Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diy Crystal Quartz Necklace

I've been meaning to buy myself a crystal quartz necklace, but got a bit shocked with the prices, so decided to just make my own!

I scored by picking up a bag of crystals from the National Geographic Shop for 5 bucks (originally $9). The packet had instructions to follow - I had to get rid of the original and possibly negative enegry already stored in the crystal by soaking it in salt water!

I also picked up some christmas baubles with their current 75% off christmas decorations, another score!

I simply popped off the top of the bauble (with some slight force) and glued it onto the crystal using araldite but superglue would work fine too!

Next I used some twine I had lying around

 and created a sliding knot

 This knot is great because it means you don't need to buy a clasp!
(I got the instructions for my sliding knot from here)

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa! Now just as the instructions says I have to charge my crystal with positive energy from the full moon tonight :)

I like the idea of crystals, of carrying around a charm on your neck that brings positiveness to you! I think sometimes people get a bit hung up on the truth of things when truth really is just what you perceive it to be! So for now my crystal quartz necklace is bringing goodluck, positivity and love to my life...woot! he he he


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