Saturday, September 14, 2013

Double Exposure - a film photo a day

I think I mentioned how the EOS 3 can take double exposures, aka two images on the one frame of film, which is a fun feature. You can actually take as many frames as you want, you just need to keep remembering to under exposure each image!  So that brings us to the end of my film photos, next time you hear from me it will hopefully be to share some more fun times :)

 Note: Taken with Canon EOS 3 using Ektar 100 film


  1. double exposures are so hard i think, but this turned out great!

  2. I definitely want to play around a bunch more :)

  3. I love double exposures :)

    Your canon is a better version of my eOS 5 <3

    I'm using it less these days because of the new pentax but i love it,it's been with me since i'm 18 <3

  4. I thought 5 was better! Ahh that is so sweet, it's been with you since you were 18 :) I'm definitely going to try a whole roll of double exposures, test out some ideas!

  5. i have that camera too but did not take photos with it for a long long time. this made me inspired to do so! gotta find some film....

  6. What a great find the EOS3! I've loved all the series of your film photography. I am instantly drawn always to double exposure! It is so hard to get an interesting image and at the same time it is so magical and ghostly the result. Your beautiful pic reminds me to take more double exposures with my analogue, no matter the risk ;) Looking forward to your Kodak Portra new ones!

  7. Yay you should sara!

    Damaris: yeah film is super risky hey, especially for moments you definitely want captured perfectly :P I'm still slightly scared of film for that reason so always bring my digital with me but I want to start taking more film and experimenting more too :)

  8. ah, i love the double exposure. such a lovely capture!
    lindsey louise


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