Wednesday, September 20, 2017

South of the Border

The other weekend was Ben's b'day so we headed down south for a visit :) My friend Emaya has been working in Tweed Heads (just across the border from Queensland into NSW) so we got to hang out as she showed us the sites. Today's blog post is going to cover our walk from NSW into QLD as I snapped away :) 

(I'll have a few more posts to share as well!)

This photo was taken in tweed but the whole area we walked had the best daggy architecture!

A surf comp down at Duranbah beach :)

Before we caught up with Emaya we did have a room around Surfers at the Gold Coast :) Apart from killing things at an arcade, we did something else super fun that I'm saving for another post!

Holiday - tweed housing

Holiday - duranbah beach surfer

Holiday - little Mali mural

Breeze blocks, my favourite!

Holiday - rainbow bay
Recommendation: I'm fairly sure I've mentioned before but just a reminder, go browse Warren Kirk's amazing flickr (discovered through thimblecat!)

Do you guys love vintage suburbia too?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fee Fashion

This was a fun experiment to document some of the tees I own (mostly all my vintage ones!)

 I thought I'd compile and share the photos because I don't often go out of my way to photograph myself/have a little fashion shoot in my bedroom :p

This shirt is a drawing of mine I made when I first started burntfeather back in 2008. I opened a red bubble account and wanted to see the quality of their tees, I wasn't over or under impressed so never actively spruiked red bubble :p I also just watched the doco 'The True Cost' which has definitely made me more conscious of seeking out organic/fair trade/quality made products - I'm always learning :)

You may remember this tee from here and here! Super love!

This tee was from 2006 (yes I wear my fav shirts to death :p) I bought it in Harajuku so it has super nice memories attached :)

The roshambos, my fav local band, although sadly not together anymore. Ben met up with them on the side to buy me this shirt for a present :) :)

Model life for fee!

OKay this actually might be my oldest tee I own purchased when we visited Disneyland in (I believe!) 1998 *gasp*

Another band tee, this time from a Japanese group I saw in concert called Mr Children :)

The tee on the right is Yagi, who was one of the characters I designed when I ran my Peachypan business back in the day :)

Another well loved tee that I can't bear to throw away - night PJS!

If I'm not lazy I might try and document my other tees. 

As you may have guessed my fashion staple is a tee a skirt and flat shoes :p

Friday, September 8, 2017

1000f with portra 160 - The Ekka

So tragically no film camera a month for August, my Pentax 6x7 just wouldn't work for me *sad face* On an extra sad note, it seems tragedy is striking again this month - I'm currently up to my 14th failed polaroid - total blanks! I may have to abort and choose another film camera as a back up - ahhh the nature of film! 

Last month, my family invited me to the annual show exhibition, The Ekka, so I bought along my reliable 1000f canon camera loaded with some Portra 160. As per normal, I rated the ISO in camera at 100 and had it processed normally to make it a bit brighter and softer :) 

There were a few photos already on the film too :) Enjoy!

below are quite possibly my favourite photos ever taken

Canon 1000f - Donald trump

Canon 1000f - Donald trump mask
We were in the showbag pavilion and Jake asked if he could wander a few stalls up, next minute he comes back with this trump mask, extremely odd and that's why I love my little bro! Plus he always indulges me when I want to take his photo :)

Canon 1000f - Great Danes
I had no idea Great Danes could be spotty like Dalmatians!

Canon 1000f -kewpie doll on a stick

Canon 1000f - Jake and fee

It was a fun challenge to only use film in a photographic place, I also challenged myself to spend no money (apart from the entry fee and a little present for Ben) so all in all a win win!