Monday, February 20, 2012

Dad and Jake

Been hoarding some pics from the last two times Dad and Jake were up visiting me..
it's time to share!

dad and jake at mudjimba
We went down to mudjimba and did some geocaching, woot!

jake geocaching

jake geocaching
Jake finds some loot
Be sure to google, geocaching, if you're not clued up on it, you'll thank me later :)
dad and jake

went for a swim

running to the beach

dad and jack northshore
I'm a bit of a weiner and stayed away from the waves :P They were epic! for me anyway

jake splashing
Just around from the wave side is the much quieter side which I always appreciate!

jake the swimming monster

jake swimming

jake at the beach

jake hiding

hello kitty jake
We got home and worked on a little hello kitty still motion video, except my camera was being wayy too slow and our idea didn't really translate with the amount of pictures I took...sorry Jake. Jake is a champ always goes along with my photo projects and always suggest new and even cooler ideas

hk jake

jake hello kitty-ing it up

hello kitty jake

iceblock jake
He even ate my disgusting home made fruit iceblocks which had been sitting lonely
 in the freezer for way too long!


  1. Hehehe Jake's awesome, and so photogenic! :)
    Hope all's good matey, catch up soon x

  2. HOLY SHIT! jake is totally like, supermodel material! do they have pageants for boys? or, do they have pageants in australia? anyhoo, not the point, he is totally adorbs! and i don't even like kids!

  3. ha ha ha, he definitely got the good look genes :P He would totally rock a pageant, he's got the confident/social thing going on too, gosh I wish I was like him at school


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