Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Vegan Beauty

brite organix

I never do beauty posts because honestly it's not a big focus in my life but I have collated a nice little collection of photos and thought it may provide some value for someone out there! I think (hope!) everything is vegan - I try and do as much research as I can before I buy something but something could have slipped through the cracks so please give me a heaps up if you know!

vegan pastel hair dye

First up from the brite organix brand, some pastel purple hair dye.  I have tried a handful of their dyes and this was the only one that did nothing! You can see in the first photo a slight purple tinge but other than that it was a let down. Full disclosure I did put it over some pastel blue (also from Brite Organix) but even in the parts that were almost completely washed out it gave a minimal effect, plus it didn't dye my hands/bench which has happened with their other colours!  As for the brand on a whole, love love love!!! For whatever reason the purple just didn't appear or last for me so whilst I wouldn't get this colour again I would 100% buy any of their other colours!

bys vegan mascara
I'm in a vegan Australian/New Zealand beauty group on facebook which you can find here which provids lots of helpful information. Did you know you can search inside a group on fb? That's such a handy feature!  

I basically needed a bunch of new beauty products so for every product I devoted some time reading through everyone's recommendations.  This cheapo brand BYS came up as a recommended waterproof mascara.  I did try Designer Brands first (big let down for me!) but this BYS mascara has been great.  Not as great as the Max Factor I had previously been using but I wanted to change all my makeup to vegan (and not go completely broke in the process!) and this totally fit the bill! The next mascara I want to try is that magical tubing stuff from Blinc - lots of great reviews!

eld poreless face primer clear and elf acne fighting foundation
Apart from a concealer I have never (ever!) bought a foundation let alone a primer (SAY WHAT!) 

I told you beauty wasn't really my thing but I do get hormonal acne each month and I thought it would be nice to have the option to just cover my entire face up when that happens :) The ELF brand only has a few shades of foundation and honestly the porcelain shade could have been a little lighter for me but if I blend right down into my neck I don't think anyone notices :)  If you've never used a primer, I don't know what the heck this magic is but it makes your skin feel so soft! I have no idea if either of these products are great (nothing to compare them to!) but they seem to do their job (sorry worst review ever!).  Also I bought the "acne fighting foundation" and the "poreless face primer" and I have to say my acne definitely seems better after plastering my face with these two products which seems counter intuitive from everything I've heard/read ("let your face breath") but *shrugs* I'm going with it!

oxx beauty sponge makeup blender

I'm also a 'use my fingers to apply everything' kind of girl so when I was watching makeup tutorials on youtube and saw everyone use some kind of beauty blender/sponge I thought it was worthy of a try.  I cannot imagine applying foundation with anything but this bad boy.  Again nothing to compare it to but yeah it's really easy to use!

australian vegan beauty products
Extreme close up of my foundation straight from my phone so you can see all my pores!  

Plus the mascara, eyeliner and blush that I'll talk about in this post!

lush fresh face mask

Continuing with my face, here are some products I've been using to try and help with the acne.  

This cupcake mask from lush is so lush! Oh my goodness it's such a treat to use BUT I didn't notice any great results from it.  I'd still probably treat myself again to a lush product but more for the fun/luxury element than expecting miracles!

organic rosehip oil
I'm back to rosehip again because I'd ran out of a face oil and rosehip was readily available at my local shops.  Before this I was using Tamanu Oil which is still my fav option!

sukin charcoal

I've only tried the sukin range of cleansers so I don't have much of a reference point here but both have instantly made my skin feel lovely.  I use a few pumps in the shower and wash it off before I jump out. When I'm out that's when I apply the oil to my face and neck!

vegan beauty review

vegan australis and elf pink blush

On the bottom is my beloved Australis brand blush which I've had for yonks but unfortunately they don't make anymore so I bought the ELF as a replacement.  The ELF blush, unfortunately, just doesn't go onto the brush or my cheeks as nicely as the Australis version *sad face*. I suspect that if I did one cheek in each type and asked Ben if he could see a difference he (and the rest of the world) wouldn't be able to tell. Next time I'll be keen to read more reviews and try out a different blush.

sukin hydrating mist toner
This hydrating mist toner (total indulgent product) does nothing but smell like roses (for two seconds) and feel lovely to spray onto your face. I'd only recommend buying this if you're having the week from hell and need a pick me up and you won't feel bad about spending 10 dollars.

red vegan nail polish reviewI've been meaning to buy kester black nail polish but the price always pushes me away and in the end I spend my money on something less frivolous.  I know I know, this whole post is frivolous but these buys have been spaced over many months which hopefully makes them a little less ridiculous!  So, Kester Black was on my mind when I saw this benecos nail polish in a store which had a much lower price point (but still vegan) so I decided to give it a try.  I appreciate that it's in a small bottle because I'd never get close to finishing those standard size bottles but overall I wouldn't repurchase.  
It's not bad, it's just average :)

essence super last waterproof eyeliner and long lasting eye pencil
In the 'oh my gosh these are great' category (or at least one of them!) that Essence brand, Super Last Waterproof eyeliner, is the bomb! Previously I was using a Maybelline brush which was great but trying to go vegan and cheap I found out about this Essence version.  Out of an eyeliner, I want two things; easy to apply and won't smudge! Tick tick!  Also I pretty much sucked at doing a wing eyeliner but after devoting a few hours to watching youtube videos I significantly upped my game! So if you also suck at doing a cat eye, just watch one video a night and in a week, hey presto, you won't suck so much! Oh yeah and that black pencil, also by essence, is good, does what it should do :P

natural instinct vegan sensitive shampoo

Now we're up to my scalp which is super dandruff prone and oily (great combo - not!) I tried that natural instinct shampoo first, not that great, I wouldn't repurchase.

