Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charlie Moreland

The other week our friends Kingy and Coral visited and we headed for a night of camping. It was awesome to get to discover somewhere new :)

The weather was a bit dismal although only inspiring me to come back on a super hot day - might be a tad more crowded then!

I made Kingy and Coral stand on the bank - I had to get that reflection shot of someone, too pretty not to!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thrifty Sunday /7

Before Christmas I snuck away for a day of op shopping and I have to say the op shops are awesome before Christmas! I'm now going to add thrifting to my annual Christmas tradition!

First up this gold (toothbrush?) holder. My lovely cousin had already bought me the white tooth, which happily sits on my desk with pens - now I have a gold tooth to match :)

Despite already owning one in black (seeing a theme here!) I spotted this red guy for a couple of bucks which became my awesome Christmas hat :)

Couldn't find out which temple this Ema (wooden plaque) belonged too. When visiting temples in Japan you can buy these plaques and write your wish on the back - there is usually a spot you can hang them up as well.

I got this dude for free and when I finally unleashed him from his 1984 David Jones packaging, boy was there some toxic plastic smells being released!

Both reindeer and Santa were happy to find a home on my pink tree :)

To add to my badge collection this super Aussie pin :) The little old lady at the counter couldn't help but say it out loud either which made my day!

And lucky last a book of my favourite stamps. I had a pretty mean stamp collection growing up with one of my favourite pages housing these stamps :)

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie were my favourite!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Noosa and Mutton Birds

Today might be my final entry involving the mutton birds. I'm going to keep this post on the image side but if you want to, you can read about the birds here and here

For now it's time to flood you guys with pictures of Noosa national Park, a fav spot of mine that you're possibly, sick of me posting about :P I was definitely curious to go back to check in on the state of the bird bones and to my surprise a year+ later they're still decomposing. The park is not just about the bones though, we found cute banksia pods (like the guy below), cicada shells, a heart shaped rock (my favourite!) a beach ball made of twigs and some pretty cactus - which shocked me because it's not something I see much of in the wild! 

On to the pictures!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

More presents - happy shock!

I had a mail slip to pick up the other week which got me excited. Normally I'm pretty clued on to what I'm expecting but this time I was blanking out to what I had bought. My curiosity turned to shocked surprise when I ended up opening this amazing parcel from my lovely peeps (Damaris, Dani and Juno) who blog over at The Cat you and Us. It was beyond thoughtful and I honestly sat on my bedroom floor wiping back the tears as I went through all the little packages, so beautifully presented :)

They'd recently blogged about their adventures at the We Love Cats Market so I was tickled pink to get my very own tote! The other goodies in the parcel were so thoughtful and nobody got left out. Perhaps the happiest receiver was Gremlin who went super crazy when I showed him his snake toy from Santa Juno (Juno being Damaris and Dani's adorable cat)

Gremlin was so in love he even sampled a small bite - oops :P

Look at how sweet everything was presented!!! *squeals with delight*

(Thanks for posing gremlin!)

In the parcel was also this mega pretty bracelet from Polarite, which has become my new lucky charm and hasn't left my wrist since receiving :)

Ben was also included and now we both have the cutest Mr. Wonderful matching keychain set for our collections. Can you guess which keychain Ben picked - toast or jam?

There are a million gushing things I could say but I'll keep my ranting and gushing down and just say a HUGE thanks to Damaris, Dani and Juno.  You guys made our day, week, year!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taking Five with Bianca Jagoe

I've been super excited to share this post and introduce you to a super awesome person (if you don't already know her).  Her name's, Bianca Jagoe, she hails from Launceston in Tassie, Australia and she is AWESOME! Think, lover of cats, lives in a cute town, appreciate thrifting, dresses her adorable son in sailor suits, draws, designs, has two different coloured eyes (eep!) and sooooo much more!

I can thank Ben for introducing me to Bianca via her zine, Paint it Black which you can find over in Bianca's etsy shop.  Ben is a collector of zines/comics/stickers/artworks and likes to show me the art packs he receives in the mail.  When he came to show me Bianca's zine he was like "you need to read this, you'll love it".  Paint it Black is a step back into Bianca's childhood, presented in a heartwarming way, complete with sweet illustration and honest, poetic writing that had me bawling by the end (although I need to state it's 100% sweet and nostalgic rather than sad or depressing but I'm am a super cry baby :P)

sneak peak of the Paint it Black zine
I thought it would be nice if I could do a mini interview with Bianca and she graciously agreed - yay! I've grabbed a bunch of rad photos from her flickr and her blog to give you a glimpse into her colourful life but I'll also link you to where else you can find her (at the bottom of his post) so, like me, you can stalk/follow her too :)

red lips, cool style and her cutie pies :)

1) Hey Bianca, could you give us a little blurb about you?
Hi! I am a freelance illustrator living in Launceston, Tasmania with my husband, one and a half year old son Theo and four cats. I like drawing pictures, Morrissey, making zines, tickling my son, wearing red lipstick and riding my bike. 

happy bikes

2) What makes you love zines?
I started buying zines early in high school when I first attended Newcastle's This Is Not Art Festival Zine Fair and fell in love with the medium. They are these lovely, lo-fi, tactile, handmade, personal, intimate little publications. I think there's a nice mysteriousness to them that the internet can't quite imitate. I just think that they're really fun. I think everyone should try making one (or ten). I'm hoping to make a new zine over the Summer about the four years I've spent working part time as a checkout girl. 

cats and zines - perfection!

3) I'd personally love to live in Tasmania, what made you choose the area?
My husband and I came to Tasmania for a holiday in 2010 and when we returned home to Newcastle we couldn't get it out of our heads (my husband kept talking about how fresh and delicious the air was). We ended up moving here about 6 months later, which was a big deal for me because I was 20 years old and left behind all of my friends and family, but now I couldn't imagine life anywhere else. I love the scenery and the slower pace. I love the farmers markets, the history, MONA, the snow, the beaches, the immaculately maintained old buildings, the wildlife and lots of the people. I love that I can ride my bike everywhere around my city (5 minutes from home into the city, 5 minutes to uni, 5 minutes to work) and that it has all of the things that I need but doesn't swallow me up. When I ride my bike around Launceston I feel like it belongs to me. Ps. You should totally move here Fee! :P 


cute architecture in Tasmania

4) What is your favourite creative pursuit?
I find this question surprisingly difficult because I feel like a bit of a jack of all trades, but master of none. I just like being creative in general and I'd like to encourage others to be creative too, by whatever means. I really enjoy painting with gouache, woodblock printing, designing graphics in Photoshop & Illustrator, blogging, drawing and singing. I'd love to be a master of something, but I just really enjoy playing with different things - I guess it's more about the process of being creative for me, rather than the output. 

Bianca's sweet illustration style

5) Any exciting future life goals to share?
I have just started a new course with the Tractor Design School in Melbourne (online) and sat in on a really great talk by Frankie Radford of The Design Kids last week, who is someone who is extremely goal oriented (I am totally in awe of her goal setting and achieving!) and it highlighted to me how go-with-the-flow I tend to be about setting goals for myself. My goals at the moment are to make a really great veggie patch in my little English country garden over the Summer, to have another baby sometime in the next two years, to make a living from doing something I enjoy (hopefully illustration/design/education) and to do a bit of travel in the not too distant future (Japan is number one on my list). Thanks for having me!

theo shares his mum's rad style :)

Where else to find Bianca!

Thanks so much to Bianca for playing along and really for just being one super cool chick :)
I look forward to following all her adventures to come!