Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My short term and long term goals

For my assignment over at pikaland this week we had to show our short term and long term goals, don't know how interesting this is, but I thought I'd share anyway

my to-do list for today!
I make one of these usually every night before bed for the next day
I love crossing things off lists, might even have a bit of OCD about doing it!

and my long term goals, I've now stuck to my wall
Probably a tad more exciting then today's to-do list :P

  1. Expand art range – bigger scale, different techniques (screen printing),

    more originals on etsy

  2. Do art full time – keep reducing my disability support shifts,

    increase art sales, be in more exhibitions, approach agencies to get
    into freelance illustration work
  3. Write a book
  4. Have own solo exhibition
  5. Live in a tree house
At the bottom I have a quote I found somewhere that simply says
“follow your bliss” and it's a moto I try and live by!


  1. Gosh your super fast on your homework!!! I'm hopeless at all this and full of excuses - terrible i know! I will bust a move this week though and try and get up to date!!! x

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  3. you slacker!
    Nah I'm sure your excuses are definitely valid :)

  4. ooh what's pikaland? :)
    love the goals fee - man a solo exhibition would be so awesome!!!!
    And a treehouse - i remember those photos of the big proper treehouse houses, super cool!!
    I also have the list making and crossing-off-as-you-go obsession fee hehehe although i usually only do it for half the list, then i end up getting distracted and wander off :P

  5. I LOVE making to-do lists & coming up with new goals. It's so inspiring. I'm sure you'll conquer yours in no time!

  6. That's a long list. I make lists but generally shorter and not every day. I need to make more of them;)

  7. Hey Heather- pikaland was this short online course about improving your webpresence, hence the new blog :P but yeah for four weeks there was a bunch of assignments and this week was about goals and time management so that was fun!
    I usually get a bit slack with my lists come 2pm, but until then I'm awesome, lol

    Nicole- yeah lists are awesome and there is way too much satisfaction with crossing things off!

    Joan - sometimes I even have a few lists going in one day, I'm too list crazy, I need to go the other way :P


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