Thursday, October 2, 2014

Snail mail /4

Today's mail comes from the lovely Sara who blogs her amazing film photos over at,

Travelling all the way from Portugal the letter was filled with super amazing paper goodies.

After having Australia Post disappearred the first letter she sent  (I have a long standing anguish for our postal service!). I feel super appreciative she stuck it out and sent me another - thanks Sara!

Pineapple! I think the universe is telling me to focus on pineapples :)

In preparing a return letter, I've definitely become more aware of paper goods and the prettiness they hold. 

Getting this letter makes me feel fortunate for crossing paths with some lovely peeps in the blogging universe :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Snail Mail /3

I'm always so lucky with the magical parcels I find in my mailbox.

The one I'm posting today is from the lovely duo who blog over at The cat you and us
(who I'm sure, you know I love so much!).
It was honestly filled to the brim with the most amazing things!

Stickers and postcards and temporary tattoos!!!

And the two most amazing prints, Dani and Damaris are super awesome photographers and I always admire their photos the take. The black and white one even included one of all my all time favourite quotes "trust your struggle" which I've proudly got hanging on my wall as a lovely reminder :)


I honestly still get giddy seeing all the goodies

Even the envelope was amazingly decorated (love Gemma Correll and her illustrations)

Another magical thing were these matchstick flowers

I've since started growing one

It was looking super promising with a cute little green sprout but before I could take an update photo and show off how well my little dude was growing his health took a tragic turn for the worst. I'm not sure what happened but I think perhaps he got too much sun one day? I've been meaning to start over but I'm so scared and not knowing why he died makes it even worse. 

Anyone have any experience growing sweet alyssum? I had him on my window sill which receives quite a bit of light and I was giving him a good squirt of my water bottle everyday and keeping him moist.I'm going to go with over exposure to sun and make sure the next one is a little back from the window sill - it's not fun to kill things...wish me luck!

Tomorrow I've got more mail to show off as I'm posting a lovely letter I got from my pal Sara!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

$5 Bucket Stool Tips

So a while back I stumbled upon this $5 bucket stool DIY and thought I'd give it a go. We had some branches lying around our property that were being used for firewood so I decided to save some and give them a new life. I went down to our local hardware store here in Australia (Bunnings) and stumbled upon some concrete pavers which I thought would be even easier then having to mix my own concrete.

I sanded my branches, painted them and then nailed them to a circular thin piece of wood, which I then adhered under the concrete paver using all fix :) I put some heavy books on top of the stool and let the whole thing cure for two weeks. I have since stood on the stool but to be honest I always feel a little unsafe doing so (is it just me or do others find it hard to trust things they made themselves?) :p

I was on a bit of a stool high so decided to do the $5 bucket challenge and went down and bought myself a $10 bag of cement and a plastic tub. By the way $5 is a bit of a stretch for the project - perhaps if you bought your cement/paint in bulk and made lots of stools you could land somewhere close to that cost. 

Anyway, onto my experiences, firstly mixing concerted was harder than I thought, I had no idea about consistency and even though I tried to follow the instructions on the bag + what I could find on the internet I think my mix was a little too dry - weeks later the bottom was still crumbly. Next, I only used half the cement when in hindsight I should of mixed it all up because it was not deep enough. When I put the branch legs into the wet cement I was worried they would show at the top of the stool so thus I didn't push them in too far. In the end knowing they weren't embedded very well into the cement and in a super hodgepodge way I built a cement mound underneath to support the legs. (Not super attractive!).

Also they say to mix the cement in the bucket with one of your stools legs. I didn't want to get cement over my stool leg so I used a garden spade. I didn't realise at the time but this scratched the bottom of my plastic tub and thus the final stool has scrap mark indents on top (just something to be aware of).  Also getting the legs level was a nightmare!!!

The $5 bucket peeps realised an update to their tutorial, they mention wrapping wire around the legs to secure them, which I did, they also have a recommendation of putting adhesive into the leg holes if your legs get wobbly and come out. All three of my legs, a month later, are wobbly but since I wrapped them with wire before setting into the concrete I can't pull them out individually and glue them in - so another thing to keep in mind. 

Overall, I'm not sure which one was more of a success. I think if I had of mixed the concrete better plus used more mix in a narrower bucket and not wire wrapped the legs, the second stool would be more pick. As it stands (pun intended) I think my original one looks a little better (or neater) aesthetically but then I don't know if the top paver looks ugly or not :p  They were fun to do, I learnt a lot (mostly that I can't mix concrete) and perhaps in the future or if I'm near someone else mixing concrete who wants to spare me some I'll try for a third time lucky!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Thrifty Sunday Finds /3

I like seeing what other people get from their thrift adventures so I need to remind myself to share mine too :)

Mugs are notorious for being non-respected in our house so I'm always on the lookout to build my collection.  I try and buy obnoxiously fee mugs too so they won't be used but so far that hasn't been a successful deterrent :P

An owl tea cosey to add to my collection which is 100% inspired by Thimble and her awesome collection :) I wouldn't mind finding a pineapple tea cosey next!

A Siamese cat to add to my cat collection, I'm really picky so that collection is growing very slowly!

And lucky last some gold jellies that you may have seen me wearing in my Byron adventures :)

Linking up with Thriftasaurus

Friday, September 26, 2014

Customer Batboy Print

A customer sent me in this photo of her batboy print up in her son's Nursey :)

It's lovely to see where my prints end up and I'm super fortunate to have such sweet (and design savy!) customers - thanks Idit :)

Bat Boy Poster Available here.

and you can find Idit on instagram @iditteperman

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brisbane Adventures

Hello everyone, I disappeared again, tends to happen when Ben comes back from work and I get distracted by the off-line World. September was a bit gloomy for me but I'm feeling positive with the spring equinox having just occurred and us Southern Hemisphere peeps heading into the warmer months, woohoo, definitely feeling good about October :)

Today I'm posting a bunch of photos from ages ago when Ben treated me to an impromtu Brisbane trip. We checked out GOMA (gallery of modern art). An amazing exhibition called Harvest was on, my fav being the kitsch collection of pineapple themed found object. Unfortunately it's now over (sorry for the late posting). We also wandered the streets, ate tasty things, stayed in an awesome 5 star hotel and watched a crazy victoria-secrets-esque circus at night. The next day we also managed to check out an awesome local graff artist by the name of Shida who had an exhibition at the powerhouse :)

Okay prepare yourself for a visual feasting!!

The kid's section of the gallery is always so cool - this exhibition we got to make bandanas!

The sexy circus! No photos were allowed unfortunately but lets just say there was lots of lacey underwear and me inappropriately laughing as they tried to make roller skating sexy :P

And below the Shida exhibition and a crazy kitsch pineapple scene thrown in for fun :)

It's wedding season here in Australia so that has been eating my time too but it's fun and I'm feeling inspired! Missed you guys!