Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New House - My Room

creative bedroom styling
I already gave some clues to my new room in this last post but today I'm showing you my full room tour.  It's the first room I've lived in as an adult where I haven't had to store most of my belongings in and one which hasn't had carpet - double yay! I've enjoyed styling it so much! During some heavy rain I did notice the windows start to leak so I had to do a switch-a-roo with my book shelf (made of books) and my filing cabinet but that's only a little hiccup! 

cute pink backpack

Come on inside!

using a pegboard in an office

My favourite things about rooms are all the little details! I'm sure you'll spy lots of things I've shared over the years, on my blog - it was nice to be able to put my favourite things into one space!

australian made wood pink stool

I also dig that the room has lots of little pops of colour!

hanging postcards decor

and gifts from friends!

styling a home office

desk space inspiration

pinky toast embroidery hoop

This pinky toast art was one of the first presents Ben ever bought for me :)

how to display clothes in bedroom

home office styling

frankie magazine and tim walker book

shelf display

simple clothes rack

plant stand

filing cabinet

using books for a shelf

adding colour to your office

ideas for displaying art

colorful office inspiration

cute bedroom styling

cute storage

shelf display

displaying accessories in room

indoor cactus for room
My Easter Cactus before it developed all its blooms - which you can see in this post

painted pink lowboy

pegboard ideas

canterbury blue pixie pink

australian home tour

indoor cactus idea

stacked books for a shelf

cameras on display

godzilla toy

pinky toast art
It's utterly amazing having a room void of ugly storage boxes and a space that's happy and really easy to keep clean and tidy!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - October

blog flower project

azaleas flowers
So with October came a lot of flowers! 
We're definitely in the thick of Spring here in Australia :)

 A local bush, came abundant with pink azaleas so I took the opportunity to do some mini shoots with my wooden stands which I'm sure I'll be flooding my instagram with at some point (#sorrynotsorry :P)

red flowers with rain drops

It also rained a lot which I'm sure the flowers loved!

october spelled out in flowers

hanging basket red geraniums

wooden stool - australian maker
Ben bought me a sunflower just before he left for work which turned out to be the shortest hitch ever (only two weeks) hooray!

purples pansies
I tried to get into the habit of taking flower photos on my morning walk

pink flowers african violet
My african violet looking very happy

wooden stool handmade
So many pink azaleas!

planting sunflowers
This month, I planted the sunflower seeds that I got when I went to visit Ben's Nephew at the start of the year. They have already sprouted so I'm super excited to see them grow tall!

Rose Easter Cactus

I picked up a Hatiora Rosea (aka Rose Easter Cactus) from Bunning the other day, I knew nothing about the plant but the little pink buds sold me straight away.  To my surprise those buds opened into flowers a few weeks later - a definite face palm moment but also a super excited face too!

bought flowers

Ben also bought me a sweet bouquet!

girl with azaleas

I went crazy with the azaleas! tee hee

orange nasturtium

Nasturtiums were still thriving this month!

girl with sunflower

Amaryllis Bulb

And an Amaryllis sprouted in the garden!

sunflower wilted

pink cactus flower
A fun flower month!