Tuesday, December 7, 2010

100 Sales on etsy!

Today I reached 100 sales on Etsy and gosh I'm just so darn excited! I'm not sure how it is for others but when I first listed on Etsy, I had all these horrible doubts, the worst being, 'what if nobody buys anything???'. At that point, 100 sales, seemed like a milestone, too far away too even grasp, but I'm here today and I just have to say a big thank-you to everyone!

So thank-you to those that have made an etsy purchase at burntfeather or said a positive thing or even those of you, reading my blog right now! It means more than I'll ever be able to write in words!

I want to say quickly as well, to those of you out there who want to start selling their art or who have started but are feeling doubtful, if you love it, keep doing it! That's my no. 1 piece of advice, even if you encounter haters, you'll eventually encounter lovers and isn't that what makes the World go round? I was always way too scared to share my art with others it was too much of me, it was the one thing I truly identified myself with, so the thought of others bagging out what I thought I was awesome at, made me hide it away. I've learnt to not worry about those sort of thoughts, which may not even happen, in my experience putting my art out there has really just meant, reading a whole bunch of nice comments which motivate me more than ever and make my happy levels, sky rocket. 

It's only 100 sales, but to me it represents much more and is truly an amazing thing to have happened. I was looking for a nice way to say thank-you and I thought I would make a Christmas card for everyone to download and print off for free :)

Remember, follow your dreams!


  1. Cool card Fee : ) Congratulations on 100 sales. You've got a great talent - thanks for sharing it!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Congratulations feeeeeeeeee! You are doing so well! x

  3. Congratulations, Fee! You deserve it! (and keep on going, girl!)

  4. Glad to have helped! I have three of your cute little prints up in my apartment ;]

  5. That's awesome! 100 sales is great Fee! And it's a cuuute card too! xo

  6. Nicole- thanks so much Nicole, your support definitely doesn't go unoticed!
    Kat - thanks! You need to blog more! I always look forward to your updates :)

  7. aww *puffs up with pride* so proud of you matey - you are amazing and i'm mega impressed at your talent as always :)
    happy 100 sales!! :)


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