Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I got on my last op shop trip!

I have to remember to go to the op shops more, because 80% I pick up something rad!
My last trip cost me $11.50 and I got...
I was almost not going to get this, but at $5.50 I thought it was worth the chance. It's a spoon collectors cabinet, but I was needing a cabinet to put my feather collection in, lucky the chance paid off and they have a nice new home!

Was definitely in need of some coasters, well not really but they're super cute!

and lastly a new horse picture! I've got a little collection at the moment, 2 embroiderings (damn where is spell check when you need it!) and two paint by number horses... I love them!


  1. ahhh feee! all such good findings! i totally love the feather collection! i've also been buying horse things of late - more clothes but still: a shirt with horse heads all over, equestrian horses bow tie and a knitted jumper with horses hanging out behind a fence! weird cause i never used to like horse stuff. i think i'm channeling you.


  2. ah I'm so glad you are getting into the horse vibe!
    I never was really really into horses as a little kid I think I'm catching up for it now :) The knitted jumper sounds rad! actually all your stuff does, yay!!


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