Monday, April 13, 2015

The First time I met Ben

I wish our first date story was a lot cuter than it was but hey, life sometimes doesn't do fairy tales quite the way you'd like. The story does require a little bit of back tracking and it all starts with my friend Shane...cue picture!

This is the first photo I have of Shane and me (on my Flickr at least) and was taken 2008, at the movies.  Do you like my lip ring? such a rebel! I actually met Shane in high school, maybe around 1998?!? One of my friends, Debbie introduced us (he was dating her best friend at the time) and we stayed friends ever since.

Around 2008-2009 Shane had moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, I was still living in Brisbane and would go visit. I fell in love with the Coast and it wasn't soon after that I had moved in with Shane and his sister, Laura.

 I owe much to Shane and our friendship, I went from a city girl to a camping, nature loving, adventure person.

Mud fight!!

Okay let's get to the Ben part...

In 2009 I went on some funny and horrible online dates. The funny were good/bad but the horrible were downright bad. The previous date to Ben's was one of those bad ones. In summary the guy was very controlling (we went out on two dates) was convinced I was this super sad person and that he could fix me and got angry when the dates didn't go to plan. I politely explained at the end of our last date that I didn't think we were compatible and then he sent me horrible messages saying I was the worst person in the World. After two dates! When people say to be careful with online dating, I'm the first to admit I was a bit naive and now 100% advocate for meeting in a public place, letting your friends know where you are and having a few backup plans.

So after telling Shane my horrible date he was adamant that he got to suss out the next dude and I was 100% in agreeance

Which brings us to meeting Ben, we had spoken to each other online and on the phone for a couple of months, I was already in love with him, lol and I really wanted to meet him.  I was half thinking he wasn't really into me but also half hoping it would all work out :) He had around five photos on his profile page and they all looked a little different so I wasn't really sure who would be knocking at my door.

Shane and I were at the supermarket together one afternoon, I was texting Ben and Shane said, I should just bite the bullet and invite him around for burritos, so I did...*gulp* and we walked out with burrito ingredients.

The next bit is a bit of a blur but I clearly remember opening the door that night and seeing Ben and feeling instantly deflated. My first thought was that he was way too cool for me after seeing his manicured facial hair and silver chain around his neck and realising he wasn't the dude for me. Obviously this has a happy ending and those two points were cleared up later :)

We made burritos and watched zombie land which actually doesn't sound like a bad first date but the way Ben tells it, sounds slightly awkward. I don't remember this but apparently Ben was downgraded to the beanbag on the floor and Shane and me lay on the bed together. Had I had half a brain I probably would of thought through that a bit more but for me, there was this super cool dude in my house eating my burritos and I, being the pretty nervous/shy person that I am, took the easy option and hung back with my homie. Ben on the other hand was thinking he had landed himself into some threesome situation and was confused as all hell.

Weirdest date ever? I dunno but I'd sure do it a little differently. Once we had quickly established Ben wasn't a serial killer and I wasn't dating Shane our next dates were a whole lot more awesome.

The next problem was months after dating we hadn't even kissed yet, there were some late night gelato missions at the beach and some heart pounding moments for me where things got way too romantic and I was 100% awkward but still, zip, zilch, nothing. I had a debrief with Shane who told me I was quickly heading into friends zone and I needed to step up my game and kiss this boy. Oh boy. I don't know about you guys but I have never ever had to make the first move. I still wasn't sure if Ben was super cool and not that into me or just hella shy like me but I was super into him and I needed to seal the deal.

We had a  party at our place and I did what any super cool girl would do, I drank a lot and then I kissed him and the rest is history :) We talked about this all later when it was less fresh and less awkward and he too was just as nervous as me, he does refer to the first kiss and the "kiss raping" but hey I'm proud I had to guts to step up and get us out of the friends zone, even if it was in the most awkward way ever :p

Oh and remember his super cool facial hair and silver chain? I later learned that he had visited his friend Lucy prior and she had given him his super cool facial hair and told him that chicks would dig it and his silver chain was a gift from his late step dad, something he never took off :) It eventually broke, so he now keeps it cherished and safe in his room.  I can now say that Ben was exactly who I thought and hoped he would be and it makes me smile that we were both as nervous as each other. 

Okay it's your turn - first date story time! feel free to share it on your blog or leave a comment below, you know I love the romance!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lynsey 30th

The other week my friend Shane hired out a boat to surprise his fiancée for her 30th birthday, turns out it was less of a surprise and more of a non-surprise birthday party. Shane is the worst at keeping surprises, I think it was our chat window he left opened too which was responsible! Anyway Birthday girl had fun, I had fun, the day was awesome. We ended up getting pizza afterwards and going to a bar and then I pyked because I'm lame like that and the alcohol had worn off and I got those heavy eyelids :p Oops

It was a first getting to go on one of these hire boats who always sit patiently on the river awaiting tourists

Ben and me doing titanic, come on we had too!

The little girls went fishing which was super sweet to watch

Your not thirty until you have a badge!

So impressed she caught a fish too, of course it was thrown back straight after this photo!

 I'm going to compile Ben and My first date story and it involves my friend Shane so remember that face!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Presents /2

More fun presents have been coming my way!

Ben found those two white cockatoo feathers in our backyard, they're very pretty birds and very noisey! He also got me a cute zine and a vegan cookbook. I think I'm going to blog about my food adventures it's been an interesting journey :)

My friend Emaya is in Tanzania at the moment and sent me a postcard! She also got to do selfies with roadside giraffes which is pretty much my ultimate dream!

When you recieve Zadie from the previous participant you also got sent a special token and then you make a little token for the next person who receives her, which I think is just the sweetest idea :)

And finally, after Ben's Mum saw my feather collection, she sent me some cute feathers from her own chickens in the mail!

Friday, April 3, 2015

My time with Zadie

Although my time with Zadie is already blogged about here I thought it would be fun to throw up some photos here too :) The best part of all this is you guys can take part too! You just need to email the lovely Adeline who created the traveling doll project and she can let you know if there are any spaces available :)

There are a couple of fun things to do with Zadie but mostly it's just showing her around your hood :) 
So that's what I did!

My new hood, Woombye is all about those pineapples so there are a few pineapple pics scattered about!

Of course they had to meet :)


Want to know more about the project? Adeline has set up a blog and facebook page for you to find out more!