Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Monthly Poetry Challenge - May

no words.

poetry swirls,

beat down rhythmic anxiety twirls
incense lit to mask unrest
people gather and linger together,
a desert of ideas, blank paper
scented with sweet floral vapour.
And the first of the flawless
tulip bulbs, cut, wrapped and
sent in yesterday's newspaper.

This month, my brain was consumed with many things that I didn't have the joy of letting it wander freely with words.  I'm glad I have this challenge though because a few days ago, I forced myself to carve out some time just for that.  After a year on, the housekeeping of losing Dad continues and it's going to continue for a while yet - I'm thankfully, feeling strong.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Peachy and Gremlin /4

Time to do a Peachy and Gremlin round-up. 
Unsurprisingly most of the photos are of them asleep on our bed :P Cute nonetheless though!

close up of sleeping cat

close up of cat feet

cat called peaches

black and white cat sleepy

aerial shot of cat sleeping

cat asleep on monstera blanket

gremlin the black and white cat

black and white kitty photo

cat black and white

small cat paintings

cat asleep in bamboo

gremlin sleeping

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

bought/gift/made 20

With people panic buying tissues here in Australia, it made me reassess my own usage and finally get around to sewing up some hankies. In hindsight, I feel a tad guilty for not doing this sooner. Not only are hankies reusable but they're so much softer on the old nose.  I simply cut up an old pillowcase that I no longer needed, made rough rectangles and sewed the edges over so they wouldn't fray.  I've been using them for a few weeks and they just require being thrown into my weekly wash and they come back perfectly clean :)


When we first moved into our new place, wecks jars were the first thing I bought.  I'd been doing some reading about storing food in plastics and was keen to go the glass direction.  I first caught onto wecks when we were dining at one of our favourite cafes and they served our smoothies in wecks jars.  I straight away googled the brand and a few weeks later I had made a bulk order.  A year on, almost all of our food is stored in wecks jars.  The only downside is I've caused a few chips around the top edges.  I think the chips were most likely caused by not aligning the lid properly when closing.  I would definitely recommend them, I would just advocate being extra careful when closing.


Some beautiful passionfruit from my friend's parents's vine.  Passionfruits were one of the first plants I put in our garden - 4 vines in total!  One of the vines bloomed a few weeks back so I'm hoping my own passionfruit aren't far off from fruiting :)


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Visiting Noosa Botanics

If you're a mad lover of flowers and plants and live on the Sunshine Coast, the Noosa botanical gardens should make your to-do list. It's completely free and although it doesn't compete with the scale of the Brisbane Botanical Gardens it will fill an impressive few hours of strolling around + they kindly let in dogs on leashes :) 

This last visit I was a tad obsessed with trying to capture all the different flowers, so prepare yourself for an overload!

bird of paradise close up

b&w flowers

anthurium photo

hot pink flower

b&w roses

magenta flower photo


tiny purple flowers

b&w flower

pink and green leaf plant

moss rock wall

Tibouchina purple flowers

tropical flower

b&w flower photo

purple flower Tibouchina

moss growing between pavers

b&w flowers photo

pink flower petals

cactus photo

b&w flower photography

small red rose buds

b&w joop and ben

white lotus flower

flowering Tibouchina

rose bud b&w photo

white and pink flowers

red anthurium

b&w flower photo

small roses in red

pink bougainvillea

purple flower cluster

white peace lilies

chenille plant red

ginger flower in red

b&w foliage

purple flowers

burgundy and yellow lily

flowering bromeliad

cluster of tiny pink flowers

bougainvillea light pink


ruffled purple flower

bell shaped flowers

purple flower

camouflage spotted leaf

flowers in pink

6 petal white flower

red geranium

b&w floral photo


pink flower

tiny pink glistening flowers

wild viola

b&w rose bud photo