Saturday, June 11, 2011

Age Seven

Ahh thank-you year stamp on the santa photo!
I know there is a trend with these photos, but I'd totally wear that dress, these days, if they made it in my size. Also clearly not loving santa, *edges over the one side*. 
Poor Andrew, actually lucky Andrew, he got to miss out on the Santa lap experience!


  1. that is a very sweet dress! :)

    I haven't got any photos with santa when I was a kid I don't think. I was terrified of the ones in the shopping centres and stuff hahaha

    Got your postcard Fee, super awesome! :)

  2. yeah the whole concept is pretty terrifying. They teach stranger danger but then Mums do a 360 and go...."yup, sit on this old guy's lap in's okay!"

    So glad the postcard arrived, hurray!!


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