Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cyclone Debbie

The other week, Queensland (the state we live in) got hit by a cyclone (way up north) and we had the tail end of it down here. I was actually inside at the time, the power had gone out mid way through making a delicious Thai meal, so in my sadness, I grabbed a bag of burger rings, put on my head torch and stood on the verandah taking in the crazy storms. A few seconds later my neighbour knocked and asked if I just heard that massive noise - oops, must have been too into my burger rings :p We went out and checked and yup a tree had fallen on our roof. It looked pretty hectic at the time but in day light it seemed the tv dish on our roof saved the day, sitting just in the right spot to prevent any roof damage. 

 I took some photos to share :)

Our bedroom window does not normally look like that! 
The tree fell exactly above our bedroom

The day after, we had the SES (State Emergency Service)  come in super early and chainsaw the bulk of the tree so it no longer sat on our roof (super nice!)

The dish that saved the day!

Only half the tree fell (partly rotten inside) but it was still a crazy big clean up

The poor fence!

When Ben came home a few days later (yay Ben is home!) he chain sawed the remaining branches, fixed the fence and we stacked everything up nicely. I also got to keep some of the non-rotten branches for some future stools, which is a nice outcome to a sad event in my mind :)


  1. So glad you guys are fine! It's a little funny that you didn't notice the sound, haha I think I wouldn't too :P what a memory though, right? I can't imagine!

    1. Yeah I think I can be really oblivious to things and really aware of other things - ha! Probably doesn't make any sense, I'll say it's my weird personality type!

  2. I am glad there is no serious damage and you get to keep some of branches for your wooden projects! <3

    1. I agree, definitely some happy outcomes!


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