Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Clay /6

I've gotten back into clay the past month or so, I've got a bunch of things in different stages but I thought it would be fun to do a in-progress blog post on them :)

This guy has gone through his first firing (bisque stage) and I just finished painting him. If he survives the next firing, he's going to have a white outside and a pink inside. The pink underglaze, I picked up today was called "pink icing"!!!! The bowl itself is my most fragile piece yet *gulp*. I really wanted to test myself and try and make some super thin pieces, which I know (especially with ceramics) is just asking for trouble :p

I've made our cats their own food bowls, using a flipped over-lip design to discourage ants. I thought this bowl would be super easy to make but since we don't have a pottery wheel, hand sculpting it to look like it was wheel thrown was a challenge. Above is the bowl after being bisque fired and below is after I've just painted it (awaiting its second firing)

You can see the 'pink icing' on the inner rim and the cat drawing on the inside which I did with an underglaze pencil.  I also rubbed some black underglaze paint into the stamped "peachy girl" :)

Some little tiny fragile bowls, I've painted them in black and white *fingers crossed* they survive 

This is Gremlin's bowl which has yet to be fired - I've learned to burnish the clay with a spoon to make it extra smooth. I decided to up the design of Peachy's bowl and instead have two seperate compartments so the dry food can stay dry away from the wet food. If it's a success, I'll look at making Peachy her own model too :)

Have you seen this amazing booby pots by Isaac Nichols (from Group Partner)? mine is obviously a far inferior product which has currently gone through its first firing.  Above is how it looks after it's been painted with a glaze, awaiting firing number two. I've already got a plant in mind for this guy :)

Remember how I blogged about the kids pottery wheel which I picked up from the op shop? I mentioned Ben had managed to throw an amazing little vase and this is it! It's super tiny and super cute :)

I also made a swan planter, not sure what sort of plant will look good in him, if he survives - any suggestions?

And lucky last a monkey planter which I'm super confused as to what colours to paint him, I'll also happily take any suggestions :)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Broad city badges

So our friend lent us his badge maker (so lucky!) and the first thing that came to mind was to make myself a set of broad city badges - conveniently timed with just having watched the third season (so good!)

I loved getting to draw these super funny ladies - do you guys watch the show? I actually didn't super dig it at first but binged it with Emaya last year in Melbourne and now I can't wait till they do a fourth season :)

Do you have a fav character, I think I'm probably most like Abbi but I love Ilana's fashion and have a super sweet spot for Lincoln :)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rangefinder Camera - Minolta hi-matic F

I'm finally getting around to adding more cameras to my film camera guide - today's addition, is a camera I've had for a while but shamefully have only put one roll of film through it. It's a relatively cheap film camera, you can pick up for under $50 off eBay and I got mine whilst thrifting.

The hi-matic f, is a range finder camera which peaked my interest since I've never owned one before. Your typical SLR (single lens reflex) cameras have a mirror (reflex mirror), so when you look through the viewfinder the mirror shows you what the lens sees, with a rangefinder camera it's mirror-less so the viewfinder doesn't give you an accurate view of your shot which is something you have to take into consideration when shooting. On the plus side without a mirror it's really compact and inconspicuous and from reading this article makes for a good street photography camera!

Another thing with rangefinder cameras is to get an image in focus you look through the view finder and you'll see a ghost image in front of your image.  You then need to match up both images by turning the focus ring on the lens. Since this was my first range finder, I found it more novel than awesome but I definitely want to revisit this camera again.  

The batteries meant for this camera are no longer in production (or at least I couldn't find them) so I bought a pack of AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries, placed two batteries on top of each other, wrapped a thin strip of paper around the two (to stop them falling apart) and popped them into the battery compartment which did the trick :)  The comment thread of this article suggests that this battery trick will give more voltage and thus causing the exposure meter to read wrong and underexpose. The film I got back did seem to err on the underexposed side so possibly due to the battery voltage.  Unfortunately, because this camera is auto, the only way to really play with exposure is to rate the film speed lower.  You do this by turning a black wheel on the front element of the lens.  The film I used was 100 speed and I set the camera to 50 but next time I'd use a much higher speed film and go a few stops lower :)

The camera comes with a fixed 38mm Rokkor lens 2.7f/stop so wide but not super wide!

