Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gheerulla Camp Trip

So you know we only got to our site with maybe half hour of light left to spare. I had no idea we were trekking to our destination, so silly me brought wayy too much, I've learnt to be a light camper, but when you're trekking you really need to be light light light! The sign said 5.6km to the waterfall were everyone wanted to camp, about 1k in, my legs were jelly and I had to whip out my headlamp. Thank goodness for headlamps! Though I got to say I was with some hardcore company who didn't even need lights and trekked through the bush in the dark, golly gosh! I also trailed far far behind but them but that's typical me :P
Love adventure but am also mega unfit!

I don't have any photos until the next morning so I'll make this short and sweet, we got half way to the falls and everyone decided right now was an awesome place to stop, lol. I'm glad I wasn't with extremely hardcore people, just midly hardcore! We set up camp and I was the only one with a tent, wuss fee! I got to say when the rain started falling I was pretty glad I had over prepared though, I do like my creature comforts!
Ben and Lowie woke me up at some ungodly hour the next morning, because they were bored after having been up all night sitting in the rain! Crazies!

So I took pictures in the early in the morning!

Our Campsite!

Can you believe this is how Daz and his girlfriend Sarah slept all night! 
Hardcore Im telling you :P  Especially when Ben pulled a leech out from in between his toes 
sometime earlier in the night!

We camped right next to a creek, there is something cool about being able to boil the creek water and drink it, ahhh the joys of nature!

So that's it, there is a lot more, but I think I've rambled too much! So I'll leave you with some cool pictures I took on the trek back, yay for daylight!

and some fairy/gnome houses!

Love camping, even if my body hated me for it afterwards!


  1. that camping site looks so nice! i like your photos here - they make me feel all whimsical and nice.

    GNOME HOUSES! hehehe x em

  2. thanks emaya!
    Can't not love some gnomes houses!


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