Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Souvenir Society

The other week I got some mail, I was waiting on a couple of items but neither matched the size of this package. So I was super delighted when I opened it and realised I had won a competition from The Souvenir Society! I honestly had to trace back to eventually figure out my win was through an online newsletter called Four Thousand. (I may or may not enter way too many competitions!)

If you are an Aussie I say definitely check out The Thousands, each state is allocated a number (Brisbane gets four) and then it's a weekly newsletter sent out which showcases what's on in your area, plus lots of other random things including giveaways! 

Anyway I digress, The Souvenir Society (where my winnings came from) is an online shop based in Melbourne, Australia selling items to help make your gift wrapping super beautiful. When I opened my package I couldn't stop oo'hing and ahh'ing as everything was so nicely presented!

It's definitely been a good few weeks of surprise mail for me! 

Inside my package was a furoshiki (cloth wrap) some glittery twine and some lovely gift tags!

Coming soon to a present near you!

I selflessly kept this wrap and it's now hanging up on my wall :) I also love it's intended purpose to wrap presents too!

Super great surprise!

Thank-you Four thousand and The Souvenir Society - you made my day :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Eumundi Butter Factory

Eumundi is now our closest town, so we decided to go check out it's abandoned butter factory. Actually I have a sneaky feeling we visited before the move but we've also since been back a few times - these photos are the combined effort of our visits :)

  Aww it's baby Gremlin!

This is what happens when I tell them to pose :p

 The graff quality is pretty low but still a fun way to kill an hour :)

And lastly, a random shot of Joe's Waterhole - a pretty famous landmark/pub in the small town of Eumundi.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thrift Sunday finds

Some fun thrift store gems to share today :)

 First up a cute butterfly badge for my collection. I also think this will look cute on my slightly boring (aka professional) wedding get ups!

 A Belinda's balloon mug, I already have this exact same mug from my family but it's packed away somewhere, so now I have two! Belinda's Balloon was a fav children's book of mine when I was little :)

This super happy garlic container! A fun fact about me, I love garlic - I think I've mentioned this before but if a recipe calls for one clove I was always put in at least five! actually I pretty much put garlic in every meal I make :)

 I also found this paper recycling kit at the same op shop I found my flower press and oddly enough I had both in my younger years. I like to think they both came from the same home :)

One of my favourite things in the kit were these paper recycling stickers (although all have lost their stickiness!)

This is one of those things that I have the best intentions of doing (making my own paper) but I wonder if I'll make the time to do it :p

The stickers are super awesome though!

*linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pikmin Cat DIY

Today I get to share a fun DIY attempt. Damaris and Dani posted the cutest Pikmin Cat Costume over on their blog The cat, you and us. I first found out about Pikmin in a rather weird way, I bought a box of little character toys when I lived in Japan, it wasn't (shamefully) until early this year whilst playing the wii I released my little toys were from a Nintendo game called Pikmin. Just like the characters, the game is also super cute :) 

I must admit I made a few errors in my diy (even though it's super easy to follow) my first big blunder was going with some flimsy felt. I ended up making two layers of felt in each step to compensate.  The next mistake I made was not measuring gremlin's tummy - oops (tuns out he is fatter than I thought) so I had to sew on a little expander piece :p Other than that it was really easy and took me less than 30 minutes. 

After I made it I was worried that getting a photo or even getting Gremlin to wear it might be super tricky. I'd only ever dressed him in a waistcoat for my party so I was biting my nails! Turns out he was totally chillaxed and at the end even went to sleep with it on :) I did make the mistake of putting it on him when he was in feisty play mode and he did take a few chews of the leaf - the design though is super cat friendly so you don't need to worry about any danger! Learn from me though, if you make this for your cat put it on them just before nap time when they're more docile!

Gremlin checking it out! Actually please don't check out my stitching too much, I'm no seamstress :p

I ended up sewing the stem onto the band because my whole diy was a tad flimsy due to my poor felt choices!

Play toy!