sebitar dandruff shampoo

Someone in the vegan group recommended this sebitar treatment for dandruff and it's the bomb! Although looking up the ingredients on the bottle and online the company seem to be holding back in what's actually in it.  If it's just what they say, then this is my holy grail but I suspect it's full of junk! Also it's a soap free, scalp treatment *confused look* I dunno, it acts like shampoo to me, taking away the oil and my dandruff! tick tick!

sebum control shampoo

I'm not 100% sure this is vegan but it's perfection for getting rid of oily hair! I alternate this during the week with the sebitar stuff (because I'm still a little scared of using that full time as my shampoo) plus the My Organic Brand has a nice looking container - which is a lame but the truth :P If someone out there knows what the hell this sebitar stuff is and can reassure me I'm not covering my head in chemicals than I'll use that full time and sacrifice the beauty that is this container!

vegan pastel hair dye
and finishing up with some brite organix, this time in the turqouise shade and look below; proof of this brand's awesomeness!

vegan teal hair dye

 Oh and I cut a fringe because I was having a mid life crisis or something or other!

bright coloured hair colour turquoise vegan

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beach + Seaglass Roundup /9

It's been a while since I did a seaglass/beach combing round up! 

I still find it amazing that sometimes there will be so many goodies down at the beach and other times just a few! I suspect it's tide/weather related but I'm open to other possibilities too!

beach flatlay

australian seaglass

mermaid treasures

australian beach seaglass

collecting shells and seaglass

beach combing

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - July

flower blog series

flower flat lay
Being winter here in Australia it felt like things stayed similar between June and July although I did pinch that pink flower from our neighbours garden (after they moved out!) 

pink flower blue hair


cosmos flowers
 In happy news the seeds that I saved from the cosmos earlier in the year have grown into new flowers - my first real success! woohoo

potted patio garden
 You can see the desert rose is about to spring to life with a new batch of flowers

desert rose buds


flower garden

 and little seedlings in the flower bed are still going strong!

passion fruit vine

 My first passionfruit flower! Oh so pretty and smells divine. I've learnt they don't bloom for very long.  I have one lonely passionfruit on my vine (which I'm going to pick this week) though I never did see its flower!

blue haired girl with flower

 On an unrelated flower note, I put some turquoise through my hair and cut a fringe (I get bored of my hair easily!)

cosmos pink flower photo


flowers in pant pocket

passionfruit vine

bunch of flowers

 Those flowers on the right were a special delivery from Ben! My neighbour knocked on my door with them and I was wondering why he had bought me flowers until I read the little calling card that it was from Ben! I'm writing this post a day before I post it and BEN IS BACK TONIGHT!!! I'm going to go down to the airport to pick him up and I'm sooooo excited!!

Cannot wait, his work hitch has been 8 weeks this time and that is too long!

vegan blue hair dye

pink garden flower

flower garden

 Red geranium popping back to life too!

80s fashion
Next month will be the last month I share from this garden with our move coming up (still haven't found a place but Ben and I are going full time house hunting when he is back!). I'm trying my best to go with the flow and keep on planting and hopefully our new place has a garden where I can start again :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Girl Power Tee

I found this tee whilst thrifting and did a little in-house photoshoot :P These photo are a few months old but I dug one out for an insta post and decided the rest should see the light over here too!

girl power tee

yellow girl power tee red letters

girl power tee with rose

flower play girl power

flower eye girl

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I have a folder on my desktop titled 'recent' where I throw in photos that don't belong anywhere else.  Over time those photos become less and less recent until it comes to a point (today!) where I decide to just compile them all into one extremely random blog post! So that's what I have for you today!

australian acerage
 I woke up one morning to our back yard being covered in amazing fog *runs to grab camera*

tiny bat on hoodie
A little bat that Ben rescued, I never really thought that bats could fall into the cute category but this guy was adorable!

paste up street art
 Emaya and a Ben Paste-up 

horseshoe bat
Another shot of the bat on Ben's hoodie - look at its tiny feet!

pastel robot art print
 Ben with one of his artworks made up as a print

black and white horse photography
 *cue* many photos of the horses in our backyard

australian graff artist
 More Ben art!

miniature pony
 More horses!

black and white horse photo

horse photos

horse photo close up

miniature pony

miniature pony

 Backyard fires!

boat house cat
And the most amazing house boat cat!

I was out shooting a wedding on a dock in Brisbane and there was a cat on one of the boats!! I quickly turned my camera to take a few sneaky shots before turning it back on the bride and groom :P

cat on boat brisbane

house boat cat brisbane

australian tree frog
 I'm sure I've mentioned before but green tree frogs are in my top 5 favourite animal category!!

skate park photo
 The day before Ben left, he wanted to go for one last skate and I was feeling very attached to him so I went along for the ride and got to hang out with all the cool kids for a second :P

skating photo

skate shoes and skateboarding

rainbow light leak skate park

skater boy


palmwoods skatepark


Adidas skateboarding

painted art mask
 Shooting a mask Ben made

rescue animals
 Baby goanna rescue time!

beach at port
 Me at Port Macquarie

painted humble dumpling mask artwork
 More Ben

australian thunderstorm
and finishing off with an epic storm that was coming over our backyard!

In actual recent news, our moving house adventures are back on, so in the next few months I'll be blogging from a new location - which is scary and fun all in one!