I also think the camera looks really nice, that counts for something right?

I put through a roll of lomography 100 Colour for my test roll, I wouldn't say I got stand out results and probably why I never came back to it but I'm definitely keen to put through a black and white roll next time, I think that's where its magic could lie!

Blue light leak? Not too sure what caused this guy

Rangefinders are meant to be sharp with no edge distortion or vignetting (black edges) which I think these photos do a good job of showing

Hi-matic F - Colour film

Have you guys had experience with rangefinders, yay or nay - any tips?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bought/gift/made /04

Time to share another bought/gift/made entry :)
If you follow me on Instagram you may of seen some shots of Ben and I marbling paper :) I've already used part of a sheet for something fun - stay tuned!

Some purple amethyst I bought - always drawn to the purples :)

And some stickers gifted to me, from Ben, the two outer stickers are Ben's designs and the inner cat claw is from a Japanese artist called blot :)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Beach + Seaglass Roundup /6

More sea goodies to show you guys, I like this eclectic mix of items, they look so pretty altogether :)

The magical sea!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wooden Pallet Shelf

So a while back I was heavily on the carpentry train + home beautification quest and realised I needed a shelf in my room :) I was also seeing if I could push my carpentry skills past a basic stool - eep!

Spoiler alert: Success!

I completed the project over a week and it was super intense! The wood was originally from a pallet we had in our yard which meant the first step was to cut it all up using my hand saw

Peachy was project supervisor btw :)

After cutting the pallet up, I then had to work out the possible dimensions of my shelf which was based off the sizes of wood pieces from the pallet and also how I wanted my shelf to function plus the space it needed to fit in. I have a giant Tim walker book so I knew the bottom shelf needed to be at least that height :) This stage was a bit painful but once I had my dimensions I was able to draw up a plan and cut all my pieces to their exact sizes, I also sanded and varnished each piece, because the wood wasn't the smoothest.

I just kind of winged constructions, I hammered in a million nails and although someone told me later I should have used screws to make it more sturdy, I figure those little wood braces I put in and the amount of nails saved the day there :)

Ta - daaaa! I love it's naturally weathered look and bonus points that it fit into its space *sigh of relief*. Ben had previously used the pallet whilst spray painting Jake's nerf gun pink so I love that it has those pink splotches! The wood itself, because it came from a pallet wasn't exactly the straightest so when it came to working out the shelves, I laid all the pieces flat in our living room and worked out the best configurations for them to fit together and lay the flattest :)

Overall I'd say this project was a two thumbs up success - it's also been fun styling the shelf and I love that it's super practical and beautiful in one.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thrifty Sunday /15

Some more thrifty goodness to show you guys this week.

First up a really beautiful print by a famous indigenous artist named Albert Namatjira. His story is definitely worth googling, powerful and sad but also nice that art can let some forget outward differences.

A heart punch - super handy for crafty time

A Matilda cup, she was the mascot for the 1982 commonwealth games - you can see her life sized version over here

I bought this kid's pottery wheel for a bit of fun for Ben and myself. Ben was able to throw a super cute pot on it even despite the wheel's many many flaws and I did some epic fails :P

To keep up with my big things memorabilia, a big banana water gun!

How cute are these stickers -the back is also so amazing with its graphics

Pastel vintage goodness

And keeping up with the aussie theme a Sydney opera house mug :) :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pulling Portra 160

I've got some Portra 160 film to show you guys. I popped the film into my canon 1000f film camera, set the film speed to 100 and then had it processed at 160. Just so I'm using correct terminology (from my research) this is called pulling film in shooting (unnecessary to do anything further in processing). I'm loving the pulling because it gives the film a bit less contrast and more details in shadows and generally more dreamy-esque :) I also overexpose my shots by one or two stops to make sure there are nice and bright :) :) Onto the photos! Oh and just as a side note, there are a couple of shots in black and white, I just edited those digitally because I liked them better in b&w.

Ben and I found a fake flower at the beach which has started the idea that I should do a series of these!

Portra 160 - peaches

Peachy Girl!

Film is fun :)

You can also check out the results I got previously not pulling the film

And if you want to know how I scan my film you can see the tutorial here and here