Friday, November 21, 2014

Fraser Island - lake trekking

A few weeks ago I headed back to one of my favourite places ever, Fraser Island. Dad organised the trip and my little bro Jake, Ben and I headed along. It was just a weekend trip but Dad had organised a pretty hefty schedule, something I've been guilty of doing in the past.  Intense planning also comes complete with pros and cons (pros you get to see lots, cons you leave really tired :p)

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the World and is know for it's beautiful fresh water lakes - some with crystal clear drinkable water, others coloured by the surrounding tea trees and all complimented by gorgeous white sand - paradise. 

In two days, we visited 6 lakes, a ship wreck, the natural cathedral of coloured sands, camped inland, made friends with kookaburras and drove over many many kms of sandy bumpy tracks - fun times :)

Even though we have just recently moved we are moving again, thanks to the owners wanting to move back into their own home (how dare they!). The clan has dispersed and it's now just Ben, Gremlin, the chickens and I moving into our own pad. I'm excited for the new adventures that lie beyond and I apologise in advance for this blog going a tad quiet whilst we move and get settled. 

See you guys on the flip side!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guitars Case Gremlin

I often find myself excitedly yelling at Gremlin "stay there till I get my camera". Mostly Gremlin moves from the said cute position but in this case (pun intended) it must of been too comfy :) 

I'll happily admit I can never get enough Gremlin :)

Next to get him on a synthesizer

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thrifty Sunday /5

More thrifty finds to show you guys - first up three butterprint, cinderella round casserole bowls (had to google to find out that info!) and the first pieces of Pyrex to call my own - they'll definitely come in handy.

And super bonus that they're cute :) 
Just need to finds some lids for them now!

Next up a dymo tape writer, I do have a little cheap version already but after hearing Emily say how much better her upgrade was I thought it would be silly to pass up for a couple of bucks :)

Plus I was lucky and found some tape at another op shop close by :)

Continuing my tea cosey collection with this beauty above - another thanks to Emily for getting me started with that bug!  I do see tea cosey quite frequently in my thrift shop travels but my rule is that they have to be special and only a few dollars - this one was both, score :)

Thrift Finds - Siamese cat figurine
Another cat for my collection, I don't normally go for the non-shiney ceramic look but she is now one of my fav cats in my small collection, despite her small flaws :)

And lucky last a house shadow box to display some ornaments in.  I've since painted it pale pink but now looking at the photo above I'm wondering if I made the right decision or not :p

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yarn Bombing at Kenilworth

I have a few photos lying on my computer from when Ben and I visited a nearby town called Kenilworth. Every year the area has a scarecrow festival but as I found out they also do yarn bombing! You can see some photos I took of last years scarecrows here (lazily only posted a few months ago) but for now, some bright cheery yarn to fill your screens and the cutest chalk koala I ever did see!