Monday, August 3, 2015

Graveyard Ceramics

I had the thought the other day that it would be really cool to do graveyard inspired ceramic pieces. SO with the intention of gathering inspiration Ben and I hit up some local cemeteries who did not disappoint in the ceramics department! Unfortunately the idea has since fallen by the wayside but perhaps will resurface again! 

 How pretty are they! It seems they only appear on older graves too, the newer graves tend only to have fake flowers leaving me wondering why the ceramic guys stopped being a popular grave adornment?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Mermaid Jewels

I won't lie I go through stages of loving different creative mediums more than others and yup, art fell somewhere by the wayside when I got photography obsessed! This recent painting I'm sharing today reminded me of how much I love it! I got into my head I wanted a fun beach/boho themed work for our bathroom - so that was the starting point and then I got re-obsessed with Mermaids (thanks Damaris!) and it all went from there.

We live in a rental so at the moment I don't even have it hanging up but rather loving leaning against a wall! I'm also super proud because I made the frame myself, it may not match up 100% perfectly in the corners but I'm stoked I pulled it all together :)

I'm really inspired to do more art but my head is always full of way too many ideas and sometimes I have to just focus on one thing to get anything done - do other people suffer this too?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crochet Coral Reef

Continuing on with my beach week theme, I'm going to show you guys this awesome exhibition we went to called, Sunshine Coast Satellite Reef.   The exhibition collated hundreds of crochet contributions from around Australia making one super clever, coral installation.

One of my favourite things was seeing how the artists used different yarns to create different textures, there was fluffy yarn, glitter yarn and even teabags - eep! Plus the colours just killed me - in the best when possible :)

Another cute feature was they had a section were you could pick up and touch items just like at a real aquarium - I'm totes all for art that lets you touch it! Now onwards to the photos!

Could you pick the teabags?

I've got one last post to wrap up this beach themed week and it's my own artwork - woohoo!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mermaid shoot

We decide to go down to Caloundra for our shoot, it was nice because I got to sneak in a few photos of a wreck that's about to be removed due to safety issues. I have to say, safety ruins a lot of fun things but that's a whole other rant, today it's about being a mermaid!

I decided if a mermaid were to wear shoes she'd wear pink jellies :p

Fun trivia Dicky beach is the only recreational beach in the World to be named after a wreck - the SS Dicky!

Many many moons ago I made myself that shell & pearl headband - matched the theme to a tee!

I also picked out a few nautical themed pins!

Mermaid Fee! Pink Jellies - check! Mermaid Tights - check! Nautical Skirt - check! Mermaid Tee - Check! Beachy Accessories - Check!

Lonesome mermaid wishing to go back to the sea perhaps? :P

I have to especially point out that shell necklace in the middle is made by Ben, whose ceramic game is next level beautiful!

Ta - daaa! it was fun to get all dressed up :)

Thanks so much to my present givers for making this all possible!