Monday, July 28, 2014

Lions Park - Toowoomba - Vintage Playground

You might know I have a thing for vintage playgrounds :) I had a wedding up in Toowoomba recently so I decided to take that opportunity and leave half an hour earlier to go check out Lions Park. 

I vaguely remember it as a kid, although it appeared crazy massive in my memory. I suspect they did a big overhaul when the strict safety laws came in and I also suspect my kid mind made the park seem more impressive than it really was. Still I got giddy excited seeing the few vintage pieces that are left and a pretty amazing modern playground built up the top :)

Those above photos all belong to the old park, the octopus is my favourite but the rocket ship gets me feeling all nostalgic. I remember as a kid seeing a few around but now this one, along with the one we found in Tasmania are they only ones I've personally encountered in recent years. You used to be able to climb up into the rocket but now it's all closed off :(

At the top of the park is the new section and I must say it's pretty neat, I think they have found a nice compromise between the ultra safe guidelines in place and still being able to make the playground unique and fun. The below photos are from the new park :)

One vintage bouncy guy remains!!

Love the rickety houses and those mosaics. I didn't get good photos (always hard to take photos at a park without seeming creepy) but there are cute little bird sculptures on top of the buildings which I thought was a sweet touch :)

I have to say a shout out to my lovely cousin Heather as there were many family trips together to the park and I'm sure she has a better memory of how it used to be!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thrift Sunday Finds

I'm picking up the pace again with my thrifting - always fun to come away with some surprises :)

 First up, something that will hopefully come in handy for the next Floral Friday challenge (sssh, it's a surprise) you can email Trishie (trishie@underlockandkeyblog. com) if you too want to join in too!

I know these musical boxes are pretty common but I think they're sweet. This one plays "when you wish upon a star" which I love so much :)
I also love that Nasa fridge magnet though I suspect might be lame for an Australian to say? The excessive blue glitter made it easy to love though!

 another butterfly brooch for my collection :)

 Some random book section finds. This tarot set is currently on my wishlist but for now, the thrifted one below is a nice edition to my (new) curiosity of tarot cards.  If you have any info or want to point me in the direction of a good online tarot card source let me know for sure :)
and a cat book :p (don't judge)

 I have to say my most amazing find, at a very cheap five dollars was a Print Gocco! I never thought I'd find one of these bad boys on the Sunshine Coast.

I first spotted the empty red ink box floating around on the stationery shelves and got an even bigger shock when I found the actual Print Gocco box!

It came with a bunch of inks, 2 screens and four bulbs. If you know anything about gocco you know that combo only makes 2 prints (damn!)

Actually I should probably totally track back. Print gocco is screen printing device, invented in Japan in the 70s in Japan and was hugely popular as it made screen printing possible without the use of chemicals. The size is somewhat limiting (you can see that happy white family on the front busy making birthday cards) although I believe they did sell larger gocco's too :) I googled to see if I could buy more screens and bulbs and yes you can so that's handy - although quite expensive!

I have a confession, whilst in Japan and thrifting (oh my god what an amazing combo of words) I did buy my own gocco and I think I've made two screen from it. Yikes slightly indulgent to now own two but I kind of figure with this one only costing five bucks I won't be so scared to make the two screens up (there is some trial and error with burning your screen design!) I think I'm going to make a happy birthday design and maybe print it out on my handmade paper?!!!

Back when I got my first gocco 2005-ish? Print Gocco was pretty huge in the indie community but I haven't really seen/heard much about it in recent times.  Do any of you guys own one? In a million years I never thought I'd be picking up another one whilst thrifting!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mooloolaba Beach

Maybe it's a good thing we moved further away from the beach because it's too easy to take photo of the same spot we always go to - oops! Prepare yourself for an onslaught of Gremlin photos!

My beach treasure finds for the day! I've started keeping my eyes peeled for rocks with holes (don't laugh!)

I was saying the other day how since Ben left I've avoided bathing Gremlin well I just want to report that I've now successfully bathed him by myself :) For others needing encouragement these are my tips especially if you're doing it alone

1) Lots of treats beforehand! I like to butter him up with ham :)
2) Have everything ready - towel, shampoo (cap opened) pouring water
3) Don't put too much water in and use a big space - I'm thinking it helps for them not to feel trapped. I filled up the bath just so it covered his legs but doesn't reach his belly
4) Stay calm - what's the worse that could happen? Bloody arms? A traumatised cat? A soapy cat running around the house?
5) Make it a quick process. I placed him in the tub holding him by the scruff, poured water all over, put on the shampoo and rinsed him off and I also made sure to have the heater going in our room for afterwards.

Actually I lie slightly, don't make the process too quick because you'll have to carry him back upstairs, back into the tub and rinse off that huge soapy patch that you missed *face palm*

I know bathing cats is probably a little stupid (or a lot) but I like to get him all clean before we do his flea/tick treatment. I don't know if any of you have had experience but the spray on tick stuff is almost a a bad as the bath experience - actually it's much worse!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

On my Radar

I'm sharing today, some things of late that have caught my eye :)

Yet another DIY project I want to try! I currently need a cute rug for my room and I also have a heap of old threadless shirts that need to find a good use :)

source 1 / 2
 Definitely need to always remind myself of the above :) And how cute is that ring, aptly named "the dark side".

I'm currently trying to work out the best set up for carrying my cameras for weddings and adventures.  One photographer I work with carries a super large camera bag and at the other studio all the photographers wear their camera's on them.  I never thought to do that but I'd love to give it a try and see if it works :) 

Cotton Carrier is currently doing a kickstarter campaign (with $40 off before it hits retail). It looks super secure and I like that you can clip it onto a normal backpack.  They're promo video gives you a good idea of how it works. How do you guys carry your cameras when out adventuring - any advice?

source 1 / 2
 Talking of cameras, I love that kate spade bag sooo much, good thing it's sold out though being Kate Spade and all :P 

That picture on the right is via the very cute blog Silversaga - I love everything about it from the Peter Pan collar to the pretty pink top and red nails :)

 At the start of the year Sanrio released an awesome new character called Kirimi-chan and yup that is a giant Salmon for it's head! *high five sanrio*.  Japanese quirkiness always gets my seal of approval!

 That picture above is a macro photo of a butterfly wing! Eep how amazing, you have to click on the link to see many more cute photos by Linden Gledhil.

source 1 / 2
Can you believe those matchsticks are cookies? So cute! They're by Japanese company Kanon who also do other very (sweet :P) cookies.

source 1 / 2
I love Connie's (a cute Melbourne Blogger) rad fashion - especially those tights and I super adore that piano staircase.  If we ever have a staircase (in a home that's not a rental) I'd love to piano-ify it!

and finally, stop whatever you're doing right now and do this!
I swear it works :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maleny Botanical Gardens

Okay this post is going to be long because me and botanical gardens = too many plant photos.
Let the visual feast begin!

The lovely Ben who got me loving the plants :)

They allow for pets on leads at the Maleny Botanical Gardens well officially dogs but I'm sure that can be interpreted to mean any pet on a leash :) You can also spy Ben carrying Gremlin's pet backpack - it was here we realised he could open the velcro closure :P

Despite it being Winter there was still a lot of plants and flowers (yay!) to see.  Admission to Maleny Botanical Gardens costs $16 an adult which was probably $10 to much (though it will depend on how much you love gardens).  You can also buy a ticket for $26 which includes a visit to their aviary but us cheapskates just went the botanical route :P Despite the high-ish entry cost, it was still a fun hour and I imagine if you bought a picnic you could even stretch it out to two!