Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been collecting a lot of Australian images lately, time to share!

australian landscape

kangaroo paw
Kangaroo Paw! ( I think Ben took this one)

We stopped in at Matilda on the way to Gympie to see...

gympie camel racing
Camel Racing...Melbourne Cup Day - Gympie Style!

Unfortunately I had misread the races as happening throughout the day, when they only really started at 1.30pm and I had to start work at 3 *gulp* we paid entry only to walk right back out the gate five minutes later...next year I'll make sure to take the day off :P

for sale run down cars
I thought this, for sale sign, must be a joke, but I guess scrap metal?

bougainvillea, the paper flower!

tree with vines


Ahh I'm a sucker for Australia!


  1. I love bougainvilleas too.
    You live in such a beautiful place Fee! And camel racing? What?! Lucky!!

  2. they're a super neat flower hey! I definitely had to google how to spell them though :)

    I'll have to go back next year to see the camles actually race, seems like it's all in good fun too and more danger to the local celebs riding them than the camels which I appreciate :)


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