Hi I'm Fee, the Aussie girl behind Burntfeather and I'm a bit of a mixed bag.  I started a web shop called Peachypan in 2006, after spending a year in Japan and being inspired by all things kawaii (cute)!  It was super fun but my creative heart strings were pulling me in the direction of drawing, so in 2008 I opened an etsy shop under my art name Burntfeather!  In 2019 I started yet ANOTHER direction in my life when I created Spirit You.  Spirit you houses my poetry, art, my hand-built wooden stands + vulvas and a whole other blog world! It's currently my number one love so I hope you check it out!


1) I have a slightly useless degree in Creative Industries but it's true I do love creative things!

2) I chose the name Burntfeather because I liked the image of a white feather singed at the edge.  I love all things cute/innocent and if they have a slight weirdness/darkness then even better!

3) I love Japan and live on the pretty Sunshine Coast, Australia  :)

4) I'm super fortunate to get to photograph amazing weddings  #dreamjob  (
I shoot canon and prime lenses - also used on this blog) and yes I have way too many hobbies/jobs!

5) I'm a big dork and believe in kindness and looking after animals and our planet!

Thanks for stopping by!

burntfeather @ gmail.com