Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Found money 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!!! I hope everyone has rolled smoothly into 2018! I managed to stay up until midnight, get my kiss and watch fireworks across the ocean, it was pretty magical :) I'm popping in to tie up my last 2017 projects, including my found money jar!

The total tally for 2017 was $7.45 not bad at all and a jump from last years $5.95 :) I also thought I would share a tradition I try and do every year (although I did forget last year - oops). The idea is to write yourself a letter that you read a year later. There are no rules, just freestyle some thoughts to your future self. I started with some reflection of the year gone, some hope for the future and then a sweet little pep talk where I say super nice things about myself - trust me it's really nice to read those things a year later :) Apologies if I got the idea from one of you lovely blog writers, let me know if you're the brains behind the idea because I love it and you get a super high five from me!

* Thanks to Emma from Letterloves for the found money jar idea!


  1. I love both these ideas. <3 Wishing you a wonderful year.

    1. you too Jane! I've been so slack on reading my blogs but I look forward to catching up on everyone's real soon :)

  2. This is a nice idea! Might have to start implementing it next year.....or can I write a sneaky one now???


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