A sneak peak at where I take my photos in my room :)


Thanks Damaris and Dani for a super cute DIY. If you have a cat yourself you should definitely turn them into a Pikmin. The materials are super cheap and it doesn't take long - perhaps the only tricky bit is getting a photo :p

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mooloolaba adventures

Gosh can you believe these shots were from two school holidays gone. My little bro was actually up on Sunday to check out the new place and go geocaching. I only took one or two photos this past weekend so it's nice to be able to share these. It's funny to look back on the photos because Ben was still around then, thankfully he's back in two weeks time :) :)

These photos were taken when we still lived close to the beach, unfortunately it's now a half hour+ drive but I still try and make the trip back once a week to make sure my seaglass collection is thriving - plus I always feel happy being at the beach, soaking up the rays and breathing in that salty air :)

How cool is that Osprey! Every time I visited the beach I always lugged my telescopic lens (135mm) with in hopes of getting that particular shot - I was pretty stoked to have finally snapped it  :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Parcel from Thimble

Emily who blogs over at thimble cat sent me the most amazing parcel the other week. I was seriously on a parcel high all day. I'm sure if you saw me you would of seen the huge shock of surprise/ excitement on my face (and maybe also a dropped jaw) as I opened it :p

Silly Australia post for scribbling over such a beautifully decorated box - just adding to my list of why I really don't like our postal service here in Australia :(

But enough negativity check out all my awesome loot *gasp*

Ever since I saw Emily's amazing tea cosey collection I've been hoping/praying I'd stumble across my own koala cosey. My efforts have been completely fruitless so imagine my surprise when Mr koala fell out of the parcel!!

She also sent through some amazing vintage hair clips, a cute cat book - with the idea to make a little scrapbook for gremlin inside (perfect idea) also badges and a feather for my collection - score! Not forgetting some super kawaii page markers and a watermelon napkin holder to match my coaster set!

One of my most favourite things from the parcel was this vintage Big Banana postcard. I honestly am shocked she is able to find such gems because every time I look through the stacks of postcards at my thrift stores I always leave empty handed :( You may remember the last letter I got from Emily that had that amazing postcard from Haw Par Villa! Anyway this time my postcard came complete with hand written tales. I'm going to type out what was written because it honestly made me giggle :) 

Dear Kevin and Ellen,
I'm writing this at 11:00pm Sunday Night while Rich is watching T.V. We arrived at Ballina at about 9:00p.m. We picked these cards up at Coffs. this afternoon. So far we are going well, should reach Surfers at about 10 o'clock tomorrow. We have travelled 450 miles today, there is nothing much to say in this card cause we haven't done anything. Well what I can write down. Must go now we'll write soon.
Lots of love,
Lyn and Dick

And on the left hand side it says

I was very sick coming up though, I think it was a touch of food poisoning that sweet and sour chicken last night. Rich was getting sick of pulling over while I was being sick. The night life is terrific so far all we do is watch T.V. I've married a T.V. maniac all he wants to do is watch T.V. amongst other things"

And then if you look closely at the picture she has drawn an arrow that points to his name 'Dick' and underlined the word, other :P

Ha ha ha ha. Someone needs to write a screen play based on this postcard, it's so Aussie and funny. My guess it's their honeymoon - I just love that she is so honest :)

Thanks Emily you made my day and probably week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mothers Day

Today I'm sharing photos from Mother's Day more than two months ago now. They're quite somber photos as we went and visited Grandma's Grave.  It was the first time, for me, seeing her plaque in - I'm not sure there are right words to say but I do feel like Grandma would have nodded in agreement at the nicely manicured location. Her birthday just came around the corner - many nice and not so nice reminders throughout the year for those suffering loss. 

I'm aware and perhaps desensitised to loss, having just gone with Grandad for scans last week and getting back the days/weeks prognosis I'm not sure my emotions make much sense but in the bigger picture it's an amazing reminder to live life in the best way you can. There's parts of me that think it's sensible to always have the fear of death in your mind and there are other parts that think living such a way would be horrifically horrible :p I'm also needing sleep.

baby gremlin! I think one of his best features is that he likes being near people :)
Makes for nice car trips.

I thought the above scene was poetically sad

Jake at one point told me he had found a bench that would make a nice photo. I honestly took about ten photos of the bench before giving up and letting Jake have a play with my camera. When I got home I found this photo and loved that he able to make a beautiful photo where I saw nothing but a chair :p

He also took this tree photo which I thought was beautiful :)

I hope this post wasn't too depressing the World is definitely full of amazing things but we all go through those darker moments too.