Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretty pictures from the grave yard


I love graveyards and had a super fun trip with my toy camera in hand!

flowers at the cemetery


now I lay myself to sleep

flowers for the dead

angel watching over

grave yard

papa mama

angels and roses

Love rich catholics and their ability to afford pretty sculptures!


  1. Amazing shots fee! :)

  2. I love graveyards too! And these pictures are amazing, I love how the sky looks in them. The 4th is my favorite!

    Did you just scan them in? I'm taking lots of analogue pictures these days but have yet to set up my scanner...

  3. It was definitely a pretty day, good for taking and yup just scanned them in :) Kind of the annoying part of film, but oh well!

  4. Heather: thanks!! Sorry I missed your text the other night...but "late random hugs" right back at you!!

  5. awww yay! more people love graveyards! i thought that society thought that it's a morbid kind of love and so i never tell anyone but maybe there's heaps of us out there! actually, there's a really nice graveyard in copenhagen that people all use as a park! hahaha

    but super great shots with the film camera fee! i also concur with the sky comment - those clouds look photoshopped perfect!

  6. and this is actually the graveyard right near your old place too!

    thats super cool they use it as a park :)

    nature's pretty good at being awesome!

  7. no WAY! i didn't even recognise it. i always thought it looked so new and sterile but those photos made it look...otherwise. crazy.

  8. the good stuff is right down the back in the rich people streets!


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