Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fee Fashion /3

We have now moved to underneath where we were previously living and surprisingly settled into the space at a quick rate, which is always nice.  Before moving I thought I'd utilise the blank wall to show off some more outfits, 99% of which are thrifted :)

The top and sunnies I picked up in Melbourne, the top is the brand 'the mountain' which I now own three tees from. They have the best graphics and the quality of those tees are great + they have a super comfy fit. I also picked up the pink skirt at my local thrift store :)

The pink of that skirt is such a pretty colour!

OOTD - Adidas smiley tee

Definitely not fashionable but I picked up a pair of Vibram five fingers off of gumtree (Aussie equivalent to Craigslist). From years of wearing the wrong shoes, my poor toes curl together so I thought these might help! So far I have only been gamed to wear them on my morning walks or nature adventures but they are so great, the soul grips really well and I've noticed just in a few weeks a lot more range of movement with my toes (which hopefully is a good thing!)

Above, I think I found the perfect wedding skirt!

Wedding season has officially gone on hiatus here in Australia so I haven't seen the skirt in action yet but the length is perfect and it's super comfy and looks pretty!

I think yellow might be my new fav fashion colour! I also have to rep Adidas because of my primary school buddies involvement with the brand!

I've had this purse for a while now and I'm 90% sure I bought it in Japan

My sunday best/country picnic outfit!

I love that blouse and the blue and white gingham skirt is so sweet!

This navy blouse has the prettiest smocked neck

Although you really cannot see the neckline with this outfit *fail*

navy overload!

And lucky last, a chartreuse skirt everyone pays me out for but I just love that colour!

and paired with my purple jellies that I wear 90% of the time :)


  1. I have a pug shirt from the mountain!! I love it, but got paint on it, so its mostly an at-home shirt lately.
    Particularly love the look of that denim dress! I love the rounded bottom of it!

    1. The shirts are so amazing hey, as someone that wears tees 90% of the time, I can say they have really stood the test of time! I also have a drawer of tees delegated to "at home" which is what my minimalist heart knows is a bad idea but as an artist I also wreck things too easily :P


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