Friday, July 7, 2017

Film Camera a Month - June

Although a little late, I'm still excited to get to share June's film camera!

This month I used my gold toy film camera, which doesn't have an exact name but I call it Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim :) It already had film loaded which I could date back to 2014 when I processed the photos *gasp* so grateful for this project and encouraging myself to use my cameras :) 

Also this month's film was lomography's lady grey 400 black and white film.

I was wondering how black and white film would go in this camera knowing it does really well with colour (although you do need to use it on super sunny days or have high ISO film). Turns out black and white film in the camera is great and dare I say even forgiving on those less than bright situations! If you check out my film camera guide there's more of a write up about the camera for those interested.

Above is the 2014 shot, featuring a rose which would make a comeback in 2017, turns out I still dig roses :)

 On top of our water tank has the prettiest setting sun light! The cats are drawn to that area to - although I don't think Peachy here was too keen to be a model :P

Sword fight kitties!
I may have set that one up :P


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