Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Slide Film in OM1 (cross processed)

I've played around before over here, cross-processing the Lomo brand slide film (x-pro 200). What I discovered then, was that the x-pro film (when cross-processed) doesn't do so well deliberately overexposed in camera. With that in mind, I loaded a roll in my OM-1 and tried to shoot at normal exposure. Another little hurdle in the process was that my OM1 doesn't have a working light meter, so I used a light app on my phone. From my trip down to Melbourne using that set up, I discovered that the app tends to overexpose for colour (or at least the rolls I put through). I did keep all this in mind but I still think this roll came back overexposed and if I were to repeat, I'd shoot at lower settings to avoid the issue. Lots of technical stuff but let's just go look at some photos!

Sunflowers from Ben's brother's family and the garden from which I was gifted lots of sunflower seeds from! I'm going to put together an update of what's been happening so far in my year of blooms project, very soon!

Slide film - Ben

I used my telescopic lens a bit with this roll and it seems to produce these lovely light leaks!

Slide film - sunflower

And a Christmas tree we discovered when we reached the peak of Mt. Beerwah!


  1. that Christmas tree though <3 <3

    1. isn't it cute! I love that someone went to the trouble :)


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