Monday, June 13, 2011

Age Nine

Christmas Eve possibly my most favourite day of the entire year!
So before Christmas I was watching a shirley temple movie and noticed her hair was up in rags. Having an inquisite mind I asked Mum about it and next thing you know we're at Christmas Eve and Mum is wrapping my own hair in rags.  Well I think that's how it went.  I was obsessed with the curls... I guess you always want what you don't have huh?

Also see that dress I'm wearing, handmade by the lovely Grandma behind me!
Gosh she looks so young!


  1. aww look how young everyone is! :)
    Nice curls Fee :) and awesome dress!
    *Christmas love*

  2. freaky hey!
    and I always thought that christmas tree was huge, imagine what your kids are going to think of yours!!


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