Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Five - Domestic Etch

Found heaps of cool artists in the latest Domestic Etch,
so many I'll have to come back next Friday to finish them off!
Oh that sounds deadly!

Samantha uses ink, markers, brush pen, poster paint, photoshop..perhaps everything to create her rad illustrations. She also manages to fit in a webcomic and makes rad films which her bio says have been screened in more than sixty festivals..prolific maker!

2) Steph Pena I knew I would like this chick when her two illustrations in the mag included mermaids but I pretty much died when I finally had a good look through her deviant page, such beautiful art...I'm quite speechless actually *gasp*

Jangojim a Belgian artist has a rad interview in Domestic Etch alongside his partner in crime, Anneke Caramin should get a copy of the mag to read it! But yes, they both make sweet, engaging and cute art!

4) lilly Piri I'm sure I've must of posted about Lilly before because she is radness to the max.  She has some amazing skills with the humble pencil and through following her blog, I discovered her amazing skills at making cute little wooden animal ornaments...Actually I always seem to fall in love with whatever she posts!

5) Andrew Kolb and with a url such as '' it's no surprise he does some super clean art!

I'm always super impressed with those artists out there produces such perfect illustrations!
Super cool :)

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