Monday, March 30, 2015

Polaroid Challenge 2015 /3

March seemed pretty obvious that I'd take a photo (or make Ben take a photo) of me with Zadie for my monthly Polaroid Challange - read all about the challenge here. I had a different view for composition but I like how Ben ended up taking the shot :) It makes me happy that we all view things a little differently.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Snail mail /5

As promised a peak at some awesome mail I received from Emily aka Thimble. You can see previous awesome mails from her, here and here with this parcel below being no exception to the awesomeness (be prepared for a lot of exclamation marks!)

First up some hella cute packaging!!

Emily makes confetti out of tissue paper which is an idea I'm definitely going to have copy at some stage!

And all the goodies!

Check out these insanely happy + kitschy vintage postcards - I have serious kitten regret I didn't get Gremlin into some of these scenarios when he was teeny tiny.

Ben probably thought I was a bit of a weirdo when I raced into his room all hyper and excited to show him my awesome stash including this Melbourne street art book.

I'm heading to Melbourne in May too for a holiday, staying with my awesome friend Emaya. Actually do you remember that was her Birthday present for me last year - plane tickets that I'm only now just cashing in - slacko!

The book is super awesome and features Ghost Patrol (above) as well as a bunch of other street artists - definitely gets me excited to visit Melbourne.

Then there was this super sweet totoro banner, I think I'm going to buy some wooden dowels to hang it up, I already have a snow cone banner I bought in Japan and I think the two will look really sweet together :)

Can I just say that everything was incredible sweet and of course I had the biggest smile on my face opening it all up!

I'm such a fan of Emily's blog too, it definitely comes with a Fee two thumbs up recommendation -
take a peek here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Catch Up

Woozers, where did March go? I totes fell off the blogging bandwagon and just when I had prepared a bunch of posts to catch up with our internet cut out and I was forced to do real world stuff. Never fear though because I'm back to bombard you guys with happenings! 

Below is a quick March summary of things, from having Lowie and his dog visit us (Gremlin and Shanti were even, almost friends by the end, I swear!) to being involved in the travelling doll project and happily welcoming Zadie for two weeks. I've been doing weddings, checking out art, making friends with street cats and going to the beach (with some beach finds to share!) I'm also going to share a magic mail parcel I got from Emily next time, which I can't wait to show you guys :)

So that's a really loose catch up of happenings, let's hope April doesn't float away so quickly from me!


This is Tiger the street cat who follows his owner to the op shop and hangs around out front happily accepting pats from strangers :)

Paul, a gentlemen I work for and me rocking the photobooth at a wedding :)

Beach missions

I go through a lot of canon printer ink with orders and every time I have to change them I stare lovingly at the pull tabs thinking they're smiling faces! It's the little things people :)

Shanti was the first dog Gremlin has met that didn't want to eat him. Shanti slowly wore Gremlin down with her puppy enthusiasm and you could say they were almost playing by the end, almost (at least from Shanti's perspective)

And some art things :)

We want to check out Square's exhibition who does super happy art!

 :) :)

I hope March has been keeping everyone happy!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Polaroid Challenge 2015 /2

I'm happy to report I was able to track down some polaroid film just in time to make Feb's deadline! Yay!   The other day I noticed these sunflowers (although possibly the fake kind) growing up in the carpark of a cheap store. We've had a very wet February with lots of storms, rainfall and flooding.  As much as I love the rain I was definitely wishing for some sunshine, less mud and towels that didn't smell funky. So these sunflowers are my hope for some dryer weather and lots and lots of sun as we head into March :)

 If you too would like to take part in the monthly Instax Challenge (I'm slightly cheating by using my polaroid) you can read all about it here!


Friday, February 20, 2015


I realised I have a lot of little cute gifts I have been given and I always like to share them, so here they are! All the little toys are gifts from Ben, the artwork is from our friend Phil and the book was my anniversary gift :)

my keychain collection grow!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 year anniversary

The other week Ben and I celebrated our five year anniversary, to me that sounds like a long time and in the scheme of things really isn't but it's also my longest relationship and that makes me super happy. For those who don't know, Ben and I met through an online dating site. If you have never been on one, 99% of the Aussie guy profiles read something like this

"I'm a fun loving guy, who enjoys hanging out with my mates, going fishing, playing sport"
"I also enjoy cuddling on the couch"

Which sounds good, heck I like cuddling on the couch but after a while that line starts to become a little repetitive. When I read Ben's profile it was weird and he said he liked art and it was pretty much love at first read and sight. I remember feeling totally smittened after our first phone call together. I remember he talked about those tiny, fish shaped, bottles of soy you get with sushi and how awesome they are and that made me think he was awesome. Our first meeting was a little funny but maybe I'll save that for another time.

Our Limerance has lost some of its shine (google it it's interesting!) but how I feel deep down about him is just the same. I'm beyond stoked I got to meet someone weird and cute and smart and goodlooking and so stoked that he liked me back. I'm also so grateful that his heart, like mine has a desire to commit to someone not just in those peachy happy times but through all those annoying, bad mood, peeved off, pms-ing times too. I love him so crazy much and I'm so thankful we met each other :) Five years kind of just happened - we're still the same silly peeps that met, liked each other and luckily still like each other (or even more).  Below are photos from our trip to the Gold Coast we took together (and with Gremlin). I had no idea pet friendly motels existed but apparently they do :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thrifty Sunday /8

Another round of op shop goodies to share with you guys :)

Frankie is a cool Australia mag so I was stoked to find this photo book chock full of photography inspiration :)

A cute echidna magnet!

Pink measuring cups

This totally unnecessary (but awesome!) snail lint brush that

 I just couldn't leave behind :p

Another cat for my collection

And this wicked little mermaid photo holder

All the way from Tokyo Disney Sea :)