Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surprise Parcel

So since Jake got guinea pigs a few months ago there has been a few tragedies.
A few weeks ago though, Mum told me that Snuggles wasn't just the fat guinea pig we had thought but she was pregnant and had babies!! Four in fact and all survivors!! So of course I had to go see the babies for some cuddles

guinea pig babies

baby guinea pig

Snuggles the guinea pig and her babies
Snuggles is a good mum, even though her babies are pretty annoying, always follow her around and trying to snuggle under her for milk :P Ahh the tough life of being a mum, no peace!

fudgee and vanilla
And let's not forget Fudgee or Vanilla. Fudgee has been quite upset that something cuter than her has entered the cage :P and Vanilla is still Vanilla

vanilla the guinea pig
possibly even my favourite :P


  1. Awww - babies!!! super cute! :D
    I'm glad these ones are doing so well :) xo

  2. yeah it would have been so sad to go through any more deaths!


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