Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Face Painting

The other week I got to face paint some cute kiddies faces! I have to say I was secretly hoping for just girls, the boys were a lot less appreciative of my awesome skillz 4 LIFE :P

This was my first girl and unfortunately she came pre rainbow painted

butterfly girl
the big reveal and hey my first happy customer!

flower girl
little cutie!

skeleton boy
One of the many unappreciative boys! 
I was actually pretty stoked when he asked for the skeleton face, I was going to free form it but he seemed stuck on me doing it exactly like the picture, he even requested the mirror so he could critique me throughout the process..gosh little boys are my harshest critics...few minutes after this as taken he washed it off in disgust

*shakes head*

Perhaps my one and only stint as a face painter!


  1. aww girls are way better :)
    He washed it off after being that picky? Pfft sounds like a lovely child...
    I love that that first little one was clearly just all about the facepainting...already has one but up for more! lol cute :)

    *HUUUUGE HUGS* for you my Fee. Let me know if you need anything hey xo

  2. girls are way better :)
    I'm not sure if the butterfly girl cheated the system and only paid once but snuck around my table for a free-bie after her rainbow, lol

    Gotta love a kid that's all about the facepainting though!

    *hugs back* thanks heather :)

  3. They're awesome Fee! I'd totally hire you for face painting at a kiddies party.. infact you busy next year around the 22md march :P... LOL Don't book it in yet not sure what we'll do for Gabby's birthday but they're awesome anyways!

    Erica. (dan's sis)

  4. he he thanks Erica!
    Nice boost to my ego :)


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