Wednesday, June 13, 2018

bought/gift/made /15

I've been excited to share this collection of goodies!

smudge stick

incense sticks

In the bought category, white sage incense. I'm a newbie when it comes to all things incense related and even more so in the smudging realm but since purchasing these guys I'm fallen head over heels in love :) We use the incense in our bathroom and honestly there's a simple reason why I love it - so much nicer than those toilet sprays! With the smudging, I found it's my go to thing when I feel like my space needs a refresh.  I light it up and skip around the house and say nice things and it's all pretty fun and happy :) Two things I can get behind! 

I've just used the last incense stick the other day and tracked down a local vegan company who hand rolls their incense.  I'll be sure to give an update after trialing those ones :)

120mm and 35mm film

In the gift category - glorious, glorious film, gifted from my lovely friend Emaya! Now there's 100% no excuse to not be shooting film :) :)

cane basket making
And finally, in the made category - CANE! I went on a cane hunting mission with my friend Lowy.

cane basket making

He then taught me how to weave

cane weaving

and hey presto, I made a cane basket *feeling proud*

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lomo 100 Colour Film in my OM1

I finally got some film developed - woohoo! I popped some 100 lomography colour film into my Olympus film camera (my OM-1).  My local film lab processed it normally and then I scanned it at home using my digital camera (you can read about that set up here).

olympus OM1

I'm still deep in the World of making wooden stands.  At the moment it's where 80% of my time is being spent on and I couldn't be happier.  The best place to follow me with my Spirit You project is definitely on my instagram page and I'll make sure to follow you back!

Om-1 Film camera

 We live near some really amazing nature and I'm proud of how much adventuring we have done this first half of the year!

pink rose color film photography

nature film photography

flower film photography

film photography

flower press

 Still flower obsessed too :)

pink flower film photography

sunshine coast mountain climbing

Another thing (I'm not sure I have shared yet) is that almost every weekend, I've been climbing a mountain with the family.  I'm not the most fit person in the World so it's often pushed me far outside my comfort zone but it's been amazing for my health.  We don't have scales in our home but I have been getting lots of nice feedback from people that I've lost weight which has been a pleasant side effect.  A big drive for me has been looking at the issue from a long term perspective.  There's lots of health problems in my family and I'd love to be healthy and active in my 40's, 50s, 60s and beyond - wouldn't that be amazing :) 

I've also been able to maintain (proudly for almost a year now!) a daily 30 minute walk.  Even though I'm never super stoked on exercise, both the walking and climbing have been do-able for me.  People often talk about the endorphins they get from exercise, which is not something I personally experience.  The thing that has helped me commit was to incorporate something that I do enjoy alongside the exercise.  With my morning walk I listen to a podcast and with the climbing, I really love nature so that has been a big draw card! I do so much sitting on the computer during a day that it's been so positive to incorporate (even just a little bit) of physical exercise into my day :)

shanti dog black and white film
Although this was a colour roll of film, I thought the photo of Lowy's dog, Shanti on the log, looked super cute in black and white! 

lomography film photography

sunshine coast mountain

 More mountains!

jane in botanical gardens

flower press

glass house mountains

 We have these mountains on the Sunshine Coast called the Glass House mountains which have definitely whipped my butt these last six months

colour film photos

colour film - cosmos flowers

 I know there are so many blogs and things out there and it's impossible to visit them all - so it really means a lot that you have given your time to read this xoxo

BIG thanks!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - May

flower alphabet

flower project

So the month of May has been a little on the quiet side, I don't know if that's because I'm getting half way through the year and my new year's enthusiasm has plateaued (especially as we come into winter) or maybe the fact that it's getting colder means less flower activity. 

 I've decided to embrace the ebb and flow of the project and just report whatever happens back to you guys each month :)

flower seeds
My flower bed has definitely been uneventful since re-doing it and adding some horse manure. 

Little sprouts have started to show but I'm not sure if they are the flower seeds or simply little seeds that have hitched a ride from else where! 

At the start of the month I planted three different types of viola (as you can see above!).

rainbow lillies

As I wait patiently for the garden, inside was a different story as the bouquet Ben bought from the flowers market completely burst into blooms

flower and cat
I did have the flower I saved from my grandma's property reveal tiny purple flowers

white frangipani
Plus, the plant Ben and I purchase from a road side stall last year, finally bloomed - white frangipani! (you can see from last month's post here when they were just buds)

flower seeds
After doing a bit of head scratching with my flower bed and thinking of how I could ensure my seeds actually germinated, I got struck over the head with an obvious sign after seeing Jane's sharing of her garden plans.  She had planted her seeds in containers to then be transplanted into her bed.  Eureka! 

Normally I plant my seeds directly into the garden bed on the first of every month but I got a little head start with June's flowers and started them in their own seed containers.  I'm happy to say that as of today I see some tiny little sprouts!!! June's seeds were, super swiss giant pansy, wild pansy, billy buttons and cherry rose.  I also replanted any left over seeds I had from earlier in the year :)

flower garden

Fingers crossed!


In final news my orchid has opened and revealed all of it's pretty purple flowers!! We have some orchids at the front of our place that bloom once a year so I was surprised to see these purple ones flowering after having already bloomed at the start of the year.

bunch of lillies

I hope next month my flower bed starts becoming a flower bed :P

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Peachy and Gremlin /2

I've been hoarding photos of Gremlin and Peachy (for far too long!) so time to share them on here and not just on my hard drive. I've mentioned before but I've noticed again another jump in the bond between our cats (unfortunately) most likely due to their common enemy with our neighbour's cats.  If you have any tips on how to encourage cats to play nice with other cats, please let me know!!

Despite their oddities I love them both so much and I'm so super grateful to have these little souls in my life :)

black and white cat

peaches the cat

girl cat

surprised cat

resting bitch face
peaches the cat


gremlin the cat

cat bib

peachy and gremlin

lying down cat


sleeping cat photo


saucer eyes

wide eyed cat
Saucer eye kitty!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Northern New South Wales

This is the last birthday post I have to share, a hodge-podge of the towns we went through in Northern New South Wales; lots of street art in Lismore, a poultry show and a few random bits and pieces - enjoy!



australian aboriginal art


mural lismore











panel beater sculpture




Daniel Clemmett sculpture

mural in lismore



northern new south wales


on display

street art



Daniel Clemmett sculptor from clunes





poultry show lismore


street art lismore


mural lismore

lismore street art