Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Before the Flood - Climate Change Doco

The other week I watched this amazing documentary called 'Before the Flood'. I had a few friends post it up on facebook to watch but to be honest the prospect of devoting an hour and a half to something that would probably leave me feeling depressed wasn't high on my to do list. I'm so glad I did though, especially as someone that previously knew very little about climate change other than it's an important issue for the World.

The doco is presented by Leonardo Dicaprio (which might sweeten the deal for some) but it's also really engaging and informative and puts everything out their simply. 

My big take away from the movie was that we need to take the issue of climate change really really seriously.  As consumers we can do so much too, everything we buy we're contributing to how our World functions.  I feel like we owe it to Earth to try and make things right.  It's really hard to take accountability too but I feel optimistic we can do it, we just didn't know any better beforehand :) :)

There is a link at the end of the doco about how you can help contribute. Carbo Tax, is a site where you can enter your Country and it calculates a monthly or yearly amount for individuals to offset their climate impact.  The donation goes to Forest & Sea Fund (FSF) who support forest and ocean conservation projects around the world.  Which got me thinking about a little coke bottle, Ben and I set up at the end of 2015...

We read online that a 600ml coke bottle filled with $2 Australia coins equated to 1000 dollars.  Turns out it's not quite that amount but almost!  I finally tipped out my bottle (I have a 450ml) after watching the doco and counted $164 dollars, I'm a little ways away from my $210 carbon tax donation but when I get there, that's where it's going.  It's honestly been so easy to fill, when I get $2 in change I go home and put it in my container.  Ben has been more diligent with his, doing things like asking for his change in $2 coins which has meant his tally is double mine  :) :)

The irony isn't lost of me either that it's a plastic bottle but I plan on using it for many more years to come and for a very good cause!

TO WATCH Before the Flood - a simple search on youtube does the trick

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