Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm currently doing a mega clean up of my place and in my cleaning up route, came across all the wedding memories I had saved from Heather's and Dan's wedding and in that stash, what did I find?

Unopened Lego!

kuromi lego

I was just talking about Lego the other day, so what a lovely find this was :) I had so much fun putting it all together and now it sits proudly on my shelf! Thanks heather and dan :) Sorry it took me way to long to get around to opening it...opps!


  1. hahaha aww I remember this! what a weird and random present that was :)
    Its so much fun finding things you forgot you had hey - like Christmas!
    I like your wooden zebra guy too :)
    *mega cuddle*

  2. weird and random are always the best kind!!
    It is like Christmas!!!

    Hope you have a nice relaxing sleep tonight!
    love you!


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