Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thrifty Sunday finds /4

Time to share some more thrift store finds with you guys :)


First up these cuties, I tried to find some info on them and I think originally they would of come chained to a mumma deer. I don't know how I feel about the chains (as you can see in the photo they are deliberately moved to the back :p)so I'm happy with just the kidlets.


This find isn't cool and vintage but it is practical - an iPad cover. I couldn't believe my luck to find it was pink (my favourite colour) and I also couldn't believe it was 3 bucks, a satisfying find because this op shop always jacks up their prices!



Next up a sexy mermaid lady



I love how tacky this soap holder is! I was able to find out that it came from a generic cast mould that were popular in pottery classes. Having the engraving on the bottom make it that much more special to me :)


How could you donate that - makes me all the more curious for it's back story.



And lucky last a new tote complete with cute cat drawings :)


Have you guys found anything fun lately whilst thrifting?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Reptile Kids

I'm so excited to be drawing again. I've had an idea floating around in my brain and it's super awesome to be able to bring the vision to life, so without further ado I present you with....

Get it Here
Available Here
AND her buddy in crime, REPTILE BOY...
 available here
Available Here

As a special introductory promotion, I'm also offering 10% off the prints for today and tomorrow- woohoo!

To redeem you need to
1) add a print (reptile boy or reptile girl) to your cart
2) Once added click "apply shop coupon code" which appears underlined in blue font about the 'item total'.
3) Type in "reptile10" into the box which appears and hey presto you're done!
*remember the coupon is only available for two days (expiry 17oct 2014)

Monday, October 13, 2014


Ben and I headed to our nearest local town, Eumundi for woofstock! Auto correct keeps telling me to change it to Woodstock but that wouldn't be near as fun to say outloud. When we arrived the event was quite small and Ben and I looked at each other with pleading eyes of fleeing but we stuck it out and I'm glad we did because we got to watch some fun awards like doggie talent show and best dressed! I'm also quite proud of myself for tackling my fear and approaching strangers for photos. Since I mainly took photos of their dogs, I'm only going to add Rocky and his lovely owner (in matching black hats and white ensembles) to my 100 strangers project :) Two down - 98 portraits to go!

One of these poodles (damn my poor memory!) Claude took out the award for best talent with impressive dance moves :)

No awards for this little girl but I think we can all agree cuteness to the max!

Rocky and his Mum -  Rocky took out second place for best dressed :)

And Chino took out top prize - I was speaking with him mum and she told me she hand sewed his entire outfit!!

It was funny to walk through the stalls (100% aimed at dog owners) and be asked if we have a dog and then have to admit we didn't. We didn't go quite as far to say we only had a cat but hey I'm sure a dog friend will be in our lives at some stage - just doing some early research :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Time to share some thoughts

The lovely Mariko from gamerwife (super fun blog to check out filled with geeky goodness)
tagged me for some fun questions so here we go...

1. If you could have a super-power, what would it be and why?
The selective ability to read people's minds.
I tend to assume people are thinking the worse so I would love to be proven wrong

2. Paragon or Renegade?
OMG I have no idea what either of these are - help!

3. Do you own pets? What are their names?
We own two chickens - Oblina and Potpie, a cat called Gremlin and just
recently we adopted a teenage bush turkey that I named Shakira :)

4. Who is your favourite Pokemon?
I always had a soft spot for Jigglypuff :P

5. Brunch?
For sure. I'm not really keen on Breakfast but brunch all the way!

And I nominate anyone who reads my blog and wants to join in (can I do that? :P) My five questions I'm asking, are actually stolen from my 'sentence a day journal' because I'm feeling rather brain-dead today. Feel free to answer them and post away :)

1) Today was wonderful because...
2) Are you seeking change?
3) Write down an inspiring quote you love
4) Describe one thing you're really good at
5) What was the last film your watched?

