Monday, January 2, 2023

end of an era

If you want to know what I've been up to come over to my new home SPIRIT YOU!

My last blog post on here was a year ago which means the chances of me updating this blog again are super slim.  That feels sad but also a sign of an ever-evolving life!

I started this blog in 2010 and almost 1400 posts later (filled with delightful comments!) I find myself at the very end.

If I could sum up this blog it was a snapshot of my everyday life, alongside my creativity through a photographic journey.  Somewhere along the way, I became a wedding photographer which ironically mellowed down my passion for photography - go figure!

Blogging made me a better writer, a better photographer, and a better storyteller. I remembered when you could get away with a single bad photo and some text and now it's all about sleek graphic design headers :P

I love where blogging came from and where it's going - I now share a single bad photo and personal text (via my weekly NEWSLETTER!) and then a more sleek blogging style HERE

SPIRIT YOU is an evolution of burntfeather, it's me but I'm back doing what I really love (visual art!) from a simple, experimental place, packed with gratitude (and some poetry thrown in too).  My Dad dying in 2019 made me want to hone in on the absolute essentials - life is so short!  

A lot of people only know me as burntfeather and that's where we end - it's been a joyous ride!  I want to say a huge big THANK YOU for following along with me.  I wouldn't have done this blog without you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Found Money 2021


Since 2016 I've been doing a found money jar. The idea was originally taken from Emma over at Letterloves who has a strong passion for finding amazing things. You can see the other years here.

found money jar

I think it's official.  Covid has spelled the end of the Found Money Jar! This year was by far the worst year with a total of 15 cents!  I'll admit I felt weird about picking up those two coins - made sure to crazy sanitise my hands afterward.  Shops have encouraged cashless payment methods and I know, my own purse has become a lot lighter.  End of an era - feels weird but life is an ever-moving/evolving beast and the keeper of all things interesting!

2020 - $3.80

2019 - $4.10 

2018 - $15.38

2017 - $7.45 

2016 - $5.95

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2021 Year in Review

I love looking back on the year! I think my 2021 was a mix of the following: creativity/covid/sadness/courage/renovations.  I'm really proud of myself for navigating my way through, making some bold choices, following my heart, loads of creativity, strength, and making our home beautiful :) :)

creative mock and submit

My 2021 monthly blog project was Creative Mock & Submit, where I drew and submitted a design each month.  I promised an update at the end of the year.  Out of all the companies I submitted to, only one emailed back and that was to say they do in-house design.  Despite always having super high expectations around my creativity, I was fairly open to whatever direction this monthly challenge headed.  Reflecting back, all I can say is that it's tough being an artist! BUT I'm super proud for putting myself out there and not letting rejection stop me :)


lounge reno

We finished our lounge/dining room renovation in January, felt great to start the year with fresh white walls!


Was the due date month of my miscarriage, and I got incredibly sad - sad at seeing pregnant people, sad at seeing my period, sad at random times of the day/month. I went to the doctor to get referred to a psychologist but that lead to a dead-end (they were either booked out or very expensive!). I struggled on throughout the months and luckily I was able to overcome my grief/depression on my own which I'm really grateful for :) Big love for anyone out there who has or is currently going through the low times themselves! I have no grand solutions just the story to share where my heaviness (which felt unmoveable!) became much lighter.

Reno-wise we got solar installed and finished the hallway and Ben's bedroom!

feb reno

I experienced my first covid test, negative luckily :) We were super lucky in QLD to have low cases and low restrictions.  Very very lucky!! 

sky photography

Throughout the year we worked on our garden (battled our ongoing bamboo saga) and I took lots of sky photos and continued the bought gift made series. I also did loads of paintings over at Spirit You

monstera painting

We took joop to the vet for an official "fat toe" diagnosis.  Luckily after a few weeks and no walks (sad dog!) Joop's swollen toe was back to normal:) I also went to a first nations weaving workshop which was super fun :)

first nations weaving workshop

Visited the nambour show, sanded bedroom windows, and started compiling my poetry book

nambour show

First time to try VR and acupuncture and a covid vaccination and I quit my job!!!
I had been wanting to quit for a long time but finally had the courage.
After quitting I threw myself into my art and poetry! 

turtle shield painting

My turtle shield paintings

emily dickinson poetry book

Throughout the year I also did lots of book reviews and kept my Thrifty Sunday series (just!) going :)

thrifted tap dance shoes
My thrifted pair of tap dance shoes.  I want to get more into tap dancing (learn routines!) in 2022

I finished my poetry book – just need to get it published (new goal for 2022!)

My printer died which in a way spelled the end for my burntfeather etsy shop (currently on vacation mode) but potentially a full close down next year! End of an era! On a happier note, I had a lovely stroll around Noosa Botanics!

black and white palms

Picked up a free desk off fb marketplace which started the bedroom reno.  

Also had the scare of my life when my hard drove froze which almost spelled the end of my poetry book but I was (thankfully!) able to retrieve it all!! 

bedroom reno

I gave Ben a fresh fade haircut (thanks you-tube!) and coloured my hair the most purple colour I could find at the supermarket (sadly not that purple)

My little brother turned 18 and we saw van gogh alive
and a big heaviness arrived as Ben's Neice died and we drove down to Port Macquarie :(

Also, despite going the 100% creative route, it was super financially scary (can I eat this week?!?), so I started a new job, which hopefully will still give me loads of creative time as well.  I'm telling ya this artist gig is tough but I'm gonna keep going forever because of how much fulfillment/happiness it brings!

pink orchids

I'm envisioning more creativity, learning a proper tap dance routine, IVF,  another go at full-time creativity, believing in myself, allowing emotions, and getting my poetry book published! That's probably too much but go big or go home :P

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Creative Mock & Submit - Nov + Dec

Time to share my final patterns of the year! I failed in making last month's due date so I'm popping up both November and December's design together in this post! These two design I'm going to be submitting to an awesome Aussie company called kip & co that do the sweetest kids and homeware designs!  

rainbow lorikeet design

colourful bowtie illustration design

It's almost Christmas! *gasp* I'm going to pop in next week with my Year In Review which I always love to do!!! If I don't touch base before, I hope loads of joy comes your way over the next week or so!

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Spirit You - Turtle Shields

I thought I'd show you my Turtle Shield paintings which I've been working over on Spirit You (my other home)    

I paint each shield by first selecting one card from my handmade deck, I then intuitively pick colours based on the card's message.  It's such a fun way to work :) 

Below are my first three turtle shields and if you want to see more - head on over HERE 

turtle shield painting

abstract turtle painting

contemporary australian artist

bright turtle painting for nursery

colourful turtle painting

why to buy australian paintings

colourful turtle shield art

bright turtle art

bright turtle art

spirit you art

ocean artwork for kids rooms

colourful artwork for lounge room

colourful turtle art

turtle shield painting

Link to my Turtle Shield Paintings HERE.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Sky /6

My sky appreciation post series continues where I encourage you (and me!) to look up and never forget we're currently living on a spiraling planet! 

cloud watcher

cloud photo

pastel sky

dark clouds

sunset photography

cloud photography

storm clouds

blue sky with clouds

dark sky

wispy clouds

clouds in sky

light blue sky

clouds in sky photo