Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GOMA - August 2016

Last month we headed down to Brisbane to go check out the zine fest and check in at GOMA (gallery of modern art) to see what new exhibitions they had

I finally got to try Doughnut Time and golly gosh, it did not disappoint - soooo good! I hope the Sunny Coast gets a store real soon :)

GOMA's kid's activity section was also super amazing this time, we easily spent an hour + absorbed in the activities :)

There was a fun self portrait drawing activity were you got to sit in front of a mirror and draw yourself with some sort of object on your head.  I obviously went for a 100% cute fee version with a balancing Opera House :P

I thought Goma was really well curated too, I definitely enjoyed walking through the different levels this trip.

This cute guy was living at the library (opp. the gallery) and his mate I've posted a bit below!

Kids craft! I'm super appreciative they let adults join in too :)

Kangaroo and baby roo - how neat are they!

This display was new and belonged to the museum (next door to the gallery) I really wanted to check out the musem as its been too long but we ended up spending too much time at GOMA (oops!)

See that scarf above, Ben's brother's wife (when they traveled over from the UK) gifted it to me.  This oversized scarf is the most amazing thing ever and I never knew about them until Caz gave me one as a present. Where I live, our climate isn't deemed cold enough to get the super warm fashion which is unfortunate for someone like me, who really feels the cold. Caz is from England and taught me all about Zara and oversized scarfs and yes, it was instant love! I can't believe you literally get to take a blanket outside with you and it be socially acceptable :) I love that you can wear them lots of different ways too and I'm also going to guess everyone knows about them but me, so I should probably stop rambling now :p


  1. That scarf looks fantastic. Very Montreal. And I love it when art museums have areas for kids to create. Art shouldn't be just for the grown ups!

    1. You would know all about these oversized scarfs huh Mariko :) :) I love interactive qualities too, I'll admit some art gallery I just want to zoom through but when they have somewhere for you stop and create or touch or interact then the whole experience is greater! P.s. I tried commenting on your blog the other day, my internet either ate both or posted both - so apologies for both!


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