BTW I love my sentence a day journal, it's laid out so you can start any day in the year. There is one question to answer each day, with a layout for three years. I'm getting close to completing my first year and can't wait to see how my answers change!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clay Mermaid

Before I met Ben, when I was living with my friend Shane I was really into clay for like two seconds (happens frequently with potential hobbies of mine). Shane owned a potters wheel and even though I quickly found that wasn't my forte, I really enjoyed making little clay animals. Fast forward five years and it's now Ben who is 100% into clay and has been for the last few years, even recently making the hefty investment of buying himself a kiln.  It was only natural my interests would pick up again with this investment :p

Hopefully, maybe, my clay mermaid is the start of things to come or perhaps just another fading hobby from a very long list :p

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I first found out about Warren Kirk through thimble's blog post and have since been following him via his flickr account. He captures these perfectly imperfect snapshots that are filled with charm and nostalgia and retell so many aspects which I love about Australia and our suburbs. 

Today's post is 100% dedicated to Warren as I adventured around Golden beach, a sleepy suburb in Caloundra filled with many a tale. I also got to start on my 100 strangers project with the amazing Naomi! When I shoot weddings I have to approach strangers frequently for their photos, it's nerve wracking but I think I'm getting slowly better - this project will hopefully dwindle that fear down even further.

When I approached Naomi she was worried about not looking good enough for the camera so she suggested I take the photo as she looked into her mailbox :) I then asked if I could take a photo of her house, after getting approval I ran across the street and before I was over, Naomi yelled back to me "would you like me standing in front?"

She said I made her day but honestly she made mine :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Floral Friday - Garden Flowers

I was a bit scared for this challenge as we have somewhere in the vicinity of three flowers in our garden :P As luck would have it my extension tube arrived in the mail on Monday so I got to have a bit of fun with macro :) I have previously posted about extension tubes here - back then I only had the cheapest version and I may do another post explaining why paying a bit more is worth it. For now though let's look at some pretty pictures!

Can you spot the tiny spider?

Floral Fridays is a monthly photography project with different themes each month. This series is about fun and taking time out to smell the flowers. To play along, please email Trishie (trishie@underlockandkeyblog. com) for next month's theme

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Snail mail /4

Today's mail comes from the lovely Sara who blogs her amazing film photos over at,

Travelling all the way from Portugal the letter was filled with super amazing paper goodies.

After having Australia Post disappearred the first letter she sent  (I have a long standing anguish for our postal service!). I feel super appreciative she stuck it out and sent me another - thanks Sara!

Pineapple! I think the universe is telling me to focus on pineapples :)

In preparing a return letter, I've definitely become more aware of paper goods and the prettiness they hold. 

Getting this letter makes me feel fortunate for crossing paths with some lovely peeps in the blogging universe :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Snail Mail /3

I'm always so lucky with the magical parcels I find in my mailbox.

The one I'm posting today is from the lovely duo who blog over at The cat you and us
(who I'm sure, you know I love so much!).
It was honestly filled to the brim with the most amazing things!

Stickers and postcards and temporary tattoos!!!

And the two most amazing prints, Dani and Damaris are super awesome photographers and I always admire their photos the take. The black and white one even included one of all my all time favourite quotes "trust your struggle" which I've proudly got hanging on my wall as a lovely reminder :)


I honestly still get giddy seeing all the goodies

Even the envelope was amazingly decorated (love Gemma Correll and her illustrations)

Another magical thing were these matchstick flowers

I've since started growing one

It was looking super promising with a cute little green sprout but before I could take an update photo and show off how well my little dude was growing his health took a tragic turn for the worst. I'm not sure what happened but I think perhaps he got too much sun one day? I've been meaning to start over but I'm so scared and not knowing why he died makes it even worse. 

Anyone have any experience growing sweet alyssum? I had him on my window sill which receives quite a bit of light and I was giving him a good squirt of my water bottle everyday and keeping him moist.I'm going to go with over exposure to sun and make sure the next one is a little back from the window sill - it's not fun to kill things...wish me luck!

Tomorrow I've got more mail to show off as I'm posting a lovely letter I got from my pal Sara!