Monday, October 10, 2011

X-Factor Roof Top Party

My brother Andrew has a knack for winning things and I'm usually lucky enough to get to indulge in his winning as the tag along, thanks Andrew! This time it was an all expense paid trip down to Sydney for a rooftop X-Factor Party. I was a little confused about the whole event, but went with the flow and ended up having an awesome time!

The Sebel Pier One room
They put us up at the Sebel Pier One, which over looks the harbour, luna park, and is a short stroll from the opera house, pretty sweet deal! We also got limo transfers the entire time we were down there too!

getting ready for the party andrew
Us getting ready to get our groove on!

getting ready for the party fee

Our limo dropped us off outside the 2-day FM radio station, but I don't think at the right spot cause as all the tv contestants from xfactor were there being filmed, it was a tad awkward just standing there not knowing what the heck was happening, we eventually went inside got our wrist bands and heading through the radio station up to the roof top

x factor roof top party
and this is pretty much what it looked like

The event was being sponsored by McDonald's and was called 'back by popular demand' because maccas has bought back their mcfeast and shaker fries, anyhoo, they wanted you to dress up in some vintage threads and had free makeup going for those who wanted 80s eyeshadow..I opted to keep my own makeup on :P

rooftop party make up
They also had a free photo booth, which Andrew and I indulged in...woot free photos!

roof top party make up booth
and we got a free goodies bag, I have to say all this free stuff was rad but I was still a tad confused and unsure and awkward well until all the x-factor peeps performed and I forgot about the absurdity of the whole thing!

Luke Jacobz
Luke Jacob getting the crowd pumped...YEAH!
Luke Jacobz and Reece Mastin
First up is Reece
Reece Mastin performing at x factor party
Perhaps my new favourite, not that I know much about music, but he's a very engaging performer! I have to point out here that they all sounded much better in real life than in the tellie too!

Christina Parie
Christina was next up
Christina Parie singing
Apologies at this point if you don't watch the show :P

Declan Skyes performing at roof top party
Then Declan..also got a very blurry photo with him

blurry Declan and Fee

At some point I was torn with watching them perform in one room or standing near the stairs in the other and getting a photo as they came off stage and mingled was a tough choice, lol
Andrew Wishart and Luke Jacobz

I stuck around the stair side for a bit and in good timing as Mel B came off stage
Mel B xfactor party
I was making friends with another contestant winner at this point who went up to Mel B to ask for a photo and Mel B muffled to a staff member "that's me done for the night"
ha ha ha, she made a 10 second show on stage and then disappeared!

Mel B and Declan Skyes

Guy also came on but he put in a bit more effort than Mel B and actually sang a few songs, he is very charistmatic on stage!

Guy Sebastian and Declan Skyes
I do have a soft spot for Guy as he comes across as a nice dude, I reckon :)
Johnny Ruffo
Johnny Ruffo performed and was later seen dancing with some hot girls on the dance floor, that's some inside goss for you right there!

Reece and Andrew
Andrew performed and we had some chats! Lovely fella

Reece Mastin and fee
I got a pic with Reece
and Andrew got a pic with Andrew
Andrew Wishart and Andrew

Mitchell performed,
Mitchell Callaway
 definitely a hit with the ladies that one!

Three Wishez
Three Wishez performed, the host Luke Jacob is definitely in love with the chick singer in the band, so if they start dating, I want it on record that I told you first :P

Audio Vixen and Andrew
Audio Vixen performed too and we chatted to them afterwards, lovely people, if they win I'll be delighted!

So I'll wrap it up there I have more Sydney snaps to share but this was pretty much the party which turned out to be super fun, perhaps the wine and all you could eat lollies helped to make it rad!


  1. ahh cool! :)
    I don't know any of them but that doesn't mean much as I live under a rock when it comes to these things :)
    Glad you guys had fun, and got whisked around in limos!! that's pretty awesome!
    Did you check out luna park at all?

  2. Yeah it was really fun!
    We didn't get a chance to check out luna park, no time! boo, maybe next time :)

  3. What a shocking photographer in what should have been a pretty cool one with you and Declan above :(. Yours sorrowfully, big bro Andrew.

  4. aww no problem Andrew I should turn my flash on to make life easier for the photographer!

    And hey, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have even been there, so really....thank-you! No apology needed!

  5. i loove reece SO SEXYY ♥

  6. he he he!
    Definitely a cutie :)

  7. You guys were lucky! Audio Vixen's one of my favorite groups in the "The X Factor." I guess everyone had a good time at the rooftop. The pictures tell it all.

  8. Audio Vixen were rad hey! It was super fun, felt very lucky to have gone :)


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