Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harry Potter Jake

Went down to visit my family the other day and Mum finished my dreadlocks, weeee, will share pictures soon! Jake wanted to show off his Harry Potter glasses and I was more than happy to take some pictures for him :)

Harry Potter Jake 2

Guinea Pig with glasses

Harry Potter Jake 3

bow tie Jake

Was a fun day!


  1. Aw nice harry potter glasses! I enjoy the picture of the guinea pig with them on :)

  2. oh man! jake, you gotta stop being so cute. where's the lightning bolt on his forehead? he is totally harry potter-esque.

    PS YAY! to a full head of dreadlocks! can't wait to see them!

  3. Heather- not sure how much the guinea pig enjoyed the glasses :P

    Emaya - hey Jake does have a little scar! Does that count?

    :) I think I get internet back on the 11th so I can start blogging again. Internet Cafe's aren't so fun and the library is mean :P


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