Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japan Day Four (Harajuku Morning)

streets of harajuku
We woke up on Wednesday and headed to quite possibly my fav place in Tokyo, Harajuku.
Harajuku is home to sticker art, cool shops, a nice park and delicious crepes, now really, what more could you ask for?

harajuku street
Ben got devoured in the street art and after a few hours I got devoured by boredom, hey i'm a lover of the graff but even Ben was saying he was getting a bit over the stickerage by the end!

graff in harajuku

graff in harajuku

bow building in harajuku

bikes harajuku
Despite my whingeness I have to say it was quite cool to track down the back alleyways, in the past I'd really only stuck to the high traffic areas

humble dumpling in Harajuku
ben makes his mark on the tokyo scene

space invader in harajuku
and I got quite excited to see space invader, has also made his mark, woot, I know at least one graff artist's name!

panda graff
Panda paste up, the Japanese were a bit Panda crazy when we visited, I'll explain why, in a later post!

bikes in harajuku

We looked at the shops
harajuku daiso
Woot, daiso, aka 100 yen store, aka the Aussie version of dollars and sense, but with much cooler stuff inside


papants man

wrestling can

hello kitty takes drugs
I titled this one "hello kitty on drugs"

angel heart crepes
I also made sure to get a yummo crepe, ahh how I missed you're delicious crepe-ey goodness Japan!

harajuku crepee

And of course we had to do some more puricula
big eyed puricula

Since last being here in Japan, maybe 5-6 years ago, I did notice a few changes, one unfortunately being the purciula industry. The lead up to our trip I was giddly telling Ben how cheap and how diverse puricula was in Japan, none of this 6-8 bucks, for a photo business, we pay in Australia. Well I think one company now has the monopoly of puricula, in Japan as all the machines are fancy high tech, with super model lights and all the whizz bang fancy features.  One feature being the 'big eye' which you can see above, made me giggle but also made me long for the days of the cheapo low-tech puricula!

Anyway, enough puricula talk, after getting bored of looking at shops we decided to get our nature fix on so we walked across the bridge to yoyogi park and Meiji Shrine!

cute bus
eek cute bus!!

love cats on Harajuku bridge
and of course we had too! lol

Alright stay tuned for our park adventures...exciting stuff :P


  1. Yay more Japan fun!! :)
    LOVE those glasses Ben has on hahaha awesome
    Also - that crepe looks to die for! *drool* hehe
    DAISO! I have heard of that, my dad told me he heard brisbane was getting one but alas, only Melbourne has one here.
    And sanrio stuff and cute bus arrrgh so cool!
    That's a shame about puricula getting more expensive, that big eye feature is pretty funny though :)

  2. The crepes are so good and filled with cream and icecream and strawberries, or whatever you want really! Yes there totally needs to be daiso in brisbane, I think eventually there will be, Melbourne got those yummy bakeries first and now I see they have popped up in Brisbane, so I reckon daiso is next!

  3. argh so many things to love here! LOVE the building with the bow tied-up around it like a present! LOVE that invader went to japan too! i don't know why i'm all like 'what? cool arty people go to japan? now THAT'S a surprise!' OF COURSE cool arty people go to japan! *duh*

    i nearly peed my pants with the 'big-eye' effect - you look totally winona ryder-esque with those googaly eyes bahahaha.

    also, i'm SURE brisbane has one of those crepe places! i can't remember where.....but i think it's in the valley somewhere...near chinatown? you can get your fix there! YUM.

    in kuala lumpur, they had a japanese crepe store in a gigantic mall and they had a live feed of people walking down the street in harajuku! made me laugh - so of course i had to buy a crepe!

  4. oh my goodness, Brisbane has crepes, mmm, must explore! Thats brilliant about the crepe place in kuala lumpur! he he he



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