Sunday, August 28, 2011

Japan Day 13 - Part Two


So whilst in the metro building lobby, we wandered in on the gift shop and Ben fell in love with the weirdness that is Melon Kuma! Kuma is the Japanese word for bear by the way :P

melon kuma
I was definitely experiencing a whack-attack day!

We went up the observatory and I realised my awesome orange glowing sunset probably wasn't going to happen with the gloomy weather...

tokyo view 3

tokyo view 7

tokyo view 5

I then had the brilliant idea to wait till night fall to get some sparkly building light shops..

it was hard to kill time, but they have a toyshop on the observatory floor level s that was a good distractor
panda craze
More panda craze!

Night eventually fell and I don't think I have the photography skills to combat glass reflection

view from Metro Building

Defeated, Ben suggested we head to the park, so he could get rid of his fireworks

befriended some more homeless cats
homeless cat

and then Ben filled the park with fireworks smoke

time to bail!

We then decided to check out Kabuki-cho, the seedy area of Tokyo! This place is packed full of love hotels, bars, strip joints, arcades and guys in suits trying to convince other men with money to follow them, to what I'm sure they saying is the "best place in town" :P

shinjuku at night 6

shinjuku at night 5

shinjuku at night 3

shinjuku at night 2

Love hotel street

love hotel japan
Ahhh love hotels, how I love your flamboyant nature

ice skill tester machine
We played some skill testers, as you do in the strip club central :P
That skill tester was particularly cool...get it cool...cause you know it's made of ice :P

shinjuku at night

kabuki cho at night

Despite my innocent love of all things weird and seedy I could not stand kabuki-cho for too long, the smell of desperation and the crowds and everything was too much and we happily ran back to our little piece of quiteness that is asakusa!


  1. hahaha nice joke fee - I get it - "cool"!! :P hehe

    lots of cool pictures - Japan looks so quirky and awesome, just how I pictured it :) Am loving how well-fed and pretty their stray cats are too! Obviously the place to be a stray cat! :)

  2. yeah the stray cats do seem rather content :)

    I wish I lived somewhere a tad more quirky but then I would probably under appreciate it's quirkyness! Good for holidays :)


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