Monday, October 24, 2011

Tin Can Bay

morning at tin can bay

The other weekend Ben and I decided to fulfill our life long dream (well my life long dream) of feeding dolphins.  'Life long' might be stretching it a little too, but hey I have been wanting to go for several months now. 
With Ben going back to work soon we decided to go!

tin can boat

I've been to Tin Can Bay once before and when Ben asked me to describe it I said it's pretty much Redcliffe but smaller. I actually have a soft spot for Redcliffe, so it was said in a knowing but loving way! Redcliffe, if you don't know, is on the water but flat, kind of the uglier sister to the sunshine coast.

So we got there around 2pm Saturday with no booking, last time we attempted the tin can bay visit, I called up the day before to book accommodation and the lady laughed at me for trying at such short notice, so rocking up at 2pm made perfect sense.

You have to be bold sometimes and luckily we got the last cabin available. The lady at the caravan park was quite enthusiastic for her town, especially for the native flower walking track and the local restaurant serving up "to die for" garlic prawns..I was sold!

We dumped our bag and I dragged Ben to the native flower walking track...

purple flower

pink flowers

yellow flowers

purple flowers

I should have know then that the garlic prawns wouldn't be that fantastic, when we had trouble deciphering between the 'wild flowers' and the weeds and when most of our flower shots were taken from people's nice kept gardens!

hall for hire must own moustache
still we decided to see what tin can bay had to offer us and decided to explore the town on foot..not much it turns out

fresh fruit and veg

copacabana brekka
The most exciting thing was Ben trying out the new Brekka flavour...copacabana...don't try it, unless you love coconuts and pineapple together!

Anyway lets fast forward to tomorrow morning, the day I'd been waiting for! We had read on the internet feeding was between 7 and 8 but more leaning towards 8 and only a limited amount of people got to feed, so we the fools got their at 6.45.

You can't pre-order the feeding fish so we stood around patiently with a few other families...waiting. Fast forward an hour later and I want to say there was 100 peeps now though I've never been that good with maths :P The dolphin volunteers explained at 8am that the dolphins were a bit late and it was possibly due to the storms last night and too much fresh water. I have to point out here that you should never have expectations. I had imagined myself with perhaps a handful of others standing in the water patting the dolphins (not allowed). Instead it was super hot, I was crammed in, there was already an insane line for the feeding and we were waiting for dolphins that may never even come and when they did come I suspected I might not be able to even see them because of the mass of people :(

the story really goes no where so I'll cut to ending. Four and half hours later, the volunteers went home and I took that as my que to go to. In that four hours I watched a ferry full of peeps get off excitedly and then begrudging back home, I saw families go home disappointed, I saw little girls break down...well that's a lie. I really with all my heart believed the dolphins would come, just super late and perhaps they did but when the volunteers left and it was just me and a bunch of four Germans, I held back the tears and joined Ben in the car, who had been waiting patiently for my insane stubborn ways. Ben had it pretty sweet though, shade, music, laptop movies so don't feel too sorry for him

Anyhoo the moral of this story is, the dolphins don't care if they shatter your dreams...but hey don't worry my insane and stubborn ways are ready planning for a return trip this time driving back there early one morning on a week day! 
Stay tuned!!!

P.S. we did get to see a bunch of cormorants who unlike dolphins actually rock up on time to be fed!

cormorants 5

cormorants 4

cormorants 3
Taken early morning before the masses came

cormorants 2



  1. Awww Fee!
    How rude of those dolphins!!!

    Don't give up your dream though, is there anything like that at seaworld? If so you can totally borrow my pass and go do it! I don't think even I look like the photo of me on it haha so it would totally work.

    Awesome photos though!

  2. so rude!
    he he he, oh Seaworld, mmmm, they do the dolphin show hey, probably if you pay more you can get up close and personal, thanks for the pass offer, I'll see if I can spot them at Tin Can Bay first but I'll definitely keep the passin mind...mwha ah ha!

  3. awww so sad fee! i didn't know that dolphins could be so rude! how dare they.

    i hate how you make things all romantic and lovely in your head and then the actual thing is completely....different. mostly in a bad way.

    we should never have read fairytales as children. too many expectations of real life!

  4. I took the whole experience as a chance to practice my patience :P Though the dolphins haven't defeated me yet..but yes..I did have crazy high false illusions in my head :P

    damn you fairytales...damn you!!

  5. Yep lived at tin can for two years now booooooorrrring place even for me at 55 ok for short break dolfins can be seen other places around bay

  6. Lol
    At least you are close to Fraser!! Lots of beauty around :)


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