Wednesday, February 20, 2019


These poor GOMA photos had stayed in a folder, waiting patiently to be edited since the beginning of December. Luckily if you're in Brisbane, the Asia Art Triennial (APT 9) is on until April so there's still time.  This trip Ben's Dad accompanied us and despite not sharing the same love of art as Ben and I, I was impressed at the attention span he had - big credit to GOMA for making it such a visual feast too!
On wards to the photo spam!

colourful paintings on canvas

cutting and tying no.2

black and white photo at goma

Engaging in the art - big props!

in the midst of darkness 2a

prime ministers, seven leaders, the richest
This piece by Vincent Namatjira was perhaps my favourite.

 The top row is his 'Prime Ministers' series, the middle row the 'Seven leaders' (all indigenous leaders and their canvases didn't have frames and the bottom row, 'The Richest'

hassan sharif

the richest series 2106

my forest is not your garden

laughing girl at apt9

Credit to Goma for thinking about a photo op for us weirdos :P

the breath of the compassionate

htein lin - thabeik hmauq

giran 2018

days of bliss and woe

dr uncle stan grant snr

vincent namatjira

monk's bowls

This work is made up of monk's bowls!

untitled pine tree 2018

lie of the land 2017

My second favourite piece!

bounpaul phothyzan

helen margaret rarru garrawurra

shell artwork

iman road

the artist studio: ciwaruga

garden nights

chong xoua ice spirit

liyagawumirr people - mindirr

clay figurines

live bee display

They had a display of live bees where the front would open up at a specific time and then remain closed afterwards. There was an outlet attached to the side of the building where the bees where able to freely come and go into nature - super clever and engaging!

shell installation artwork


asia pacific triennial

clay figures

garden nights

my forest is not your garden

apt 9 photo op


laos artist gomanaiza khan - armour skirt IV

colorful paintings on canvas

black and white clay figurines

neon embroidery on velvet

people looking at aboriginal art at goma apt9

People watching/photography is so good at galleries!

colourful painting - goma apt9

indigenous australian aboriginal art

te tai - te mae ni maie


digital cross artwork

donna ong robert zhao renhui

colourful paintings

lie of the land

colourful cotton rope and wood

black and white photo at goma

multi story asian tower

lie of the land
I hope if you're local you're able to fit a visit in!