Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thrifty Sunday /22

Its been a while but I've got a few thrifted finds to show you guys today!

A pen to practice my hand lettering

An awesome vintage mug that ticks all the right cheesy boxes for me!

An album, which I haven't decided what to fill with (just yet).

Too many Astro boy stickers

A book - perfect for my year of blooms project!

Although not technically thrifted, I did buy Hetty off gumtree (Aussie secondhand marketplace) from the sweetest old lady!!

As lame as this sounds, Hetty and her amazing pink cuteness is definitely one of my favourite thing I own! 

AND the bag on the left has become my camera/everyday use bag and it's such a great size.

Vintage stickers!!

Totally showing my age but this soundtrack had way too many memories not to pick up for $1 and listen to in my car (which is still living that cd life!)

An evil eye pendant, currently hanging in my room, on a piece of pink fluro chord :)

I always see this book referenced so now I can happily reference it myself :)

A set of quote cards. 
 Every morning I pick a new one to display in my room - it's a nice little ritual :)

Lucky last - whenever I see Frankie mags for a reasonable price I stock up :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kick Starter - 100 spirit pendants

I found out about the make 100 via here, it's essentially a Kickstarter campaign with the added bonus to inspire creatives to make 100 things. I'm completely new to Kickstarter, so I figured this might be a worthy start to throw myself into :) I was wondering what I could make 100 of and a logical idea seemed to be - 100 clay pendants.

You can see my campaign and all the details over here

Feel free to pass it onto anyone you think might be interested :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mosaic Making

I think I hinted at something fun I wanted to share previously, well today's the day to share my adventures in mosaics! Ben's cousin Carmen stayed with us over the holiday period and she was kind enough to teach us her expertise. I was instantly sold at how fun and beautiful the art of mosaics could be :) Since I'm all about flowers this year, I thought a classic rose would be the perfect design for a plain paver in our yard.

I still can't believe I made that! It was the perfect combo between things I love, puzzles, design and colours with a practical end result :)

After smashing, cutting, assembling and gluing our pieces the night before, the morning was spent grouting and this is where the photos are from :)

This was my piece pre-grout

And now, cue the photos of Carmen being a great teacher!

On the right is Carmen's finished piece that she left with us and which we promptly put up in our home :)

My guy post-grouted

The brick on the very end was a quick throw away piece to use up any left over grout. The shell planter was Ben's Mum who also stayed with us :)

Some close ups: I used a ceramic moon and two ceramic butterflies as well, which has given Ben and I lots of ideas to merge our ceramics with this new hobby. Ben, by the way, did this amazing turtle but he worked slower than the rest of use and had to grout his piece the next day.

Every time I go out into the garden or step onto the paver, I get this wave of proudness! 

Creating is so fun :) 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Om1 - Portra 160

My Olympus OM-1 loaded with Portra 160 is a pretty fool proof combo! I started this roll of film at the airport coming home from Melbourne and kept snapping the everyday when I got home :)

You may recognise some repeat offenders from previous digital posts.

Portra 160 - Gardeners

Portra 160 - peaches the cat

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Year of Blooms - January

One month into my project and I found myself noticing flowers everywhere - such a lovely addition to my life!

Ben and I had a walk around (our place backs onto a horse paddock) collecting a bunch of flowers and were shocked at just how many we could find! A fun crafternoon activity of collecting and arranging flowers!

Ben also bought me a bunch of flowers which was the perfect excuse to pull out my silver backdrop and get cheesy!

These seeds were waiting to go, fingers crossed I have some flowers to show you guys in three months time.

Our backyard came alive with these tiny pink wildflowers

I went out and took a little video to show you!

I bought a jewel mix of nasturtium for my veggie garden!

And I started making sure to save petals and seeds

Shots of the pretty roses, in our new garden.

Discovered some little orchids tucked away in corner!

I also made a little ceramic flower holder so I could start having a flower on my desk each day :)

The pink wildflowers (from the video above) dropped off and in their place, seeds pods emerged. Our landlord was coming around to mow our yard and I got a little sad that all the seeds would go to waste. I could see the majority of the pods weren't ready to be picked yet but it seemed a better option then being mowed over. Miraculously all the pods, even the green ones, dried out and eventually opened up and I was able to collect all the seeds and plant them :)

Our frangipani tree was in full bloom this month - such a nice fragrance to have on my desk :)

And my new garden bed that I made to plant all the flower seeds in each month! I've already spied tiny sprouts which is making me excited for the months to come!

Forget me not seeds that I sowed.

And my clay seeds balls in production! 
Any spare seeds that don't have the potential to be a weed, I've been rolling, and throwing.

How pretty is the Dessert Rose's pod, with it's wispy seeds!

So excited for these cosmos flowers to sprout!

A photo update on my African violet with its flowers now in full bloom. 
You can see a before shot, in my last post, here.

A cactus that is growing in our yard sprouted 100 amazing & huge flowers (which the bees absolutely loved!). Lowy is pretty confident it's a dragon fruit plant which I'm super excited about!

January thoughts: I'm feeling super inspired and happy about this project and I can't wait to see where the year takes me! Also throwing seeds bombs out the window of the car, whilst Ben drove around town, made me so so giddy :)