Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ben's Art Happening

I'm sure I yack on a lot about Ben and his art but I thought it would be a fun to show you guys some of his art happenings :) When we first met (online) he said he loved drawing and sent me through some of his pieces. I remember opening that email and having very low expectations of what I was about to see. Of course I was pleasantly surprised and should of never doubted he'd be an amazing artist :) This year he took a bold move and decided to go to school for ceramics and has landed a bunch of fun stuff, like being asked to show his pieces at the Cooroy Butter Factory (turned art gallery!).

He's been experimenting with some larger size sculptural pieces which are probably my favourite size!

He also makes super beautiful necklaces - you might remember on that I rocked on my Mermaid Shoot here.

It's fun to see his 2-d style translate into 3-d, I'm not even sure which I prefer, actually that's a lie out of all his creative pursuits I always tell him his poetry is my favourite (by the smallest percent!) I need to share some in the future :)

Ben is involved in a crew called SFP, which comprises of Ben and three other artists.  A few months back they held a group exhibition together in Maroochydore down at the Square & Friends gallery :)

One of the dudes is Shiroi Usagi who is responsible for those three dudes above :)

The Vikings and skateboard is by Phil B who I'm sure I've mentioned before :)

They also did a live graff mural on opening night which was fun :)

Another Phil skateboard piece

And Ben's Robot pieces his did the exhibition. He has what I wish I had, the patience and steady hand to do the finest line work - super jealous!

The three guys all lined up :)

Ben also had some ceramics in this exhibition too :)

Another robot close up and a skateboard on the right by Dubse (another member of the crew)

Phil definitely loves his Vikings 

Phil, Ben and Dubse, working hard, well at least Dubse on the end is :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

QLD Zoo - Australian Animals

As promised yesterday this post is all about those adorable Australian Animals!

First up, a joey that's way too big for his mothers pouch.  Not sure if you can see in this photo but his legs and tail were sticking out super awkwardly

Can you spot the koala joey? I'd never seen a baby koala before so, yup, I was ridiculously excited!

I'd also never seen an albino wallaby before.
Wallabies are essentially the cuter (smaller) version of a kangaroo :)

 Although this young Kangaroo is pretty darn cute!

Sure you're fitting buddy???

One thing I noticed was how each koala family huddled together. I thought it was super endearing, it wasn't enough for them just to be close they literally had to have some part of their body connecting with another :)

That guy on the left is a curlew - the staff at the zoo, were really helpful in answering questions :)

Kangaroos seem to love being lazy and striking sexy poses!

We also have the coolest lizards, okay maybe that's a lie, chameleons are pretty rad but our guys are spikey and have features like blue tongues!

Ben and I got to dance with the black cockatoo and when I say dance, we basically did this head banging side to side step motion and then he would copy and we would do it again but more outrageously and then he would up his own game - it was pretty amazing! Birds are so clever!

 Baby koala - how flipping cute are they, again one hand on his mumma/papa at all times :)

One more photo of cutie-pie albino!

Ben was like, "you have to get a photo of this goanna with his feather".  Looking back, I can't believe I was almost not going to *gasp*

 More sleeping and...

 more eating. 

There was a rumor that Koalas slept a lot (up to 22 hours a day - trumping cats!) because they got drunk off Eucalyptus leaves but apparently, from a quick google, it's actually to do with needing lots of energy to digest the leaves!

It was fun to get to see them so active!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

QLD zoo - farm animals

For Ben's birthday the other week we headed down to the Big Pineapple where they have the QLD zoo (formerly Alma Park zoo). It's doesn't quite compete with Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo down the road but QLD zoo is a whole lot cheaper and quite interactive for a small place. I'm going to divide the post into two sections, the farm animals (today's post) and the Australian animals for tomorrow :)

When you walk in you can grab some feed for a few bucks. I'd definitely recommend this but then again I always give my bags to Ben because I'm too scared! *scary flashbacks to Nara and those deer*

I loved this dude and not surprisingly he features most in this post today!

Piggie!! how awesome are pigs :)

Chicken! MY beautiful chicken Oblina got eaten the other day, I still have such a hard time walking into the yard and her not being there. She was the best and it was just such unfortunately circumstance that our metal fence flew open and the neighbours dog took advantage. We have decided our place is too unsafe to have any more chickens for now, which is really sad too :( I didn't mean for this post to take such a turn but I really want to say chickens make such awesome pets and she gave us lots of love and go chickens! :) :)

Mr Llama makes a comeback and to his left, dare I say, his cuter cousin, the Alpaca!

Ben getting his pat on with one super cute cow!

We also got to play with baby chicks!! I usually miss out because everyone else crowds around (when baby chicks are involved) but Ben and I had them all to ourselves!!! They were so playful and active and then would tire themselves out and fall asleep on the spot :p

Piglet!! This guy made so much noise and I kept saying to Ben - I want a pig!!!

Mr sheep! Or maybe Mrs :)

Some colourful bantams which provided some hair colour inspiration :)

And one final appearance from our alpaca friend

And llama dude!

Tomorrow I'm back with a bunch more cute animals!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thrifty Sunday /11

I'm getting back into my thrifting of late and in the last few weeks I've picked up some cute loot, starting with a trip down nostalgia lane and a 1993 polly pocket wedding chapel that I had as a kid. It didn't come with the bride and groom but two other pollys I recognised from other sets I had as a kid :)

After a bit of research I learned that the inside chapel light should work but haven't had a chance to put new batteries in yet to test it - one day!

I also got a mix of badges for my collection, a super aussie badge, Mickey Mouse and an expo 88 badge :)

If you follow my Instagram then you've probably seen this guy - originally a fish mug but its lovely past owners drilled a hole in the bottom, becoming the perfect planter!

On a side note, this cactus might officially be the longest surviving plant I've ever owned!

No denying I'm loving all things ceramics and flowers at the moment so this purchase was a no-brainer :)

And a cute smurfs mug!

On one of my very first thrift posts,I posted a set of heart measuring spoons, well now I have heart measuring cups!!

Love these too much :p