Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Year of Blooms - November

floral photography

Being down to the second last month of my project (with my sunflower seeds and kangaroo paws being the last seedlings I've planted) it was a whole lot of flower play and orchids happening this November.

monthly blogger challenge

Ben and ended up at an orchid show in our town which further fueled my love of orchids.  I left the show with a delightful yellow orchid and then picked up another beautiful pink orchid (below) later in the month *orchid obsessed*

pink orchid on white background

november spelt out in flowers

red geraniums  in hanging basket

banksia bouquet

orchid in pink pot

floral knolling

african violet in pot plant

purple flowers

up close pink orchid

flower play

sacred cane

frangipani flower

flower and petal knolling

feet selfie on flowers
Flame tree blooms!

yellow and pink orchid

petal knolling

tiny yellow flowers

terracotta pot plant orchid

flower and petal arranged neatly

pink haired girl with pink orchid

tiny flowers

pink orchid on white background

floral mandala

yellow orchid

minimalism flower photo

pink orchid blooms
It's been super fun!


  1. Love the picture of you + orchid! And congratulations on almost making it a whole year of loving and focusing on blooms :D

    1. thnak-you thank-you! It's been on of my best yearly projects :) :)

  2. I love how minimalistic these photos are!


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