Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clay Kangaroo Planter

Clay kangaroo - sculpture

Aside from my crazy cat banana this kangaroo planter is one of my most favourite things I've made in clay to-date! 

I kept his base gloss free but drew on the design with red gloss paint. If you don't recognise the plant it's - kangaroo paws! I thought it would also be cute to paint his paws red as well :)

Clay kangaroo - kangaroo paw design

Clay kangaroo - burntfeather

I drew some minimal eyes on with a special clay pencil (a normal pencil's colour would just burn off during the hot firing temps).

And a shot of him after his first bisque firing and before he's been painted where I make sure to do a lot of sanding and smoothing!

Finally, I've been growing this little succulent from a discarded leaf, so I was happy to finally of found a home for him!

I'm planning to make another kangaroo in a similar vein but without a planter this time but a baby joey!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beach + Seaglass Roundup /7 + COMP WINNER!!

Always fun to share some beach treasures with you guys!

At the end of this post I'm announcing the Zine Winner too - weeee!

I've been really interested in finding little white treasures which look really pretty altogether in a glass bowl :)


Always got my eyes peeled for heart shaped rocks!

Another heart rock too!

and on that heart note, the winner of the love zine goes to
*drum roll*

he he he

Three brave souls entered, so of course I have to give all of you a zine! You guys rock!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Love Zine Giveaway Reminder

Just a reminder you have 2 days left to enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave your email at this blog post here! I'll be drawing the name out of the hat on Tuesday :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fraser Island - Film Photos

So yesterday I showed you a roll of Lomo 100 colour I took on Fraser Island last and today I'm showing you a few extra photos from that roll that I converted digitally to black and white :)

1000f canon - lake

And I'm still on track with my monthly Film Camera series, just a word of warning I think this month I've already taken far too many photos of my cats! :P

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Canon 1000f - Lomography 100 /02

I'm back with some more film that's not part of my monthly series but leftover from last year. I've shot a roll of Lomo 100 in my canon film camera (1000f) before with happy results you can see here and I was just as happy this time round :)

These shots are from our last Fraser Island trip which you can read more about over here too.

Tomorrow I'm going to throw up a few extra photos from the roll that I thought warranted being converted to black and white :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Zine + Giveaway (entry closed)

So over the past few months I've been collating old poems, letters and cards that Ben and I have been writing to each other since 2010. The idea was to put together a love zine of all the best! This process took longer than I had imagined but I'm super thrilled with the outcome. A whole lot of love has gone into making this zine be the prettiest it can be!

I thought valentines would be a lovely day to share this on the blog and bonus points as it's only a few weeks on from our seven year anniversary too :)

The zine is A5 and you can go grab yourself a copy over on my etsy store (more info there as well!).



I also want to give away a copy to one of you guys!
Simply comment below with your email address and next Tuesday (21/02/17)
on the blog I'll announce who the winner is! 


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thrifty Sunday /17

I don't know about you but I'm always curious to see what people pick up whilst thrifting so I'm back with another thrifty Sunday!

An awesome piece of pyrex and it came with a lid, pretty and practicable - win win!

Some really cute vintage buttons, shells (with a pearl luster) and some lemons :)
Just need a project for them now!

A cute cat hair clip which you may of spied me wearing in this post

Blast from the past, a Boris Breakfast Club bowl (Aussie kids show on Channel 7!)

A new diary - this one could be applicable to any year and you are left to fill in the dates.
So far, I'm finding my terrible messy hand writing is severally ruining this diary- oops!

A cable release for my Asahi Pentax, although it works in other film cameras too. It's essentially a cable you screw into the shutter button and you can then take selfies! Ben and I used it for our selfie photo here! To be honest the packet says "long" but it's pretty darn short :p

An Australian zoo fridge magnet! I was listening to our local radio and they were talking about Aussie slang and someone bought up Crikey and explained that the word came from Christ - a work around from being religiously insensitive!

You can catch all my other Thrifty Sunday's here

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pink vs Yellow hair - thoughts!

