Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Japan Video - Music

Bit of Music to share with you guys

Saw these guys playing at Waseda Uni, they had it going on!

The second video is Adam's friend Dave Sher performing.   We met up with Adam's posse in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo and went to watch Dave perform. I really like this song a lot :) Makes me smile and he is a really nice guy to boot!

Thanks to Ben for the filming too!


  1. Ahh commenting bliss! :)
    very cool music *thumbs up*

    also - re the other day's post lol - AWESOME shoes!! How exciting to get that package in the mail!! :)

    And have SO much fun with Andrew at the rooftop party!! Should be pretty ritzy! :)

  2. Ah I'm glad this seems to have fixed it for now! I was looking around on the internet and other people reported posting issues too, so they were able to lead me down the right path :)

    Love my shoes! And I'm super stoked to be zipping down to sydney just for a day, seems like the life! he he


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