Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dream

So as I was saying, I started a dream journal whilst Ben was away, it's filled with lots of pure ridiculous dreams and lots of scribles (writing when you just wake up and it's dark, doesn't make for good legibility!)

Anyway we were reading through my entries and I was pissing myself laughing until we got to this one...


For those of you who can't read my horrid writing it says this...

was on holidays saw jake's guinea pigs and realised no one had fed them asked if I was meant to. Jake came over and was shocked at their dirty coat and I saif for him to go ask if I should be looking after them, Jake went downstairs and skittles the guinea pig got out of my grasp and ran towards the railing, she was just about to fit underneath the railing and fell hitting jake on the way down before dying. I held her body and cried. Watched a movie called the evil corn then went over to mums saw lots of alive guinea pigs in the cage

I dreamt this on the 21st of April. I didn't know until the 23rd that Skittles was even pregnant or of course not that she was going to die two weeks later, nor that the cage would have "lots of alive guinea pigs in" it!

Anyway freaked me the fudge out and has kind of inspired me to keep my dream journal going!

Had anyone else had any weird dreams that came true?


  1. oh wow that is spooky!
    dream journals are a great idea, especially I think when you really want to tell someone about a dream and by midday its gone from your memory!
    That's really interesting though Fee - e.s.p!

  2. totally, it's amazing how they just dissapear from your mind hey!


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