Monday, September 5, 2011

Japan Day 14

Day 14 which was unfortunately was our last full day in Tokyo! Wah!

Our plan was to meet up with Mami in the morning! Yay for seeing Mami again that was a surprise, after contemplating donuts for dinner we ended up with a more traditional Japanese option, fish and rice!

japanese breakfast

We then got to meet Benny for lunch! Another nice surprise
Walked past the Osamu Tezuka murals in Takadanobaba (try pronouncing that!)
I was reading on the internet that this suburb of Tokyo was apparently Astro boy's birth town. He was meant to be born in 2003 :) It's also cool when you go past Takadanobaba station cause the station's music is the astro boy theme song!





So we were meeting the Waseda gang back at Uni and whilst there was talk of eating cafeteria food again, Mami put her foot down and we ended up in the professor lounge. Benny being the amazingly funny guy that he is, walked in boldly and told them he was a professor of English and he had visiting foreign students with him and next thing you know I'm walking in feeling very under dressed! Safe to say Lunch was amazing!

benny at waseda uni lunch prof hall
You can sort of make out all the suits behind Benny, he he. Go Benny what a champ!

We hang around uni a bit longer before Mami was up for some shopping in Ginza
waseda uni garden

Ben and I are not the biggest fans of Ginza, but I'm a fan of mami :)

streets of ginza
They close off the street for shoppers!

We ended up in Abercrombie and fitch which I only know about from American pop songs. It was an interesting experience for me, I walked in and next thing I'm being guided towards a shirtless boy and a polaroid pictures gets handed to me. There also seem to be shop attendants in the foyer paid just to dance!
abercrombie and fitch fee and hot dude

I had a good giggle at the polaroid anyway :P

Mami did more shopping and then we stopped in at a grocery store, I asked Mami if she could point out okonomiyaki flour and the secret okonomiyaki sauce, so I could make okonomiyaki back home!!  YUM!

expensive mango
Took the obligatory expensive fruit photo, 50 bucks for a mango anyone?

expensive cherries
100 bucks for a box of cherries?

mushrooms at a japanese grocery story
In Japan's defense they have an awesome range of mushrooms and cheap :)

It was getting close to dinner and I told Mami the sad tale of being unable to find the Alice in wonderland cafe. Mami being amazing lead us right to the door!

We get to the counter and are greeted with a "We're fully booked"

ahh sad face, but hey there is also another themed restaurant down the road so we try our luck there and success!!

princess heart cafe ginza

antler chandelier

ben at princess heart

mami at princess heart
I think cause we didn't book, we didn't get the prime spot at Princess Heart and it's definitely no lock down, but it was still heaps cute and the food was princess themed which made me deliriously happy!  I read that when you arrive you get a tiara but alas no tiaras.  Apparently also boys are only allowed in if they are accompaning their girlfriend :P

princess heart
First things first a cocktail which came in Cinderella's slipper!

princess heart cafe 
pumpkin carriage!

princess cafe ginza
Corn chip Cinderella

mami at princess heart
rose bud ham :P

It was a fun cafe and I'm glad after getting horribly lost in our first attempts to find them, Mami was a legend and rocked the iphone map like nobody's business

So unfortunately all good things must come to an end and it was time to say goodbye

goodbye mami

oh my goodness how sad are goodbyes!

Miss you Mami!!

Ben and I went back to Asakusa and roamed the night streets with sad faces knowing it was our last night in Tokyo!

asakusa street at night

sensoji temple night

sensoji temple at night

fee tokyo night

One more post to go!


  1. Firstly - AWESOME astro boy action, and they play the theme song?! *dies*
    And that restaurant is super cute! The ham rose makes me smile :)
    As does the picture of you with random shirtless man in that shop hahahaha classic! :D

    Only one more post! I'll be sad to read the last of your japan adventures!

  2. Yeah its really fun to ride this one train that loops around tokyo and even if you dont get off at the astro boy stop you hear the music when the doors open and close and it always made me smile!

    it was quite weird to stand next to a random shirtless man, lol

    Yup one more post! Gosh it's taken me long enough...oops!


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