Monday, December 27, 2010

Handmade Present stash

I like to go down the handmade route at Christmas, unfortunately this year I left Christmas a bit too late but I still ended up making a few things for people, so here is what I made....
pretzel heat pack

pretzel heatpack
Pretzel heatpacks! I wanted to make something practical but was cute :)

pretzel heatpack
If you want to have a go at making one yourself, fairly straight forward, I just purchased some cotton material, sewed it into a long snake shape, double stitched on the sewing machine, filled with rice and then used embroidery thread for the salt :)

mushroom ornaments
I also made some mushroom ornaments, it was fun collecting different patterned material! They did kind of drive me crazy in the end, lots of little fiddly sewing, turned me into some sort of crazy mushroom lady :P

mushroom ornaments in mushroom bag
I knicked some brown mushroom bags from the grocery store to bag them in too :P

mushroom face man
For Jake's mushroom I added a little face, he has a thing for plush and I think he liked his mushroom, it's always a bit of hit and miss with kids and handmade stuff!

gingerbread men
also made some gingerbread plush :)
They make me giggle!

Hope everyone had a mighty fine Christmas!


  1. FEE! best presents ever i am so in love with all of it - can't even pick a favourite lol just ask dan, everything i picked up got a big squeal of delight! :)
    thanks so much muffin - hope you had a lovely lovely christmas *HUGS!*

  2. feee they are AMAZING! amazing amazing amazing amazing! homemade is definitely the way to go :D



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