Friday, November 22, 2013

A visit from Jake

Yonks ago, my little bro Jake came up and stayed with me for a few nights :) 

We always have fun together!

We started off the stay with an impressive all-the-works burger

Spoiled with my own private concert :)

Cracking macadamia nuts in the backyard :)

And the obligatory trip to the beach

 I didn't swim that day as it was freezing but you can't keep Jake away from the water - he came out with blue lips, crazy bugger :P


  1. looks like you had a great time. must be great to have a big sis like you :)

  2. what an adventure! burgers.. cracking nuts :) I especially love the ones around the water- its so tranquil

  3. B&w photographs of the beach.. these pictures came out so beautifully, Fee! I've got to give the combination a try :D

  4. Beautiful pictures! looks like a lovely day

  5. looks like you were having much fun...

  6. Oh, Jake is lucky to have a cool sister as you ;) How old is he? he seems so young! Btw, the pictures are stuning, love the feeling of the one of Jake's back looking to the beach.

  7. He's 9, big age gap between him and myself - 20 years and I'm not even the oldest :P

    Thanks guys!!!


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