Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

There can never be enough love in the World - Happy Valentines Day!

(I did accidentally published this a day early, yesterday - oops but then any day can be Valentines day right?)

The writing on the photo was hand drawn on an app called Paper by fifty three (which I use on my iPad). I discovered it via Kasia who blogs over at Dipped in Rococo and I totally second the recommendation that it's a super easy drawing tool which you can use just with your fingers :)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cocklebiddy Playground

This morning I drove Ben to the airport way too early and as a nice little segway I'm going to show you photos he took whilst at work on a previous trip. Ben works in the middle of nowhere and this time it was in a place called Cocklebiddy, on the Nullarbor in Western Australia. Actually they were probably only passing through but anyhoo lucky for me, Ben got to stop and take photos of this awesome playground. 

 One of the things I love in life, are vintage playgrounds - I get pretty excited when I spy one with my own eyes or someone else's :) So thanks Ben for the photos and thinking of me - I'm thinking of you xoxo

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bought/gift/made /01

I thought a fun little series this year, would be to show (maybe each month) something I've bought, made and have been gifted. I'm not a stickler for rules so it's going to be pretty flexible but if you want to join in yourself, you know you're more than welcome :)

I bought this little collar for Gremlin from Rocky and Julio last year, it's really sweet and has inspired me to try and make him a few other neckties this year - will see!

I might be cheating a little this month with my made choice but I really just wanted an excuse to show off my diary :p I did buy the diary and I was gifted or bought the stickers but I did stick them on the front - lol, does that count? Told you I'm not a stickler (pun pun!!) for rules :p

Last year for my birthday, my lovely cousin gifted me with a coupon for vegan online. I was umming and ahhing for a good few months on how to spend my voucher and in the end decided to go with a few beauty fun things. The littliest container is a vanilla musk perfume, which comes in a balm and is by Pure Gaisha, I've never tried a balm perfume before but overall the application is super easy! I also got some sunscreen and can definitely give two thumbs up to this Natio 50+ (trying to put a little more effort this year into thinking of what I'm putting on my skin). Lastly, the adorn container is an illuminiser. I've been curious about this (new!?) trend of putting highlights on your skin and wanted to try it out myself. When I do wear makeup, I've been adding the highlighting to my routine (just cheekbones and under my brows), not sure you can really notice on my super pale skin but then I also don't mind it being subtle either.  I'm also unashamedly a fan of anything potentially pixie dust related :)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dubse Solo Show

Way back, last year (do we still remember 2015?) Ben and I went down to Brisbane to support his homie, Dubse who was having a solo exhibition.  Dubse is 1/4 of the SFP crew which Ben is also a part of and together with Phil and Shiroi combine to make a cute foursome :)

I'm excited to get back into blogging and share some photos that have been sitting on my hard drive for way too long!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm back

"Thanks for having my back" I said in a slow and deliberate way to Ben to make sure he really knew what I meant. He said, "I see what you did there" and after a few minutes of confusion, everything made sense. 

Last week, I wasn't sure if I could be a photographer any more, I half resigned from my casual job as a support worker and had a freak out about my future as I lay on a beanbag for two weeks trying not to move. My back for whatever reason decided to freak out and give me insane pain if I tried to move. A few doctors appointment later and an MRI scheduled and then nothing. My life is back to normal and I'm back here blogging :) All puns intended :)

My back has been back to normal for a few days and in that time, I celebrated my 6 year anniversary with Ben, got tipsy on Sangria, found a secret water hole to swim in, swam in the rain, ate hot chips, chased storms, kissed in the rain and genuinely felt so so grateful for ever little small amazing thing in my life.

For the last year or so I've been pretty into Elizabeth Peru, I'm sure I've mentioned her before so I won't ramble too much but the other day she had a post about when you get over whelmed by the little things, weighed down by a moment, it's sometimes necessary to see the bigger picture, to zoom out. For me I needed to zoom out and see that it didn't really matter if I had to change jobs or restructure my life, it mattered that I actually had a life :)

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, I had a dream where Ben and I had driven into a body of water - the window was round down a little so I could wind it further and escape and I'm fairly sure Ben got out too but when I woke up, I told myself I better check my phone, to see the time because that might be significant, that if Ben was dead then I would have some connection to that.

I rang him the next morning (he'd spent the night - 8 hours - driving to his brothers) and he told me, he fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into the other lane and woke to see headlights from the cars in the opposite direction. He pulled over and tried to go to sleep, ignoring the adrenalin. He quite frankly told me, that could have easily been the end.

The bigger picture is probably bigger than even that but I'm here right now and I'm so grateful. I hope that if you're getting weighed down by the seemingly big things in your life that perhaps you can try and see the bigger picture too, try and zoom out even if it seems impossible.

For those in the know I have to end on this hashtag #freeadnan
Also a recap of what happened on the first day of the hearing here - high five for Asia!

