Monday, October 31, 2011


I got to Kureelpa waterfalls a bit after Ben and his mates arrived.  At the start of the walking track to the falls I was greeted by the cutest dog. I thought it was the dog, Ben and I met last time, but that dog we named Fingo and he was older and fatter and more fox/dingo-esque. I named the new dog Ringo..he was a mega cutie. I told him I needed to find my friends and he lead me to them!

ringo 3

kureelpa falls walk

ringo following me

ringo 2
Ringo ran ahead of me, or I trailed behind and when Ringo saw my friends he started barking! Smart dog!


kureelpa waterfalls


leni about the jump

leni jumping

ben photographing leni jumping
more pretty flowers


pretty flowers
Such a pretty place!


  1. Aww Ringo!! :)
    That's awesome, dogs are so cool :)
    Definitely looks like a beautiful spot!

  2. Thats my dog and his names rusty haha:)

    1. Oh really!! How fun :) Ahhh Rusty is such a lovely dog!!


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