I thought I would give a quick hair update! In December I put manic panic's 'electric banana' through my hair and boy oh boy was it bright, crazy fluro bright (the bottle does say it glows under black light - should have been a slight giveaway :P). 

In hindesight I could of definitely toned it down with some conditioner before applying because I think my hair looked the best in the colour once I had worn it in for a couple of weeks and the crazy green fluro tinges were mellowed via the joys of shampoo. I did start with completely bleached out hair but the colour in the bottle looked much more mild then how it came out on my hair so I think I can be forgiven for not thinking I'd needed to tone it down! Anyway, can I just say how much I loved this colour - eep and on the flip side how it stirred quite the, well, reaction from others!

The colour once it had toned down :)

Whilst I was out and about people would come up to me and say "yellow hair" or some statement which wasn't positive or negative and didn't have a question attached, so I found myself not really knowing how to reply. In a bakery I had a guy commit to at least two verses of the song yellow and then asked how many times I had it sung to me daily? As someone who is very shy, I found all this interaction a little crazy and when I mentioned to Ben he said something like, "why did you dye your hair yellow then?" which initially made me feel a little defensive but I did contemplate it a bit more.

Short answer: I dyed my hair because I think it's an awesome colour :)

I also specially chose to dye it in December because wedding season is non existence thus deep down I knew it may be frowned upon or I may be viewed in a different (perhaps less professional?) light. I'm not sure if I'm articulating my thoughts very well but I was left with the decision of not having bright hair and staying more anonymous (something which I appreciate) or dying my hair a colour I loved but opening myself up to comments from strangers.  When Ben did my roots before leaving, I did dye over the yellow and put a faint touch of pink in which I'll show you below.  I'm kind of bummed at myself for letting people influence my decisions but I also really don't like drawing that much attention to myself.  I have to say that nobody said anything bad about my hair they just came up to me and pointed out I had yellow hair, which I'm sure for some people is a non existence thing but it was something that made me feel, well, self conscious.  On a sidenote, I'm fortunate that this is something I can change and I have much respect for individuals who get pointed out aspects about themselves which they have no control over - I'm all for, if you have nothing nice to say then close those pretty lips :P :P

It's funny because I look at all those photos above and I don't even think that colour is that crazy (although these were taken once it had died down it's intensity!).  I actually just think that colour is awesome - ha!

So I've been up keeping my roots every 6 weeks or so and then I'll put through a toner just to get rid of some of the unwanted brassy hues and general uneven-ness.  I've tried a bunch of different toners and to be honest, I'm not that fussed which one I use.  I think I gravitate a tiny bit more towards the ash coloured one, which I'll put through my hair (mixed with developer) and then watch closely until my hair has changed to a nice colour and then i'll wash it out.  With the ash based toners this process can happen in as quickly as five minutes :)

I'm still loving the brite organix brand, which if you're from Australia you can buy from woolworths and they are very reasonably priced and vegan! They are also very very pigmented.  I've been reading reviews where people are annoyed that the colours come out crazier then intended but my cheap skate mind just thinks, woohoo, the tube will last longer because I just need to use less :P

My latest hair - going super mellow after the yellow :P I think I used a drop of pastel pink into conditioner to get this colour.  

Now pink on the other hand people seem to love! When I had my bright pink hair not only did I get amazingly nice comments in Japan, I also had nice comments back home as well.  People would stop me in the supermarket to tell me how nice my hair was *gasp*.  Of course, this is still having people interact with me which made me a little awkward but someone giving you a compliment - isn't that so nice? I'm all for that! Plus I was given full statements so I could say "thank-you" at least :)

Overall I think it's funny how the choice of hair colour can greatly influence how others view and respond to you - I'm going to personally try and not judge someone's appearance and or/choices because to them they may feel killer in how they look/what they're wearing and why take that away from someone?  And hey, if I work up the courage I may give yellow another whirl one day too! Maybe, just need to take a shy break for now!