Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I braved the Ekka (Brisbane Exhibition) this year and it was super fun!
I use to go every year as a kid and then when I stopped being a kid, it didn't seem as cool anymore.

I took a few years off and now am back with full Ekka love!
Ben had never seen the night show before and was making radical claims of getting there when it opened and staying until closing. I was a little bit, err, about that idea especially with our added, hour and a bit drive, as well. To my surprise, the day seemed to zip by so quickly and by 9pm I really didn't want to leave, I think we wandered until we could wonder no more!

sideshow alley 2

sideshow alley 5

sideshow alley 4

side show alley

sideshow alley 3
Side Show Alley

haunted house
I ended up playing a few terrible side show alley games :P
And Ben forced me onto the ghost train. I have to say, it was delightfully not scary!

My Brother Andrew and his friend Mark ended up on the scariest ride!
Eek definitely vomit-enducing that on!
sky ride

ekka ride

ben and his skeleton face paint
Ben got his face painted

dag wood dog
I got a dagwood dog

dairy farmers car

We saw cows


and chickens


giant cat
a gigantic cat

ekka at night

haunted hotel

laughing clowns

ekka at night

strength tester game

And I finished off the night getting a famous strawberry icecream.
strawberry ice cream
We had to wait for ages for this thing and when my number was called she said she couldn't serve it cause it was too mong and melty and then 5 minutes later she calls my number again and I get handed an identical one to the rejected ice cream, lol.
Oh well definitely  didn't effect the taste!

I have a roll of film I need to pick up with more ekka goodness so I shall share them too :)


  1. wow that cat is massive!!! Closest thing to having a tiger....I want one! lol

    Awesome ekka action matey, wish we could have hung out with you there a bit, maybe next year :)
    Oh oh oh and I'm going to post on fb soon but me and dan are going to the halloween thing at movie world this year, going to see who wants to come, you should definitely come along if you can, and Ben! :)

    So funny about the ice cream too, Blake was saying it was some unreal amount of time to line up for one - glad it was still tasty hehe :)

  2. the cat definitely shocked me!

    I did have a quick look at that movie world thing, looks especially rad! I tried to check my diary and I couldn't find it, must have left it at work, so I will have to check that and then I'll let you guys know :)

    Man the icecream line was intense, I kept saying all throughout the day I wanted one, but refused cause of the line and then finally gave in just as we were leaving :P

    Hope you have a good rest tonight!
    good luck for your weekend


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