Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nihon Baka Gaijin Vacation

I totally promised Japan blog posts right? And hey, they are coming but I've found myself having so many other job related things to edit - which is amazing and all but Japan took a huge step backwards and that deserves a great big apology.  I'm actually super stoked to start blogging and I think by the end of this week I should be able to start smashing out my Japan edits *fingers crossed*.

In the meantime, Ben was able to put together a video of our time in Japan.  He posted it on facebook, the week or two after we got back (if only he was blogging, this blog!) and I totally forgot to post it here.   Hopefully it acts as a nice little sneak peak of what's to come - thanks for being patient you guys!

Music by Ken the 390 'Ayo'

Friday, April 8, 2016

Ballandean - NSW roadtrip

So I'm back from Japan, it was amazing and I took A LOT of photos (many a blog post to come!) but whilst I'm busy sorting and editing I thought I'd share some photos I ran out of time to blog before I left. 

Sometime in Feb, I joined Emaya and her sister, Charlie on a road trip to New South Wales to visit Charlie's friends, Maple, Ben and there little dude Felix. It was one super sweet (and very aussie) weekend in Ballandean where I got to do my first ever wine tasting.   Maple and Ben run cabins on their 1700 acre property (we stayed in the pepperina cottage) special shout out to all the cute frogs hiding in our bathroom (a fav animal of mine!).  Maple also has a soft spot for donkeys and after seeing how friendly donkeys are, I now have a crazy desire to have a donkey friend or two before I die #lifegoals

Next time I'm back with some very un-aussie photos!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Peachy's Picnic

I had an idea for a cute photo series and since Peaches hasn't yet caught onto my photo ways, I thought I would cash in on her kitten naivety :) I did reward her good job with real treats and play which seemed to be an acceptable form of kitten compensation :) !

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Self portrait

Thought I'd share a few self portraits! I actually wanted to take a self portrait on film which I did (you can see it here) but I was a bit weary of wasting the film so I did some test shots on my digital camera first and hey I actually liked those test shots so I thought I'd share :)

I wish I could capture my normal expression. You know the whole, resting bitch face thing, I think I have something more like, resting worried face. In high school teaches would always single me out to ask me what was wrong, or what it was I didn't understand from the board, to which I'd probably look even more confused and reply that I was okay. Yup, so resting, worried face :p

In other news, two more days and then we leave for Japan for three weeks, I'm super super excited!! I have one more blog post lined up, it's pretty cute(!!) and then you'll probably have a very long blog silence from me whilst I sort through my Japan photos and get to blogging!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bought/gift/made /02

Another month, another bought, gift, made!

This was gifted from Ben, who commissioned a girl in his TAFE class to make me a clay gremlin necklace :) She's actually a really neat artist and you can check her out via her facebook page here!

I might be late on the rosehip oil train but I (like the rest of the Internet) give it a thumbs up. I'm not 100% sure it's the best-est oil in the World but I do thoroughly enjoy massaging it into my skin

Emma from the blog letter loves, started a Penny club in 2015 with her friends and has since carried on the tradition. Last year they racked in 26.74 pounds which to me sounded like something I should get on board with! 

Since the start of January I have found $2.50 (credit for the $2 going to Ben!) which by my calculations still isn't the greatest. Perhaps where I live, others are also doing their own club, or people aren't clumsy or maybe I'm a terrible finder or (and this is probably most likely) I just don't go out very often.  Anyway my findings show something is clearly amiss - any tips :p