Thursday, May 12, 2011


The last few days, actually the last few weeks or really to be honest the last 6 months or more, I've been lying on a mattress on the floor. Ben about 6 months ago, found a bed frame dumped near his work. He bought it home from me and I had big plans!

Little did I know how much work would go into this beast, I failed with spray painting, I bought my first ever saw, I learnt about drilling and screwing and covered my hand full of blisters. I researched right angle drills and had to work out a few tricky wood working solutions (which my mind doesn't work out easily!) I also had to tackle going into a hardware store way too many times.  I made sure to go to several across the coast. I don't know what it is but hardware people are sometimes too helpful, not helpful at all or straight out patronising. I don't know if guys are born knowing how to use hardware-esque things but I'm pretty sure you have to learn somewhere and so did I!
So anyway this is the before
the start

Getting there!
nearly there
and the after, many many hours after!
finished bed 2
finished bed


I have to say this beast is sound, I even bought extra brackets to reinforce it all... Very impressed. It was surreal sleeping off the ground, for the first time, a few nights ago.   I'm still not use to it, to be honest and have this irrational fear I'm going to fall off or fall through, despite my confidence of it's soundess :P

In completely crazy happy news, BEN IS BACK TOMORROW! I can't believe it!!!
I'm going to a design conference during the day and then hopefully I'll get a text from Ben saying 'come pick me up'
Cannot wait, I have butterflies in my stomach and to be honest, I'm not sure how sound my sleep tonight will be :P Weeeeeeeeee


  1. Looks great!! Nice work Fee, I'm impressed at your handy-ness!

    Awww that's so good Ben's back tomorrow, yay!! :)

    Have a most awesome weekend lovely *big hugs*

  2. aww my comment disappeared! cheeky thing!

    Nice bed work Fee, I'm impressed at your handy-ness :)

    And HOORAY for Ben coming home! I guess he's home by now, hope you're having a lovely lovely weekend! :)

  3. I'm SO impressed by your handyman-skillz! I can't believe you made a bed! And it looks really nice and comfy too. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor here too and I couldn't stand it - mostly because I usually use my bed as a seat/couch/lounging thing - and I had to stack the corners with old newspapers just so I could get a few centimetres between me and the floor. It was driving me bananas!

    Anyway, I mostly hate hardware people too. I never ask for help and just skulk around the aisles with (probably terrible) information that I just scribbled off the internet and hope that all goes well.... Also, HOW AWESOME ARE POWER DRILLSSSSSSSS!?! I love mine :D

    PS Yaaaaaaaay for Ben coming back!

  4. Hey Heather! I tried to reply to your comment when you posted it but I think blogspot was down for the day and then it ate this post but it reappeared magically *shrugs*! He is home, it's mega exciting, and thanks for understanding my massage piking, but I shall be looking forward to it when it does happen!!

    Emaya...I too walked around the aisles with scribbled bits from my many google searches, but something about sunshine coast hardware stores means you can't be just one in a crowd cause you're the only one in the WHOLE store :P lol suckful! I never knew how nice it would be to be off the ground until I was, well off the ground! Now I can come home from work and just slump onto my bed rather than having to put that whole other effort in of bending down onto the floor, ha ha ha. I know this makes me the laziest person ever, but I don't really mind :)

    Feels good to enter the boys club and I'm all for being able to do anything that boys can do! feminist power, woot! Power drills are amazing!


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