Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Creative Mock & Submit - April

This month's Creative Mock & Submit challenge was easy, I had a dream of doing a peacock pattern and contacting the lovely Justina of Jungalow fame.  I had a few sketches but ultimately decided to keep the blue iconic peacock colour with an art deco twist.  What I like about this design is how it fits nicely into a repeated pattern :)peacock design

peacock pattern

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Monstera Artwork/2

Back in 2019 I made a Monstera rainbow camo woodcut artwork (say that fast 3 times!).  I've since been commissioned for two more pieces and I just finished up the last.  They are really fun to paint because I get to make colour decisions and shapes as I go.  During this latest piece, Ben and I watched movies together as we both worked on our art - a very sweet and wholesome way to spend our evenings together :)

monstera artwork

painted monstera leaf
For this leaf, I used some lime green which helped the piece pop.

painted rainbow monstera artwork

monstera art close up
I made sure to keep some of the wood grain showing through alongside some neutral paint tones to avoid a complete colour chaos :) :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

First Home - Reno Update

So the other week I shared the dining/lounge reveal but I realised I haven't been sharing much else and a lot has happened! We pulled down our back and front entrance (too much cement damage!), repaired and painted our 2nd bedroom and hallway, got solar installed, and painted all our doors.  I still want to get a bunch of nice finished photos but today I'm sharing the before shots!

painted reno
I shared the completed lounge/dining and before shots previously but as a bonus, some during photos!

diy painting

diy reno

young couple home renoTeam work!

timber casement window
A dream was seeing these casement window fixtures scrub up (previously covered in paint!) 
Although (a bad dream!) having to remove the paint :P

painted dining room
Freshly painted dining room :)

back porch
This is a shot I took when we first moved in and you can see the cement back porch.  I think it's super cute with its little curve but it was falling to pieces so we had to remove it!! So many trips to the dump carting heavy concrete (not fun!)

excavated cement porch

back patio in progress
It looks absolutely terrible now but it will eventually have a big deck that will wrap around we just need to get on top of the bamboo battle first! One thing at a time :P

removing paint off doors
I made it my personal mission to strip, prep, and paint all the doors in the house.  It nearly broke me.

prepping door to paint

removing old paint
Looks kind of fun and easy but the job ended up being mammoth 

cleaning door hinges
All the fittings were covered in paint.  I tried to capture it above but I think the next three photos do a better job!

old paint door hinge
The previous painters definitely didn't tape up their doors when painting :P

cleaning door hinge
The first result after scraping off as much paint as I could!

cleaned door hinge
The final result after loads of sanding! 
Isn't it shiny and pretty :) :)

tamale red front door haymes
I still need to take shots of all the finished doors but for now, here are the front and back doors awaiting their second coat (stuck painting inside because of rainy weather).  The colour is Tamale red by Haymes Paint.  The photo doesn't do a great job at capturing the colour, the true to life shade is a bright solid orange :) You can also spy our freshly painted hallway.
solar installers
After watching the David Attenborough's doco 'A life on our planet', Ben and I were inspired to get our butts into action and organise solar.  So glad we did!

solar panels
Isn't it pretty!! You can also spy one of the windows sanded back, that is the window belonging to our second bedroom.   
We're sanding back and varnishing each window as we slowly move through the interior reno :)

painting second bedroom
Getting ready to paint the 2nd bedroom - yes rocks holding down our drop sheets :P

second bedroom before shot
Goodbye pink and yellow!

ben painting second bedroom
The second bedroom needed the least work of all our rooms just some patching and light sanding.  We actually painted this bedroom and the hallway at the same time, so what started out as a little paint job ended up being a mammoth one!

bedroom mould stains
You can see a very unattractive mold stain on the bedroom roof!

finished white bedroom
Wa-Lah! So nice and fresh, just needed the window frame to be screwed back in at this point :)

front cement ramp
Our previous front entry ramp.  This is one of the first projects we completed.  Actually, it was a solo Ben job with assistance from his friend Drew with ramp construction :) Despite the concrete being in terrible condition, Ben and I became accustomed to the ramp entrance so we decided to keep this style, instead of going with stairs.

concrete cancer
Close up of all the damage.  We actually had to step on strategic panels to be able to close the door properly :P

jackhammer front cement ramp
Ben bought this jackhammer second hand.  It ended up being a money saver because after using it for the front and back entrance, he resold it :)

timber front ramp
The new ramp.  I absolutely love the plain pine but since it's out in the weather it needed to be sealed.  Ideally, I wanted a neutral sealant but when we went to the shop, the clear stains all had a yellowish tinge, so we made the bold move to go black.

