Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Monthly Poetry Challenge - July

contemporary australian poetry

build a temple of a thousand pieces
intricately arranged. Inside give
marigold blessings beneath the fragile
altar, voicing golden drenched
sentiments of praise. The beauty of the
pearl, the delight of the growth, the
hope to hold the young queen in your
sight, the champagne dizziness of life.
The patterns of tiles that don't quite fit,
the quiet marbled palace floor, the wheel
of fortune that lands on death, young moon
too young to find its foot. Bow down to grief
the pains of birth, lost hope of future's wish.

So much happened to me in July that I'm shocked my notebook isn't filled with pages and pages of new poems. I guess I find it hard to write as I'm going through an experience with words a little easier to find, once I'm out :)

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Thrifty Sunday /26

Thrift stores were closed due to covid and before that life swung me upside down with hospital visits and the like, meaning op shop visits were few and far between. As the shops have now reopened here in QLD, I've begun my thrifting again which has been a delight (although a couple of health dramas recently threw a few more spanners into my weekly op-shop schedule).  Fingers crossed the next few months see my op shop adventuring back on track again :)

I have a folder on my desktop where I throw in all my thrifted finds. That folder has been slowly filling - I always love seeing what other people score, so today is sharing day!

thrift store frankie magazines
Frankie Mags! I've started a list in my phone of all the editions I have and any holes in my collection.  It's very helpful in not buying duplicates!

thrifted pink ipad cover
A pink ipad cover - score!

thrifted kikki k container
A cute container for my ear buds.

thrifted pink sunnies
Pink sunnies that I've managed to scratch already.  
I'm terrible at putting them back into a holder.

white shirt book libby VanderPloeg
Do you know the artist Libby VanderPloeg? She illustrated this book and it's magical!

pink kikki k notebook
A cute notebook to write my poetry in :)

thrifted moon crescent brooch
A crescent moon brooch

gold spotted trinket holder
A couple of cute trinket trays.  

My hair ties live in the gold spotted dish above and my earrings in the heart-shaped dish below :)

kikki k heart trinket dish

black and white snowflake pyrex dishLastly, a snowflake pyrex dish :) 

I was half collecting pyrex but my minimalist journey won out and now I only have a small collection of bowls that actually get used :)

Are Thrift Stores open where you're living?
Have you had withdrawals?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Joop 02/

A few more shots of our loveable pooch, Jupiter aka Joop.  To be honest her name is Jupiter but I never call her that, it's either, Joop, or Joppy or Joop-a-Loop :P I know I'm not alone in giving pets a billion nicknames.

black and white joop

jupiter the dog

b&w joop in nature

baby jupiter
 Baby Joopy!!

cat and dog on couch
 A rare moment of Joop and Peach on the couch together. They are both insanely jealous if we give the other one any attention :P

nature dog

b&w dog on couch

dog giving side eye joop
That face! Peach was probably in the corner :P They have a curious relationship
jupiter sleeping

black and white photo of jupiter

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

bought/gift/made 21

Dr Bronner's Castile Soap (rose)

It gets rave reviews and I'm also giving it a rave review.  It smells divine. It's vegan, with no synthetic ingredients, is nontoxic & biodegradable and still, lathers moisturises and cleanses. Tick Tick.  Our friend recently stocked us up with the dishwashing version and a peppermint version which I'm excited to try out.

After finishing our mosaic staircase project we were on a mosaic roll and decided to make our house a number plaque.  We're currently training creepers to cover our brick wall so I'm excited when the pop of colour peeks out through the green leaves!

An oldie but a goodie.  When Dad was clearing out his Mum's shed (years back now!) I found this lidded basket and asked if I could keep it.  My grandma was a big fan of cane and bamboo - a family love that I've happily inherited.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Nature 01/

Once a week, I aim for a bigger nature hike and then scattered little visits throughout the week. Sometimes I bring my camera along. Today's entry is a hodgepodge of different places we have explored. I'm really grateful to live where I do with so many cool spots close by :)

joop amongst nature

jungle waterfall

empty cicada shell on hand

moss on tree roots

dog best friends

fern bird nest

b&w waterfall

local swimming hole

joop the dog on log

rainbow in waterfall

b&w creeper

forest ben and joop

natural waterfall

autumn leaves on water

black and white forest

rock formations

b&w fern

forest walking ben


tree roots

light in forest

b&w ferns

flood water


ben and lowy walking

black and white banksia

joop and shanti

australian native

thin leaved fern

walking trek

white gum

blue black se qld butterfly

dog adventure

aussie forest