Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Biggenden /4

I've made a second trip to Ben's Mum's place since these photos were taken but hey better late then never and we all like seeing her cute plants and cute Biggenden town, right?!!

Ben's Mum, volunteers at The Den which sells second hand goodies and local crafts :)

If you've seen the instagram version of this shot, you know how old these photos are!

Biggenden is the classic one street town with amazing roses planted down the middle of the street :)

And here is the cutie we met in town :)

We got to bring Gremlin up with us, I wonder how'd we go bringing two cats now? 
fun or disastrous road trip?

Scooty the dog!!

Poppy the puppy :) Not really a puppy anymore but it rhymes :)

so many plants!


  1. feels so serene and peaceful. i love all the greens (and the furry creatures too!)

    1. It's such a nice place to visit for exactly those reasons :)

  2. As always, beautiful snapshots!! Loving all the plants!

    1. I'm a firm believer that plants make you happy :)


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