Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fuji XT-2 Review

fujinon 35mm 1.4

So I accidentally broke my canon 5d mark ii which at the time wasn't great but it started the dialogue in my brain about whether I wanted to stick with canon moving forward.  They're up to number four in the 5d mark series so at some point I was going to have to make the decision to upgrade or look else where.  My brain nearly exploded from all the decision making, especially because I shoot weddings and thus need a lot of gear apart from just the body; lenses, flashes, cards, batteries, back up body and if I were to do the switch-a-roo I'd need to invest in all of that! Eep

I had heard a lot of good things about the fuji mirror-less system and even though it wasn't a full frame camera it nailed focus (probably the biggest factor in not continuing with canon).

I decided on buying a second hand fuji body + 35mm 1.4 lens (pretty much equivalent to my fav 50mm) to test out.  Below are a bunch of snaps taken from it over a couple month period and I spill all my thoughts about it at the bottom :)

flower happy face

bird flying over jungle

heart rocks on pink paper

australian bush walking

black and white self portrait

hand touching orchid

b&w australian forest

white coral on sand

black and white fern photo

vulva artwork

tree texture

australian waterhole

glower flatlay

b&w sunshine coast

roadside fruit and veg stall

beach walk finds

infinity pool

roadside attraction, qld

b&w bushwalking

organic zucchini roadside stall

qld state forest

So my verdict? I've decided to stick with canon but jump over to their 6d mark range.  Why?  I really really enjoyed fuji but I didn't see enough pros to justify completely changing systems.  The fuji focus is great but then the battery life is terrible.  I loved how small and light weight the xt-2 is and also a big thumbs up for their dial placement (feels like you're shooting on a film camera!).  I edit in Lightroom and the fuji requires an extra step of converting your files to a readable format, only a slight announce but still something to consider.  One thing that the xt-2 model has that I never knew I needed (and why I'm going to be jumping to the 6d mark range) is the wi-fi capabilities!  If you've ever tried to take your own photo and keep jumping out of shot to review the screen then wi-fi is a game changer! Basically fuji has a remote app which you sync up to your camera and then you can hit a button on your phone to take your photo all in real time - AMAZING!  

The biggest thing I've learnt though (especially as I've had to shoot a lot more on my wedding back up body the 5d mark i) is that the camera specs play a much smaller role than you imagine.  Yes, it totally helps having that extra ISO or better focus or dynamic range but once you know your body well and have enough practice you learn to work with the quirks and your vision and creativity will always remain the same whatever system you're using :)

In my camera-figruing-out journey I also rented a canon 5d mark iii so I'll try and put a similar post together next week on that guy :)

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