Friday, July 3, 2015

Cats of Melbourne

I thought I'd put together an entry of all my Melbourne cat encounters :) 
I'll never get tired of seeing cats in streets, so this is a fun post for me!

Cutie pie Wilbur the local celebrity at the thornbury newsagent :)

This lovely old lady is Ruby, one of Emaya's friend's cat :)

And you get a sneak peak of Emaya's bleaching hair process :)


Next week I'm up to day 8 of blogging and its going to be an awesome post because we went mushroom picking!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Melbourne: Day 4-7

Day four saw me wandering around Fitzroy whilst Emaya prepped her Tanzania Slideshow Dinner.

Bronwen Gray's Babushka Dolls

I had an awesome mushroom Nigiri at Momo's sushi shop deserving of two thumbs up.

And for dinner Emaya cooked us authentic African cuisine, the white blob under the stew (Ndegnu) is called Ugali which you use your hands to scoop the Ndengu up with it :)

 I know some people can get bored of others travel stories but I always find them super inspiring and now I really want to go to Africa :) Wild Giraffesss!!!

And pretty fabrics! I got the official word that they're called Kanga but possibly the word for how you wear them rather than the cloth's name - any insights?

The next day we took a tram to Northcote to a Vintage Clothing sale where we were in hunt for some denims for a special party project - I'll tell you guys about later :) We also stopped in at Shoko Iku, where I had a raw brownie and a chai.

I gave my meal around a 5-6/10. I should be upfront here and say I don't think this raw life is for me.

but then I did pick up some raw cacao and it was Devine, with a capital D!

For dinner I got a Mr Natural's Pizza. If there's been one thing missing in my life since giving up diary it's cheese on pizza so I got pretty excited to know there was dairy-free cheese pizza options. I ate 99% of this pizza in one sitting and happily gave it 10/10 :) I was pretty convinced it tasted just like real cheese but Emaya gave it 1/10 so perhaps my cheese taste buds are off. Mr Naturals has since inspired me to seek out other fake cheese apart from Daiya - which I'm not so fussed about. The other week I picked up a brand called bio-cheese and it's currently my new fav cheese that melts perfectly in my sandwich press :) Anyway I digress - onwards to day five!

Emaya was off to work so I went off exploring.

 It actually turned into quite a cat-centric day for me and I'm going to share all my cat photos lumped together tomorrow but... spoiler alert, I got to meet Wilbur the Thornbury Newsagency cat!

For a treat I headed to Merry Cupcakes who solely do vegan cupcakes - what!! I got so used to having so many options and whole shops devoted to food I could eat that it really was a bit sad coming home. Luckily I love cooking :)

After my wander I came home to find Emaya's friend, Speck, had dropped us off more bakery treats from Beatrix.

How pretty are they! 

AND to top it all off, for dinner, we went down to the pub for a meal which turned out to be the worst meal of the trip (no photo evidence sorry) but it did result in lots of laughter  :)