Friday, January 15, 2016

DIY Wooden Stool

Since my $5 bucket stool challenge and failed cat bed, I've had the desire to get my carpentry back on. I call myself the dodgey woodworker because I rarely check to see what I'm doing is the correct method and thus end up, with some less than questionable products. The fun aspect for me is the problem solving and the making and in the process I become absent minded of perfection. I did finally Google how to make a stool and I even went down to our local hardware store and bought myself a drill bit. I have no idea if it's the right one or not but I must say, this latest stool is my most sound yet :p

DIY wooden stool - circus

 I also went with this harlequin circus theme with the paint job, I kept second guessing my self on the colour choices and design but it's really grown on me :)

You can see how it looked before, I used a circular piece of wood I found at our old place and then some fallen tree branches from one of our walks :) I did try and be professional and measure and tape up the diamond design but since the wood surface was very uneven the paint job was very uneven I ended up finishing it off free hand. Oh and I sanded everything and filled holes before I started just to try and be a tad more professional!

I love the top, I used a stain + varnish (Black Japan gloss by Feast Watson) which I put three coats on and it's super shiny and lovely :) The rest of the stool was painted in house paint which I've collected sample pots of whilst thrifting or in the clearance bin at the paint store :) Even though I did it on the super cheap I'm sure you could go to the store and buy something cheaper and much sturdier but I love that I made it myself. I'm currently working on upgrading one of my old cement stools and this time I think I may have finally perfected my wood stool method and you might even be able to sit on it :P

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Peaches and Fee

I thought I'd give a Peaches update! So for a few weeks over Christmas we got to semi adopt her (unintentionally) while her owner was away. I'd like to report Gremlin and Peaches became best friends but that would be a big giant lie. The seem to tolerate each other and have cute play fights that unfortunately seem to turn into the non-play variety.   As far as I can tell, they're like a brother and sister who on one hand, can't stand each other but on the other want to hang out as well. 

Fee and peaches - tortoiseshell cat

I will say I've learnt a lot more about Gremlin since Peaches has shown up. Ben and I pinned Gremlin down to an English Gentlemen. When Peaches disturbs Gremlin's sleep by jumping on him or tries to take his food he just looks back at us like, "what the jolly hell is happening here?" :P :P He is very confused by her and also a wiener so he doesn't quite know how to react. Honestly though it just makes me love him even more and I've been trying my best to shower him in mad love during all the Peaches visits! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

An Extra Christmas Surprise!

I'm so excited to share an (extra!) Christmas surprise that arrived in the mail. Australia Post is notorious for being super slack and not delivering on time, so I wasn't surprised this came post Christmas but it turned out to be amazing timing anyway (I'll explain in a second!)

Spotty envelope love!

I got super excited to see Gremlin got his very own letter from Juno! How super sweet is that!!

I may of harassed him lots with it :)

He he he!

But he came around :) Or perhaps he is giving me those suspicious "are you using me again for a blog post?" eyes!

Inside the package was a card for Ben and I, a card for Gremlin and a tree ornament which is so super sweet and super fee amazing appropriate!!!

So much love!

The Merry Catmas card for Gremlin had a reference to the Three Kings Holidays which happens on the 6th of January in Spain. The card was super sweet and inside was written that Juno had the super smarts to send this card just in case the parcel didn't arrive in time for Christmas but could still arrive in time for the Three Kings and guess arrived one day beforehand!! Amazing timing!

Even though I've taken all my Christmas decorations down, I've making sure that these guys get to hang around for an extra month longer!

Thanks to The Cat You and Us for making our family super smile with all your thoughtfulness!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Baby Goanna

We live in an area that's semi rural and thus critter a-plenty but the other day was especially awesome because we got to rescue a BABY GOANNA! Goannas get huge and to be honest, kind of more on the scary side than the cute but this dude was just perfect :)

We also have some frangipani's in bloom at the moment in our yard which is super pretty :)

On the left is a view of our backyard, we live in a share house of sorts, so technically not our background but just part of the property :)

Baby goanna - verandah

And lastly a photo of the little dude running down Ben's leg as we put him somewhere a little less cat friendly :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Present Haul

So so lucky again this year!

A big collection of goodies from my family, my mum has good taste :)

Including this handsome cat pillow

And a close up of some of the charms, a cute cat tree ornament that I've already added gremlins photo too :) a very pretty bracelet and a super sweet deer brooch :)

Ben's mum got me a notebook and earrings and I scored a gift card and cash off the brothers :)

And my littliest bro Jake drew me the best picture in the world, a maneki!!! He even added the words lucky cat in Japanese :)

Ben got me some cute page markers, a my little pony keychain and some star lollies which I ate in one sitting and made myself incredible sick on - oops! (they were awesome though!)

My cousin heather is one of the most thoughtful gifters I know and she definitely always wins at Christmas!!

I died opening everyone one of her gifts - I've definitely been wanting forever that Sanrio scarf from Yummy You!!

My tree is also 100% cooler now it has it's very own unicorn ornament - how amazing is that! Love the hair clip and pretzel necklace too - perfection!!