Thursday, November 17, 2011


Some left over photos from the other week

beach grass

beach time

daz at the beach

ben at the beach

Ben has been gone a week and a half now, this round of his desert stint will be only five weeks so that's pretty nice, well compared to six weeks anyway. It's been a bit more difficult than normal as he usually has access to phone/net.  I kind of got worried when I didn't hear from him for a few days but he was just waiting to make friends to be able to borrow someone's high coverage phone he has people giving him phones all over the joint :) I'm trying to use this time to appreciate the emotions that come with missing someone, it's kind of nice in a suckful way...I guess


  1. Aww honey, not nice to be without Ben! But you'll get the awesome happy love feeling when he gets home! Just gotta hang out for that I guess. I know it's not the same, but anytime you feel like some company I can drive up and spend a day with you or something *thumbs up* :)

    I like the Lennon glasses Ben's sporting in that last shot, suits him!

    Some lovely shots as always :)
    see you saturday, the preparations are in full swing here!
    Love ya

  2. Totally hanging out for some happy love feeling :) Got to endure the lows to get the highs or something like that right :P Ahh you are excellent company and I'm super excited for tomorrow evening! weeeeeeeeee

    I shall make some gherkin salat! If you're not making it :)

  3. ooh that sounds yummo!
    Nah I've been making stuff all day, so I'm afraid my salat will just be lettuce/tomato etc lol no potato salad even! Too much to do but oh well, I'm excited for your lovely salad!!


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