Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cane basket weaving

My friend Lowy makes these super amazing cane baskets (you should follow him on insta) and he was kind enough to show me how to make one for myself. The process was definitely time consuming but now I have my very own fruit basket which I'm super happy about :)

I wasn't even aware that cane grew as a vine *gasp* and the process of stripping it down to its usable form was definitely where the time consuming part took place.

I had to start this guy twice, the first time I totally jumbled my over and unders to create a big mess :p

Despite the gaps (and a lack of anything resembling a tight weave) it's nice to make something that has a use in your home :)

I have some cane left over which I've already failed at making into a waste paper basket so now I think I might use it for a light shade despite the fact we only have those long fluros in our place :p

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