Friday, August 19, 2016

Japan goodies

It's finally time to show you the things I picked up in Japan, our luggage was super tight so I definitely restrained myself most of the time, but I still wanted to buy a few cute things myself :)

Above is what I managed to fit into my suitcase and I'll show you some details below :)

I think I already showed you my small loot from Kishi station - on a side note, my pin collection is so pretty at the moment!

I call these my regional gifts and they include the Gunma (prefecture) sake cup with the horse mascot on the front (currently holding some pens in my room). You guys already know about the horse shoe crab origami and did I show you my handmade turtle keyring from the turtle station? There's also the ceramic rabbit from bunny island and the handmade cat I bought from the onsen we visited when we were stuck in Nagasaki. When I got home I discovered the cat was actually a peg, how cute!

Can't leave Japan without some stickers and a monster :) I used those stickers for a cute reason, which I'll explain in a second :)

Gremlin above is modelling the collar I bought for him, it's so cute, or should I say, was so cute! we go through so many collars and cat bibs because they just seem to loose them all the time!

You can see the cat collar again in my daiso loot collection! The book in the middle, I've filled with all the stamps I collected across Japan and my instax photos and those stickers above + fun paper miscellaneous thing I collected. It's such a nice little book and now I'm sad I didn't buy more of those books - only 100 yen each *gasp*

My sailor moon loot, so happy to see sailor moon merchandise in Japan!!

Our friend Teruko loaded us up with lots of amazing goodies, I love those sumo guy postcards which are currently hanging on my wall!

And how sweet is this tea towel calendar!

In nara dreamland we discovered boxes and boxes of old maps and park guides, so fun to see what the park looked like back in its heyday.

And lucky last my Gachapon loot. You can see above the two sushi cats I managed to find in Tokyo - definitely very popular and I was happy to get a cat donut as well :) :)

I'm going to do two more Japan posts before its back to normal blog viewing. I'm going to do a food/kombini post and also a campervan guide (including things that were helpful to us) for those who may be interested in doing the trip themselves. It's been a fun blog ride and on the flip side I'm also happy to update you guys on all the exciting things that have been going on, back in Australia too!!


  1. Cuteness overload! I can't wait to one day visit Japan - I will come home with so so much stuff, no doubt! What you've done with the pink notebook sounds class - would love to see how you've decorated the inside of it!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

    1. I'll try and remember to take some photos, it turned out pretty cute - in my humble opinion :P he he he he

  2. Great haul! I love the collar - it's so so cute!! :) sad to see the Japan posts come to an end in the next two posts but looking forward to what's been happening back home in Australia! :)

    1. it's been super fun blogging but yeah definitely need to get caught up with regular programming too :) :) Thanks for reading Jane!!


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