Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Book Review - Bolder

I just finished the book Bolder and I loved it!

bolder book

Our library has a new system where they'll flip interesting-looking books out on display, essentially curating their shelves like a bookstore.  I planned to just duck into the library and pick up a book on reserve but Bolder caught my eye with its tagline ("Life lessons from people older and wiser than you") and my soft spot for the older generation.

rita gilmore

The book is by Dominique Afacan and Helen Cathcart two friends championing "people over the age of 70 who are still creating, inspiring or working" (source).    

bolder love and sex
The book is divided into themes and features 27 individuals over the age of 70.  

bolder book photo
Dominique and Helen share their musings, followed by a portrait of the subject and the subject's thoughts.  The themes are loose but they provide a lovely narrative structure and the overall layout of the book is beautiful.  Most importantly though I was insanely inspired! Tuula Olin taught me the power of standing on one leg for strength and balance, Robert Burke reminded me that life is not a dress rehearsal and Muffie Grieve left me with the thought "be positive and never give in".  I also came away knowing I have to up my daily movement (pilates seemed a popular choice!) if I want to be living such colourful and vibrant lives that the participants in the book are living!

bolder cleo interview

Other notes I took from the book
Never feel sorry for yourself and never give it (Rita Gilmore)
Take the stairs don't use a handrail! (Pat Moorehead)
Stay Curious (ALician Moorehead)
No past, no future, the best time is now -Pierre Gruneberg (+ his salad bowl swimming technique)


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Noosa Botanics 2

A few weeks back I went to Noosa Botanical Gardens to take pictures of my new painting series (you can spy a sneaky shot in this mix below).  The paintings were so heavy to carry that I ended up only taking a few shots before spending the rest of my time taking photos of all the beautiful plants!! :) :)

pink azalea

zoysia noosa botanics

water bowl with flowers

noosa botanic plants

noosa botanical gardens walk

zoysia grass

fallen leaves on path


palm and plants

border plants

palms in sky

small yellow flowers

cactus at noosa botanics

noosa botanical gardens

fallen purple blooms

camonstera artwork
The one shot I did get :P You can check out all my paintings on my other site - over here!

pink flowers

noosa botanics amphitheatre


small yellow flowers

black and white palm photo

noosa botanics plants

garden close up

golden leaves on path

leaf on ground

flowering colours noosa botanics

bench with hedge behind
A great way to spend a couple of hours :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Book Review - Vivid


Vivid: Style in Colour is a book by Aussie stylist Julia Green and her partner in crime, photographer Armelle Habib.  I devoured it up because colour, interiors and travel photos are all things I love. 

Vivid: Style in Colour

colourful homes

In Vivid, Julia gives her take on each colour, followed by the beautiful photography from Armelle (travel and interiors) with brief snippets of text around each image to give hints and tricks.  Each colour highlights a specific interior with an interview from the owners.  

colourful interiors

interior book

home styling book

vivid book review

There were a couple of little things that bothered me, how the home shown in the chapter on the colour red, was very orange, how black and white are included but the last two colours on the spectrum were not and despite Julia explaining the definitions of shade, tone and tint, you'll find them misused later in the text. Nitpicky I know! Overall, the book is meant to inspire you to use colour and I definitely was inspired :) :) Julia is such a great stylist, I would have loved seeing her create scenes using art or incorporating flowers rather than just write about them but maybe that'll be the next book!  As much as I'm nitpicking it, I still absolutely loved it and *fingers crossed* for a future book where Julia does a deeper dive into her styling genius! Colour is such a huge topic it's almost impossible not to be left wanting more! 


home interiors book