black varnished front ramp
I love the black BUT it does pick up dirt and probably not the best choice with a dog and two cats in the mix.  Maybe in the future, we'll replace the pine with darker hardwood planks that wouldn't look terrible with a yellow-tinged stain *shrugs*

Right now our current home projects include battling bamboo and trying to get it cleared so we can start out deck.  I'm also digging out our back eating area (that was just a tad too small) and once the rain eases we're going to make a start on our master bedroom which needs a lot of work and will force our mattress out into lounge until we finished it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Creative Mock & Submit - March

heliconia illustration

For this month's challenge, I conjured up a design for my favourite sock company - Bonne Maison.  I was originally going to draw some Japanese topiary, cloud trees, but in the end, a simple heliconia design won out :) Maybe the cloud trees will make an appearance later in the year!

heliconia sock pattern

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Sky/ 2

I'm back with some more sunset cloud shot inspiration.  I'm a sucker for the pastel sky aesthetic!  Gotta keep looking up, gotta keep appreciating that we're still alive on this spinning planet!

rainbow sky

sunset clouds

cloud porn

peach sky

sky porn

aesthetic clouds

pastel sunset

pastel cloud

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Garden 2

Time for another walk around our garden.  During our summer we had a La NiƱa weather system meaning more rain (although not as much as they were predicting).  Neither the less, our garden loved the boost in rain and got so much grow on! We've also been busy weeding and planting and pruning!

square plantWe found two beautiful fig trees at the dump! They were looking a little worse for wear but we knew we could bring them back to life.  Whilst waiting to source proper planters for them, we found them temporary homes.  The fig above was living in a very square box :P

fig trees in planters
We found planters! We just happened to be looking on FB marketplace at just the right time to score these huge beauties for a steal!

front garden
Our front garden getting a grow on

weeping tea tree
This is one of my favourite plants - a weeping tea tree!  I've been waiting patiently for it to reach my height and it finally has 1.7m!

cat on uprooted pony tail palm
Ben and I did a super crazy thing, we went and dug out a free ponytail palm on fb marketplace.  I'm not sure you can tell from this photo but this thing was WAYYY Too heavy and big (3m+).  It was insanely stupid and also my new favourite plant!!

pony tail palm qld
Look how friggen gorgeous that thing is!! We were going to put it in our front garden but Ben's mum chastised us for trying to jam more plants in that section and instead suggested the placement above. Best idea ever, I LURVE it there! Perfection! 

battling bamboo
The bamboo battle continues

ripping out bamboo
We have successfully made a big dent with only a quarter left to do before we can start thinking about our deck!

bamboo grows fast
This shot above was taken in dec 2020

bamboo growth
This was taken March 2021! Bamboo grows fast!

front ramp garden
Our front door garden is coming along nicely

bougainvillea on fence
Dec 2020 to...

bougainvillea pink
March 2021! Grow bougainvillea, grow!

small pony tail palm
Ben also got this free, much smaller (fit in his corolla!) ponytail palm.  They do exceptionally well for transplanting/transporting because they have a small root structure (they store their water in their bulbous base).

side front garden
A shot of our side front garden and my passionfruit starting to take over everything.

passionfruit vine
I have four vines in total but this one (down on our back fence) is doing the best, currently brimming with fruit!!

passionfruit flower
The prettiest flower!

take over passionfruit vine
This passionfruit vine is definitely trying to take over the avo tree which was already fighting a battle with an umbrella tree. We shall prune in the future!

Look at all that passionfruit! I planted the vines not long after we first moved in (roughly 1.5 years ago).  The vine took around a year to start flowering and now fruiting 6 months later

A shot of our crotons in the front side yard.  You can see the wisteria trying to take over everything.  

jungle section
This shot was taken in dec 2020 and shows our back jungle section.  

jungle yard
This shows the other half

fern tree
And this shows our jungle section 3 months later after all that rain.  Look how lush and amazing it's looking!

joop in garden

jupiter the dog
Not a big fan of having her picture taken :P

flame tree and lychee
And the final shot (just to the left of the crotons) shows my lychee tree (on the left) and a flame tree gifted to us by Ben's mum on the right.  Both plants are a little hard to spot with all that wisteria spilling in behind!