Accidents do happen!

  4. thank-you :) Grandma was definitely a good sport!
    he he


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