Monday, October 10, 2011

Jake's Stay

The other weekend was super fun as Jake came up for the weekend.


 We went geocaching and found treasures,
swam in hidden rock pools,
walked around Noosa,
explored bushlands at Kureelpa,
ate tasty treats and camped inside :)

jake at kureelpa


mr pigs cafe
I've always driven past this pig sitting on his owner's ute
but it was the first time we actually pulled over.

Jake bought his diary and wrote about his weekend and how we went to 'Mr Pig's Cafe'
They totally need to re-name their cafe to that!



ben swimming in rock pool

Swimming in what seemed like our own private rock pool complete with pretty coral, was especially rad too!


  1. awww Mr Pig's Cafe! I'd definitely go there if it was named that *nods* :)
    Meanwhile that rock pool looks GORGEOUS! Yep that called for capitals! The water is so clear!
    Jake's looking so grown up too! :)

  2. yeah, they definitely need to re-name it! Man that rock pool was super nice, I didn't even get a good shot of the coral but it was all around the edges we had to be careful not to accidently destroy any of it!

    they grow up too fast don't they!


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